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Blogstreet Buzzes with Rumors of Push Notification's Whereabouts

I've asked several developers what they would like to see in Apple's next software development kit and more than a few have answered "push notification services." What's the big deal? "Push notification" is dev-speak for "I would like to run apps in the background, pretty please." At the moment, Apple does not permit apps to do different things at the same time, although the capability would be a tremendous boon to users.

Use Smule's Sonic Lighter to Find Out which is the Top Drawers

Smule, known for Ocarina and other best-selling apps, has introduced a new version of Sonic Lighter that enables users around the world to help answer one of life's most pressing questions: "Boxers or briefs?" If you're a boxer guy, flick on a green flame; if you're a briefs guy, light it white.

iPhone and iPod touch Dominate List of Finalists in Independent Mobile Games Festival

The organizers of the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile have named their finalists for its second-annual competition in mobile games for the leading platforms. Games for the iPhone and iPod touch are predominant to the extent that the organizers carved out a new "best iPhone/iPod touch game" category.

There's a Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On in the App Store

Jon Atherton, who does promo work for Glentwood Pty Ltd., is accusing Apple of censorship because the company has asked him to remove "boobs" and "booty" from the developer's Wobble app description.

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The folks over at KillerStartups published a blurb about extolling the virtues of sites that help users search through and discover new iPhone apps. KillerStartups is a user-driven community out to find "the next big thing" on the Internet — success stories like YouTube, Facebook and Kayak.

App Cubby Changes Tactics on Meeting App Store Marketing Challenge

David Barnard of The Application Cubby and one of the minds behind Gas Cubby, Health Cubby and Trip Cubby, wants to shake up the app dev pricing model and the App Store's marketing dynamics at the same time with his own version of the "pay what you think it's worth" marketing tactic.

New Role for the iPhone: Speech Therapy Assistant

Is there anything Apple's iPhone can't do? Scientists at Hollins Communications Research Institute, a top center for stuttering research and treatment, this week say they have been successfully using the iPhone as a stuttering therapy tool.

Look for More Strategy and Story-Heavy Adventure Games in the Next Few Months

In the months ahead, you'll continue to see the same steady flow of puzzle and word games in the App Store, but just not as many of them as before. You'll also see more strategy titles and some new genres, especially in the story-heavy adventure game category.

Google Gives iPhone Users New Ways to Interact

Google has made a number of significant changes to the way iPhone users can interact with Google and its Web products such as Gmail and Calendar. Faster Gmail: Gmail is faster thanks to pre-fetching and auto-complete.

Apple's App Store: Counting Success by the Numbers

Apple's App Store has just hit yet another astonishing milestone: As of January 15, the number of apps downloaded from the App Store exceeded 500 million. That's an increase of 60 percent from Dec.

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Discovery Inks Deals for New App and Four Distro Partnerships

­Discovery Communications, the people who captivate you with Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and other media, has inked deals for a new mobile content service for  iPhone and iPod touch owners.

ngmoco To Release ToppleToo and WordFu

Just a month after Rolando ngmoco is already announcing two more games — Topple Too and WordFu. According to ngmoco's twitterfeed both games are expected "within the next month, followed quickly by another couple of games that we just can't mention yet."

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New Web Browsers for iPhone: Apple Opens the App Store's Doors to Apps that Mimic Safari

The word traveling tech blogs today faster than a rogue elephant chasing a bag of salted peanuts is that Apple has opened the App Store's doors to Web browsers. It's a move that runs counter to Apple's policy of not allowing apps that duplicate the iPhone and iPod touch's native apps into the App Store.