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MyNetDiary: Portrait of a Profitable 3 Person App Startup

One of the things that interests us the most at AppCraver is understanding what it takes to build a successful startup in the new App Store ecosystem. One such startup is New Jersey based 4technologies, makers of "MyNetDiary", a $9 a month weight loss app that we covered in the MyNetDiary post.

The Graveyard for iPhone Apps

One Mac developer, Peter Hosey, has assembled what he calls is a list of "every application that Apple has killed, along with the reason that they stated for doing so, and what has happened to the app since".

Fox Embraces The iPhone, Works with Transpera as Partner

AppCraver just got off the phone with Ed Skolarus and Brian Peterson from Fox Reality Channel, the only all-reality, all-the-time cable and satellite network and home of Battle of the Bods, Gimme My Reality Show, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, Night Club Confessions, and a variety of other popular reality shows.

The App Store - No Gold Rush for Developers

After news about some great success stories of applications released  on Apple's iPhone platform, some might conclude that the app store is a gold mine for developers. But according to a recent article by Dan Frommer of the Silicon Alley Insider, the reality for most developers is far from a gold rush.

Turn Your iPhone into a Laptop - OLO Computer

The French blog Mobifrance leaked today the plans of a french consulting company AIM Innovation to develop a laptop "shell" around the iPhone. This shell would consist of a screen, a keyboard but no processor - and would simply "house" the current 3G iPhone.

The Impact of The Recession on iPhone Apps

PC Magazine had an interesting thought piece on the impact of the recession/crash/depression on the evolution of the iPhone app market. Without parroting the entire article, the main points are: - Developers are less likely to create free apps with the idea of "somehow" monetizing later with inApp advertising.

The Mike Lee Phenomenon: TapTap Revenge, Lemurs and "FundWare"

If you have been peripherally following the iPhone app development scene, you undoubtedly have heard of Mike Lee, the self described "world's toughest programmer", lead developer of "Tap Tap Revenge" and now the founder of "" an unlikely project that involves iPhone gaming, a new model for angel capitalism and saving the Madagascar Lemur.

Melodis - An iPhone App Company with Over 7MM in the Bank

Melodis Corporation, makers of the hugely popular (and free) Midomi iPhone app has raised a 7 Million dollar Series B VC Round, led by Translink Capital. We caught up with Melodis CEO Keyvan Mohajer to understand how the company was able to pull off this sizable financing in what is certainly one of the most challenging economic environments since the Great Depression.

Urban Tycoon Preview - 5 Free Games for AppCraver Readers

Urban Decay is a "Sims" like game that developer TouchSoft is bringing to the iPhone in a few weeks. We happened to get our hands on a beta copy of Urban Tycoon, and while we will hold off on the review until the final version is out, the developer is offering Appcraver readers 5 free copies, available to the first 5 people who send us an email at clark (at)

How To Write an iPhone App -- a ScreenCast

Thanks to Mike Clark for sharing with the AppCraver community Bull Dudney's screencast course on how to write iPhone apps. The preview is free, as well as the 22 minute intro video here.

Pinch Media, Google Analytics for the iPhone

I caught up with Greg Yardley, CEO of the Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital funded iPhone analytics company today. Greg has the perfect profile for a VC funded CEO: around 30 years old, significant related experience (Greg was at Right Media immediately before starting Pinch Media), and extremely cost conscious ("we pay ourselves under market rates").

Transpera - an Emerging Player in the iPhone Video Ad Space

I talked today with Brian Monnin, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Transpera. Transpera's web site does not do the clearest job of explaining what the company does, but Brian was kind enough to walk me through the business model, and explain how the company fit into the iPhone and mobile ecosystem.

Buy Carma Carpooling on the App Store

Avego App To Turn Ordinary Drivers into Cabbies

Avego, a subsidiary of Irish Mapping company Mapflow, is set to unleash a very interesting app on the world in 24 days. The app, which integrates into to Avego's server technology, allows a registered passenger to hitch a ride with another nearby Avego user.

Company Profile: Flurry to Compete in iPhone Ads

I spoke today to Peter Farago, VP of Marketing for Flurry, which despite its very plain vanilla website is one of three or four key players aiming to capture the in-app advertising market. Flurry is a 10 person, South of Market SF company that started as a unified mail client for a number of mobile devices (including a wide variety of Java handsets), and is now offering a comprehensive analytics package for iPhone developers.

Steve Wozniak Turns Negative on the iPhone

In an exclusive interview with the UK Telegraph, Steve Wozniak opined that the Apple sell off was justified and that the iPhone App Store was too limiting: "Consumers aren't getting all they want when companies are very proprietary and lock their products down," he says when comparing the iPhone's closed operating system to the new Google phone's open source system which allows anyone to modify and adapt the way the phone works.