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8 Cool, New Things You Can Do with Your iPhone and iPod touch

8 Cool, New Things You Can Do with Your iPhone and iPod touch

Today’s the big day: The opening of  Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the day Apple finally talked about its new and anticipated iPhone, the 3GS (for Speed). We’re covering all the details about the amazing, feature-packed 3GS in another story.

AdMob: iPhone Outweighs Competitors by Five Times Its Size Would Suggest

Despite its comparatively small share of the global smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone has been throwing its weight around like a pro sumo wrestler, according to AdMob’s monthly Mobile Metrics Report.

June's The New Yorker Magazine Cover Features iPhone Finger Painting

The June 1 cover of The New Yorker magazine is a finger painting created on the iPhone. As far as I know, it’s the first time the iPhone has been used to create a magazine cover, at least for a brand-name pub.

Pick Up $500 with Pogo Stylus and a Bit of Artistic Talent

Although some artists can make finger painting on the iPhone and iPod touch look easy, it’s anything but that for the average Dick or Jane. Even with pinch and zoom, it’s hard to get in close enough for fine detail work.

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Not for Tourists Wants Your Videos to Pump Its New York City App

Not for Tourists is looking to promote the forthcoming launch of Not for Tourists Manhattan, NFT's first iPhone app. NFT will dish out $500 to the person who submits the best marketing video to pimp NFT's first iPhone app, the company says.

Shop Now For iPhone Accessories

Shop Now For iPhone Accessories

Savvy readers may have noticed the quiet addition to our navigation menu last week — Shop iPhone Accessories. It's true, you can now purchase accessories for your iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch with a click of the mouse.

Genuitec’s New MobiOne Enables Enterprise Devs to Create Web Apps for the iPhone

Although some IT managers are coming around to the idea of supporting iPhones, most aren’t convinced that any smartphone app will ever be safe and rich enough for mission-critical applications.

App Sales and Giveaways: Devs Get Together to Promote Apps, Make Some Noise

Almost from the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it’s been tough for developers to grab the attention of App Store shoppers. Maybe it’s coincidence, or the start of a trend, but two groups of devs announced this week they are collaborating on their own versions of a department store, blue-light special in hopes of generating attention, and obviously, more dough.

Some iPhone Devs aren’t Hooking Up with the App Store

Several developers, particularly those who use PhoneGap — a tool software devs use to access the iPhone’s hardware — have been kicking sand in Apple’s face over the use of private, or third-party Application Programming Interfaces (API).

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TwitterFon Revolt Causes Developer to Pull Ads

An angry response by users of TwitterFon forced the developer to temporarily abandon ads that debuted in an update this weekend. Developer Kazuho Okui announced on his web site Saturday that he was suspending the ads until TwitterFon Pro was released in the App Store.

iPhone Developer Spotlight: Todd Bernhard of No Tie Software

AppCraver recently spoke with Todd Bernhard, Founder of No Tie Software. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

No surprise, the iPhone Makes a Strong Showing in Annual Webby Awards Mobile Category

The Webby Awards,  said to be the “Internet’s Oscars,” were announced today. The annual (the thirteenth) Webby Awards honor excellence on the Internet including Websites, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video and Mobile Websites (about 70 categories in all).

iPhone Developer Spotlight: Mike Meyer at Weasel Floss Studios

Mike Meyer, Principal at Weasel Floss Studios, is part of the team behind the recently released iBuddha. This is their debut app as a company, but not their first time developing together.  "iPhone ideas are everywhere," Meyer says.

Donut Games Stocks Shelves with 4 More Apps

Donut Games Stocks Shelves with 4 More Apps

Online-game producer, Donut Games, has added four new games to its current inventory of four games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Donut Games says it will release additional titles. The games have been enhanced and updated for the new platform and use both touch screen and accelerometer.

iPhone Developer Spotlight: Michio Yokomizo

Michio Yokomizo is an independent developer who created his most recently released app, Tuner Metronome, because he says he couldn't find the functions he needed in any existing app.