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Life is beautiful — when you know which iphone apps to use. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of apps from the Lifestyle section of the iOS App Store.

Buy Money by Jumsoft for iPad on the App Store

Jumsoft Adapts Its Acclaimed Money App for iPad

Jumsoft, developer of high-quality applications for Mac OS X, has again raised the bar for business and finance tools created for Apple fans. This week, the company released an iPad version of its most popular product, Money.

Gliph App Gives Back Control Over Personal Privacy to the People

Gliph App Gives Back Control Over Personal Privacy to the People

One new way of protecting your personal privacy is to use the new Gliph app for iPhone and Android.

Buy Greeting Cards and Emoticons for iMessage, MMS and Email on the App Store

Send Animated Greeting Cards to iPhone and iPod touch with Animessage

With the release of iOS 5 in October 2011 Apple released iMessage — a free messaging platform for iOS 5 users. Ayogo's latest release delivers some great content for this platform — animated images to be used in iMessage.

Buy Relaxing Nature : Ambient Scenes and Sleep Sounds to Help Relax, Meditation and Aid Stress Relief on the App Store

i-Relax Drifts into the App Store with Freestyle Relaxation Videos

Software developer Rory Buckley has announced the release of his latest iPhone app which is named, "i-Relax". The app offers a great unique approach to visual relaxation via nature videos for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Buy Baby Monitor 3G on the App Store

Baby Monitor 3G Offers Low-Bandwidth Listening Without Wi-Fi

TappyTaps today is pleased to announce their new application, Baby Monitor 3G. This application is a tool for helping parents with babysitting. It uses two iOS devices - one stays in the baby's room, and the other goes with the parents.

Buy Lemon Minder: Car Problems Tracker on the App Store

Car Problems? Keep Track of Needed Repairs With Lemon Minder for iPhone

Unreal Mojo announces immediate availability of Lemon Minder 1.0, its new utility for the iPhone. Lemon Minder is simple and functional organizer of issues with your car (or lemon, heh).

Buy Daily Lama - Best quotes from around the world on the App Store

Daily Lama - Your Motivational buddy disguised as an iPhone app

Independent developer Cristi Habliuc, the creator behind the "How Drunk" BAC calculator app and "Spin Frenzy" puzzle game, is launching his latest iPhone/iPod touch application, Daily Lama.

YP Local Search & Gas Prices is a YP Mobile Winner

YP Local Search & Gas Prices is a YP Mobile Winner

The infamous Yellow Pages has really had no choice but to embrace digital reinventions of itself and while the Yellow Pages Mobile app rolled out quite some time ago, it scored a 2011 “Best in Mobile” Digi Award winner for location services.

Explore The Art of Window Dressing With New iPad App from Hunter Douglas

Explore The Art of Window Dressing With New iPad App from Hunter Douglas

The new Hunter Douglas iPad app lets users create custom window fashions. Imagination is important, but consumers will now have to use less of it when dressing their windows. Hunter Douglas, the leading name in custom window fashions, is launching The Art of Window Dressing iPad App that lets them see how actual products will look on their windows anywhere, anytime. 

Buy Miracle Compliment Generator on the App Store

Need a Pick-Me-Up? You Need Dr. Tingleton's Miracle Compliment Generator

Feeling run down, depressed or sloth-like? Lacking ambition, self-esteem or shiny good looks? You've come to the right place friends! Dr. Tingleton knows what you already know deep down to be true: you have to feel good on the inside for your get up n' go-go to work properly.

Buy Pimp Your Screen - Custom Themes and Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iOS 7 on the App Store

The Best Wallpaper App Ever? Pimp Your Screen Wins in Best App Ever Awards

Apalon, the company behind the #1 customization tool on the App Store, is happy to share with the world the news on the impressive performance its flagship application has been showing. Pimp Your Screen, the app that makes every iOS device screen worth its impeccable setting, is now ranking in the TOP25 overall charts in many countries including US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and more.

Buy Happy Chicken Co. on the App Store

Help Hilda and the Happy Chicken Co Escape in New iOS Maze Game

Game developers, The Steampunk Studio have released their new multi-platform game, Happy Chicken Co, along with a competition. Can you be the first player in the world to Conquer The Maze?

Get Your Drink on With Liquor Cabinet

Get Your Drink on With Liquor Cabinet

Whether you’ve got discriminating taste in mixed drinks or just like to experiment with different cocktails, then belly up to the Liquor Cabinet app for iPhone. This app is a party host’s dream and is both thorough and concise enough to replace other bar books and drink recipes.

Buy The Recipe Box To Go — Your Pocket, Your Recipes on the App Store

iPad App The Recipe Box To Go! Launches for iPhone

Corpus Collusion is proud to announce its new The Recipe Box To Go! App for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. The app lets cooks take recipes with them on the go and easily share them with friends.

HipGeo Releases Ultimate Social Travel Blogging App for iPhone

HipGeo has released a complete redesign releasing a travel-focused app for the iPhone that provides the most complete interface on the market for users to track, document and share their travels.