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App Store eliminates aggregate categories

The App Store has eliminated the aggregate "All iPhone" apps category -- making it more difficult to determine what the new apps are. As iPhoneAtlas notes: “Without (these categories), now you really can’t browse the entire library anymore, seeing what has just been added, upgraded, etc.

Fring to Launch VOIP iPhone App

Fring, the Skype meets Trillian all-in-one Instant Messenger, VOIP social app is coming to the iPhone. According to the fring forum, the following showed up on their web site yesterday: "fring is now available on the iPhone App Store making it easy for anyone to use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

Microsoft Developing an iPhone App

Microsoft Developing an iPhone App

Yahoo News is reporting that Microsoft acquisition Tellme is developing a speech recognition/voice-activated search application for the iPhone for release by June. The iPhone doesn't currently have speech recognition capabilities, so this could fill an important functionality gap for the iPhone.

In Review -- The Week Ending Fri Sept 26

This week the iPhone's spotlight was dimmed by the extraordinary events in the financial sector and by the (somewhat lukewarm) unveiling of Google Android. Still there are a number of things worth recapping: First, the iPhone growth remains unabated.

Beta Release of iPhone 2.2 Firmware

According to numerous accounts Apple has released the Beta 1 of the iPhone 2.2 firmware to developers for testing. The new version is accompanied by a beta for the new iPhone SDK (build 9M2611).  

FlipBook Celebrates 1,000 Movies With a Sale

AppCraver recommends Flipbook -- see the FlipBook review. The developer, Josh Anon writes to let us know that the price will be reduced -- today only! I wanted to let you know that in celebration of having over 1,000 movies posted to and 400,000 downloads of FlipBook Lite, we are going to have a half-off sale for FlipBook (normally $9.99, on sale for $4.99) on Friday, September 26. 

Buy Shazam on the App Store

Shazam - 1.5 Million App Downloads, What's Next?

Have you ever heard a song on the radio or being played over the speakers somewhere and wondered what it was? Well a new iPhone application known as Shazam takes care of that problem once and for all.

iPhone Developer University Program

iPhone Developer University Program

Apple released information about the iPhone Developer University program, a free program that is available to higher education institutions throughout the country. This program would give university-level students hands-on opportunities to create and develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Grand Theft Auto Likely to be Ported to iPhone

According to Janco Analyst Mike Hickey, its very likely that the next platform for Grand Theft Auto (and specifically, GTA Chinatown Wars), will be the iPhone. "We expect GTA will likely be ported to Apple's iPhone platform, leveraging the device's touch screen technology and accelerometer.

NetNewsWire has 200,000 active users

NewsGator, the RSS reader company, released today some interesting metrics on their iPhone application. In particular: There are over 200,000 users of NetNewsWire for iPhone Over 115,000 iPhone users have signed up in the past 30 days The average NetNewsWire iPhone user subscribes to 26 feeds One NetNewsWire/iPhone user has over 2,800 feeds -- wow!

A New Grey Market in iPhone Apps?

Two weeks ago, the app "PodCaster" from independent developer "Alex S" was rejected form the App Store for "duplicating iTunes functionality". The story was documented in the developer's blog and then widely covered in the blogosphere.

The iPhone As a Universal Controller

The iPhone As a Universal Controller

Last week, AT&T announced that they are working on ways to use the iPhone as a remote control for their Uverse high speed internet / cable system. This strikes us as a great potential area for iPhone integration.

Another App Rejected for "Duplicating Apple Functionality"

Developer Angelo DiNardi reports in his blog that his mail-consolidation app "MailWrangler" was rejected from the App Store with the following explanation: … Your application duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail without providing sufficient differentiation or added functionality, which will lead to user confusion.

A Closer Look At Android

We now know that the Android Marketplace will launch on Tuesday of next week. Google has spent $10 Million in prizes in order to seed the marketplace. The complete list of the 50 finalist apps includes: cab4me, a way to locate cabs near you, gocart, an app for scanning barcodes and looking up prices online, Share Your Board, an application for whiteboard sharing. It's expected that companies like MySpace, Facebook, Pandora, Shazam, and Electronic Arts will all support the Android platform.

How Much Are App Developers Making? Try $250K in 2 Months

At the Mobilize conference in SF, Trism Developer Steve Demeter just revealed that the revenue for Trism had reached a quarter of a million dollars over the last 2 months. If this is true, the monetization potential of the iPhone is huge - even larger than the earlier revelations by Tap Tap Tap.