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Smule Names Top 10 Ocarina Users Who Blow; Contest Extended for 5 More Winners

When something "blows," it's usually a bad thing. Here's a case where something "blows," and it's a good thing. In fact, it's $1,000 worth of goodness. About a month ago, Smule, the developer of the extraordinarily successful Ocarina musical app, launched its "This Contest Blows" competition.

AdMob Launches Tracking Tool for App Store Sellers

AdMob, which serves billions of banner and text ads to mobile phones every month, has launched a download tracking tool for iPhone app developers who use AdMob's pay-per-click service. Advertisers will now be able to measure conversion rates — the percentage of times a click on an ad touting an iPhone or iPod touch app leads to a sale.

Microsoft's Tag Reader Promise to Take You to All Sorts of Nice Places

Imagine if you were able to take a picture of a travel poster using your iPhone's camera  and then automatically download to your iPhone a list of Web sites where you could compare tour packages, look at maps, find names of places to stay and all the other information you would need to put together the vacation of your dreams.

Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 2

Another day at Macworld and this time we hit the south hall of Moscone Center in search of even more good news from the iPhone front. Today, we're showcasing three more of our favorite finds.

Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 1

We're at Macworld slogging our way through aisle after aisle in the search to bring you the best new iPhone products on the market (or an their way to market). It's tough work, but your worth it.

iPhone 3G Owners Can Now Download Music From iTunes Via 3G

As of yesterday, Apple says, iPhone 3G users can now preview and purchase the entire iTunes Store music catalog on their iPhone 3G over their 3G network, just as they do with Wi-Fi, for the same price.

Visiting Macworld: What's on my iPhone?

Like many Apple, Mac and iPhone enthusiasts, AppCraver is visiting Macworld this week. In addition to packing clothes, business cards and a whole bag of technology I had the unique experience of "packing" my iPhone as well.

Melodis Warms Bench in the Voice Dialer Game

Melodis Voice Dialer, from Melodis, works well enough, but unfortunately, it's not enough. The app store features quite a few voice dialers, and this one does not stand out in any way. The free vlingo, for example, dials by contact name and will also search Google and Yahoo, among other functions.

Aurora Feint, From the Beginning to a Franchise

When Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron introduced Aurora Feint: The Beginning in July, they weren't kidding. Since then, they've followed up with three more titles, Aurora Feint II: Arena in November, and Aurora Feint II: The Beginning and Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles this week.

Don't Forget Apple's Web Apps Site in Addition to the App Store

There's much more to life than the App Store, although it's easy to forget that, with its 10,000-plus apps. If you're new to the iPhone, or even an old hand with a poor memory, don't overlook the wealth of free stuff on Apple's Web Apps site.

Cut and Paste Function for the iPhone Is on Its Way

If you poke around inside the iPhone's firmware code, you'll find commands for cut, copy and paste, according to several techno-fellows. At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, AT&T Wireless  CEO-AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega also implied the long-awaited Cee Cee Pee is on its way.

AppCraver is Celebrating the Launch of Rolando!

You may have noticed AppCraver's "new look." Well, ngmocoo's new game Rolando just hit the App Store and AppCraver is joining the party by dressing up our site to look like Rolandoland. Rolando is a finger-swiping, tilt-n-tappin', multi-touch wonderland filled with colorful graphics and imaginative challenges.

Walmart Busts Out the iPhone at Last

Well, the rumors have been confirmed: Walmart is about to bust the much-talked about decision to sell the iPhone in its stores starting December 28. According to an official-looking letter distributed to Walmart employees, a pilot program begins today, that will allow up to five employees in 488 stores the opportunity to buy their very own iPhones, just so long as they don't talk about it under NDA.

Not Everything in the App Store that Glitters is Real Gold

A wise man once said: "The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight.” That pretty much sums up a recent article in Newsweek that reports on the fast-rising success of a handful of iPhone developers.

Smule's Says Its Ocarina Contest 'Blows'

To celebrate the success of its hugely popular Ocarina musical app, Smule, its developers, has launched an online video contest. Smule will award $1,000 to each of the best 10 video creators and T-shirts to the runners ups.