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Microsoft's Seadragon Offers a Stunning Glimpse of the Future

It's not exactly one of those "When hell freezes over" moments, but it's close. On Friday afternoon, Microsoft released Seadragon Mobile, its first iPhone app. Seadragon Mobile [eventually will permit iPhone users] "to access every photo they've ever taken, every document they've ever written, every one they've ever talked to, every email they've ever sent, without ever having to hit a loading screen, without ever having to hit a next button, or page through, or scroll though a massive list of items," says Microsoft Developer Ben Vanik in a video on the Microsoft Live Web site.

Developers Want Apple to Apply Mathematics to App Store Prices

The question of how to make money selling apps at cut-rate prices or by giving them away free in the App Store is one we've asked a number of developers such as Simon Oliver (Rolando), Ge Wang (Ocarina) in recent weeks.

Google AdWord Advertisers Have a New Campaign for the iPhone

Monday, the Google mobile ads team launched a program for Google AdWords advertisers to place their text and image ads on the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 and other mobile devices equipped with fully functional Web browsers.

Wal-Mart Will Start Selling iPhones Later This Month. Or Not.

There's been a lot of noise for close to 2 months now that Wal-Mart Stores would start selling a 4GB iPhone for $99 soon after Christmas. Although Reuters reported in November that the deal was done, other news media were less confident and treated the news more as rumor than fact.

Linux on the iPhone Moves the OS One Step Further in Quest for World Domination

Hardcore Linux hackers have been looking for ways to make the iPhone and Linux co-exist on friendlier terms ever since the iPhone's introduction. The best they've managed so far was to get Ubuntu and iPhone to wirelessly sync earlier this year.

Apple Announces the Year's Top 10 Applications in the App Store

With less than a month to go before 2008 wrings out (pun intended since we're officially in a recession) Apple has just announced its Top 10 iPhone App downloads for the year. The list comes out only a couple of days after word began circulating in the blogosphere that the number of apps in the App Store now exceeds 10,000.

Document the Unknown in the iPhone 2.2

Apple's 2.2 update for iPhone has been out for a little more than a week and the hunt for undocumented features is in top gear. Here's what we've discovered--with a lot of help from our readers--so far: Update apps is back.

Meet us at MacWorld

If you are an iPhone app developer, iPhone junkie, journalist, angel investor or vc -- we would love to meet you in person at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. We will be staying at the W Monday and Tuesday nights, and are planning an informal get-together / drinks either of those two nights.

Piper Jaffrey Predicts "different iPhone" in 2009

Gene Munster, one of the leading (if not the leading) Apple analyst released his seminal report on the state of Apple and the iPhone this morning.  We are publishing it in its entirety for AppCraver readers below.

Buy Koi Pond on the App Store

Koi Pond Puts Best Fin Forward with Holiday Update

Have you installed the latest update to Koi Pond? If you're the type that likes to get into the holiday spirit early, then now's the time to grab the free update. The folks at Koi Pond have added a holiday mode with several fun features: a new holiday lights border and some sweet treats to feed your fish.

No Need to Call Jack Bauer When You Have eC2 In Hand

eC2 - Imagine yourself as a war fighter with a mission to a remote mountainous region in search of a terrorist training camp. Under normal conditions, it might be impossible to carry out your mission in the time allotted because of the difficult terrain.

iPhone 2.2 Update Ready to Download

Just like they said it would, this morning brings the much-anticipated version 2.2 update for iPhone. (iPod touch and iTunes also received their own set of updates.) There has been lots of speculation about what this new update would bring.

iPhone Your Life: Apple's Tips Draw Users Further Into the Cult of Mac

iPhone Your Life: Apple's Tips Draw Users Further Into the Cult of Mac

"Solving life's dilemmas one app at a time." Apple is showing their commitment to solving dilemmas with an update to the iPhone website. A new section of the Apple site dubbed iPhone Your Life announces what users have known since the beginning — "...It's more than a phone.

VideoEgg Cracks Open a New Mobile Advertising Platforms

Application developers who are looking to capitalize on their free apps, have yet another option to generate revenues using the iPhone as an advertising platform. VideoEgg, the latest entry, joins AdMob and Flurry in the battle for precious advertising real estate on the iPhone's screen.

iPhone versus iStone

This bit of humor has been floating around the internet. Not exactly sure who to credit...