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"Tethering" coming soon to iPhone

According to Gizmodo, ATT and Apple are trying to work on an Apple app for "tethering" your iPhone service to a regular mac -- in other words, using the phone to provide internet connectivity to the desktop.

Google to Launch Android "Marketplace" -- AppStore Knockoff

According to the Android Developers Blog Google is working on a version of App Store for the Android platform, dubbed the "Android Market". Screen shots indicate that there apps may have access to your GPS location, and there is a mention of background running processes, a feature clearly missing in version 2.0 of iPhone.

Apple Store Credit Unavailable?

Got this when trying to download the free app Hanoi. My credit rating must have taken a swift and substantial turn for the worse.

iPhone update: 150,000 sold per day, and rising

According to tech news site tomsguide, analysts are increasing their estimates for iPhone3g sales (and mac) across the board. The numbers are staggering: estimates for the quarter (July/Aug/Sep) are now running at 5 million units, up from previous estimates of 3-4 million, and last years numbers of 1.1 million / quarter.

Copy-and-Paste is coming - sort of.

The 3G is my first iPhone.  So I've been honeymooning since early July.  But now I'm seeing larger issues.  One gripe (besides lousy connectivity,  now the subject of a class action lawsuit) is that apps don't interoperate.  

GolfFlyOver Coming Soon

Our friends at PosiMotion clued us in to the upcoming release of GolfFlyOver, an app that gives you a bird's-eye view of any of 12,000 golf courses they have in their database. But wait, there's more: There won’t be any surprises on the golf course for iPhone owners now that GolfFlyOver puts aerial views of over 12,000 golf courses along with pinpoint yardage information in the palm of their hand.

Buy Koi Pond on the App Store

Koi Pond 2.0 Out

Friend of AppCraver Bill Trost of dev shop The Blimp Pilots checked in to let us know that Koi Pond 2.0 has been released. Koi Pond is always the first application I show friends when I want to give them a feel for the graphics and touch-screen capabilities of the iPhone - it always gets an amazed response from people who haven't seen it before.

New tests show iPhone 2.02 significantly faster than 2.01

In this side by side test done by iPhonebuzz, the new firmware 2.02 (available since yesterday) is significantly faster in every way to the previous 2.01 version. While not scientific, the video is convincing.

iPhone Software 2.02 now available for download

Apple describes the update as "Bug Fixes". No word yet on whether this fixes any of the 3g connectivity issues. Appcraver: No noticible speed difference, but given the fragility of the software, we recommend the install.

Pandora close to shutting down? Say it ain't so...

According to the Washington Post, one of Appcraver's absolute favorite applications, Pandora, is on the verge of shutting down. "We're approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision," said Tim Westergren, who founded Pandora.

Chris Pirillo Launches "Digg for iPhone Apps"

Chris Pirillo, a veteran internet commentator and organizer of the "Gnomdex" conference has launched a version of digg specifically for iPhone apps at  The site does not appear to have much traction yet, but Pirillo has a huge following among hard core techies -- so Appcraver will keep an eye on it, and reach out to him to see what apps he personally "diggs".

Highlights from the Techcrunch / August Capital Mobile Web Wars

Lots of discussion of iPhone at the latest TechCrunch / August Capital Mobile Conference. Some key facts: Pandora was running at about 12,000 new subscribers a month. In the first month on iPhone, 320,000  Pandora apps were downloaded.

Best Buy to Start Selling iPhone3G in Sept

According to MacWorld, Best Buy will start selling the iPhone3G in September in over 970 full size stores.To put this in perspective, Apple currently has only 205 Stores, with each store doing about 2 Million dollars a month in revenue (the highest per square foot of any retail store formula in the world).

Buy Super Monkey Ball on the App Store

Super Monkey Ball Sells 300k in Less Than a Month

Good god - Super Monkey Ball has sold 300,000 units on the iPhone App Store in 20 days. I think you'll be seeing a lot more game developers taking the iPhone seriously in the months to come.

"I Am Rich" Video Review

"Comprehensive" video review of the "I Am Rich" iPhone application (the cracked version, that is).