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David Lynch on Watching Movies on Phones

David Lynch has some strong views on watching movies on phones:

The Top Ten Secrets of the iPhone

So, you have got a new shiny iPhone. Well, here's a list of 10 things you might not know about it: 1. Take a screen shot of your iPhone. Ever want to take a screen shot of what's on your iPhone right now?

App Economy - Currently $360MM / year going to 1 Billion

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs indicated that 60 Million Apps have been downloaded during the AppStore's first month of operation, for a total of about $30 million in sales, $10 million of which goes directly to Apple.

Navigating the iPhone App Store

Browsing through the iTunes App store is a very simple and intuitive process thanks to Apple’s unparalleled taste in simplicity and aesthetics. It is the latest spin-off of the wildly popular music store that also boasts movies, music videos and iPod games.

Guy Accidentally Buys $999.99 iPhone App

This is priceless. Guy "jokingly" clicks on "buy" button when looking at the $999.99 "I Am Rich" app and gets burned. The quality control on the App Store needs some serious work. Looks like they're starting to crack down on some of the more absurd apps (like this one, which has been pulled) but they have a long way to go.

"I Am Rich" iPhone Application Pulled

How unfortunate - the $999.99 iPhone app that did nothing but exhibit your taste for conspicuous consumption was pulled from the App Store. Via Blorge.

"I Am Rich" iPhone Application

You have to admire the balls of this particular iPhone developer. The "I Am Rich" iPhone application, retailing for $999.99, is a "work of art with no hidden function at all." Consisting solely of a glowing red icon (seen below), the application serves the purpose of "remind(ing) you (and others) that you were able to afford this."

Rappers Hate the iPhone

Interesting article in Gizmodo on why rappers generally don't like the iPhone. Some of the responses include "its too pretty", "not good for texting", "sometimes it will freeze up." Method Man likes it though!

iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 released

iPhone Firmware has been released - hopefully this will fix some of the bugs with applications crashing. Via One of the improvements in this version of the software is the addition of certain core location features that not only track where you are, but also the direction you are heading.

Data Storage app "DataCase" now in Public Beta

Of all the applications for the iPhone, one of the ones that promises to be the most usefull is DataCase from veiosoft. As the video above demonstrates, DataCase will turn your iphone into a storage device for files of all types, including audio, video, pdfs etc..

iPhone News Wrapup for 7/28/08

AdMob announces global iPhone ad marketplace Returning the iPhone after two weeks of daily use?? Copy and Paste coming to the iPhone. Sort of. Double Encore, the Mahattan Project for iPhone Development Stanford to offer iPhone Application Programming Course

Eric Schmidt: iPhone Good for Google

"Schmidt said the innovation and power of the iPhone means better applications and web browsing for consumers and ultimately good news for Google. “The iPhone’s competitors all have devices or devices coming out.