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Develop a Mobile Web Analytics App and Win $5,000

iWebTrack Holdings is sponsoring a contest with a $5,000 grand prize to the developer of an iPhone Web analytics app that is based on the company's iWebTrack open Application Programming Interface.

Viximo Says Be the Life of the Party and Win $5,000

If there is a season for contests, this must be it. Recently, Ifbyphone announced a $1,000 prize for the best iPhone mashup, and now Viximo is calling for entries to its VixML Life of the Party Contest.

Ifbyphone Announces 'Stimulus Package' for iPhone Developers

Ifbyphone Announces 'Stimulus Package' for iPhone Developers

Ifbyphone, a developer of voice broadcast and conference calling apps, is promoting what it calls a "stimulus package" for iPhone developers. The company will award an unspecified number of developers $1,000 apiece for the most innovative Ifbyphone-to–iPhone mashups.

iPhone Dominates First Annual Mobie Awards

These days, whenever there are awards to be handed out for mobile application development, Apple's iPhone and iPod touch always dominate the list of finalists Coming up on March 18, iPhone Boot Camp, which styles itself as a community of several thousand mobile developers worldwide, will hand out its first annual Mobie Awards at the ThinkMobile Conference and Expo in New York City.

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Amazon's Kindle for iPhone Could Increase Sales of E-Books

Well, that was fast. Some might even say blazing fast. When Amazon introduced its Kindle 2.0 in early February, the company implied it would make Kindle e-books available on other devices, including smartphones, but acted coy about when that would happen.

iPhone is Racing ahead in Mobile Web Traffic

Apple's iPhone accounts for 66.1 percent of all mobile Web traffic according to a new study from NetApplications, a Web solutions provider. The Java ME platform lags way behind with 9.06 percent and Windows Mobile is playing catch up at 6.91 percent.

Get Your Emoji Working While You Can

If you want to enable emoji or emoticons system wide on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to act fast. Apple has informed developers that as of today, the company will remove from the App Store all apps capable of enabling the emoji everywhere preference feature hidden in devices updated to 2.2 firmware.

Revealing the Secrets of the AppStore

Revealing the Secrets of the AppStore

How long after you download an app from the App Store — whether free or paid — do you actually use it? If you're like most iPhone/iPod touch users, the novelty of using a new app starts to wear off within days of your downloading it, according to new stats from Pinch Media.

iPhoners are More Likely to Stop for Mobile Ads than Non-Owners

iPhone owners are often on the move but they're twice as likely as Brand X phone owners to stop for mobile ads, according to a new research study released by Limbo, a mobile social network company, and GfK Technology, a market-research firm.

Apple Says Jailbreaking iPhones is a Copyright Violation

Last week, Apple declared that it was tired of being pwned by iPhone jailbreakers. In a brief to the U.S. Copyright Office, Apple's attorneys argued that jailbreaking the iPhone violates its copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Aurora Feint Set to Debut an Open Platform for Indie Developers

Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron's Aurora Feint RPG puzzlers have been big sellers in the App Store. Now, Aurora Feint Inc. wants to share the love with an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features to their mobile games.

Gambling Cheats? Some iPhone Owners Say 'Count Me In' to Blackjack Card Counters

Gambling Cheats? Some iPhone Owners Say 'Count Me In' to Blackjack Card Counters

Nevada casinos are on the alert for iPhone and iPod touch users looking to push the odds in their favor at the blackjack tables. The casinos are worried that gamblers will use one of the new card-counting apps that have made their way into the App Store in the past month or so.

The Death of the $99 iPhone May Have Been Exaggerated

There was considerable talk on Blogstreet's corners in past months that Apple is preparing to launch a $99 iPhone over the summer. The talk died, or at least it appeared so. The rumor was resuscitated on Wednesday when Mike Abramsky, an analyst for RCB Capital Markets, an investment firm, sent investors a note declaring that Apple will "most likely" debut the low-budget model in June or July.

AppCraver is Feeling Flirty

The Valentine's Day mad rush is about to begin, but AppCraver isn't worried. This year, we've got a sponsor. TrueFlirt is our Official Sponsor of All Things Fun and Flirty. Like the new background image?

How to Update iPhone Contacts and Calendar with Google Sync

Google has just released a new tool called Google Sync using a Microsoft Exchange Server that enables you to automatically sync your Google Contacts and Google Calendar events to your iPhone or iPod touch.