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Gift Idea: iPod Cufflinks!

Slightly dated (I would prefer iPhone cufflinks), but for $16 a great stocking stuffer.

Free Wi-Fi is Back from AT&T

Some iPhone users may remember the premature announcement several months ago about AT&T offering free wi-fi to all iPhone customers at any Starbucks location. Well, this time it's true.

Top 10 iPhone Complaints: Consumers Most Interested in Basic Phone Functions

iPhone Complaints - It's been 16 months since the original iPhone was released. With its sleek design and impressive gadgetry the iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success — in spite of its high price tag and mandatory two-year wireless commitment with AT&T.

Video Coming to the iPhone? Not so Qik

Last week there was lots of media hype and speculation that Qik, would be delivering their video application to the App Store. Qik is an application that enables anyone to stream video live from their mobile device from anywhere, in the world.

Developer Issues iRant in Response to Closed Door Policy in App Store

Austin based oeFun has been around since March of 2005. It’s led by Ian Dunlop, a Scottish native who has spent much of the "last twenty one years designing/programming games and applications." As an independent developer, Dunlop’s oeFun has already released four games through the App Store and recently had a hiccup with its fifth.

More Changes in Store for Apple Rating System

Recently Apple took note of complaints by altering the review system in their App Store. The changes included tightening up the system so that only users who purchased the app could leave a review.

Street View for iPhone! Apple releases iPhone 2.2 Beta to Developers

Google Street View, which is already available on the Android, will soon be found on an iPhone near you. After a false start on Thursday, Apple started seeding developers with the 2.2 firmware update for iPhone on Friday.

Apple has more Cash than MSFT, 55% of Net Profits

In Apple's latest quarterly results, the company showed that it had 24.5 billion in cash and short term marketable securities, 10% more than Microsoft's 20.7 Billion stash. Also, Apple reported adjusted net profit of $2.44 Billion, versus $4.37 Billion for Microsoft.

Infofission offers two apps that change how we take notes

Klosterman doesn't mind developing applications he finds particularly useful, especially in a climate where game applications are hugely popular. A self-described Apple enthusiast, he has developed some pretty interesting "productivity" apps — PhotoJot and 44 Jots.

Apple Earnings Beat Street: 6.9 MM iPhones sold in Q3

Apple's earnings are out, and the stock is up 10% after hours. Here's the breakdown: iPhone: Apple sold 6.9 Million iPhones last quarter, worth $806 million in revenue. If it wasn't deferred over 12 months, this would now represent 39% of Apple's overall revenue.

Conversation with Mike Lee: iPhone Developer, Innovator, Rebel

We have covered the "Mike Lee Phenomenon" on this blog before. Mike is one of the co-founders of Tapulous (Tap Tap Revenge, Twinkle). Today, we finally caught up with him and got his views on the iPhone, funding for startups, and his latest project, United Lemur.

Mike Lee to introduce PuzzleLotto on Monday

Mike Lee, developer of Tap Tap Revenge, is said to be introducing PuzzleLotto, his "brainchild", on Monday. Mike Reached out to us in a comment to an earlier post and said the following: You should try reaching out to me sometime.

iBeer vs. Coors

When a legal tug of war between a small developer and a multi-billion dollar corporation erupts, it usually signals the beginning of "the end" for the little guy. Somehow, iBeer has managed to avoid being wrangled into submission.

Wal-Mart rumored to carry iPhone 3G

It's official but not "really" official! Reports are circulating that Wal-Mart - the world's largest retailer - may become the second independent retail chain to carry the iPhone 3G.

Mac Attack: Will Apple Really Entry the 'Low-End' Computer Market?

Mac Attack: Will Apple Really Entry the 'Low-End' Computer Market?

Investment research gurus Bernstein Research recently upgraded Apple. Rumors were circulating that the folks over at Apple might be introducing a redesigned range of laptops including a $900 MacBook.