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Life is beautiful — when you know which iphone apps to use. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of apps from the Lifestyle section of the iOS App Store.

Buy US Cities Historic Panoramic Views on the App Store

Panoramic City Views USA is Google Earth for XIX Century

Historical Society eat your heart out, the Panoramic City Views USA iPad app is by far one of the most interesting ways to travel back in time to yesteryear and experience America as it was over a 100 years ago.

Buy Protected Photo Sharing: Sneak A Peek on the App Store

Sneak a Peek Protects Shared Photos, no Saving or Forwarding

My days of playing tag and capture the flag were a complete blast, but nothing peeked my curiosity more than a good game of treasure hunt for a school project or at a family reunion. However, there are only so many ways to obscurely reveal hints to the final destination.

Buy LotBraining Mental Training for Personal Development on the App Store

LotBraining Mental Training: Nirvana or a Pricey Way to Find Zen?

For busy people, their phone may be a source of stress perpetuating the “always on” way of life, but with the right app, can’t it also be a source of inspiration? Maybe. Given that there are a few different schools of thought when it comes to the power of meditation and mental preparation for life balance and success, the answer to whether or not an app can help you develop focus and concentration is best left to the experts.

Buy TABLETOPICS on the App Store

TableTopics App Keeps the Conversation Flowing Wherever You Go

If you need a little help getting conversation started during your next dinner party, date night or even lunch with co-workers, then TableTopics mobile may be the answer. Based on the physical TableTopics “cube,” a collection of conversation starter cards, this app lets you take two sets of 60 questions to prompt conversation with you wherever you go.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas Brings Inspiration Home

Houzz Interior Design Ideas Brings Inspiration Home

New year, new room - nothing invokes the redecorating spirit more than a new year and a desire to beat the winter blahs. For those who are short on design ideas and in need of some inspiration to get this year’s room re-do underway, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is ideal.

Seafood Watch is a Must-Have App for Eco-Living Foodies

Seafood Watch is a Must-Have App for Eco-Living Foodies

Seafood Watch is a mobile guide based on the Seafood Watch educational service from Monterey Bay Aquarium designed to help you make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily. Seafood Guide allows you the convenience of access to an enormous amount of information right from your iPhone.

Buy RecipePad on the App Store

RecipePad Lets iPad Users Rule the Kitchen, and Organize Recipes

RecipePad - The iPad continues to become a chef's companion with an increasing number of apps dedicated to the culinary arts. Among the latest is RecipePad, which is usable for creating and saving recipes.

Buy Cocktails HD on the App Store

Cocktails HD: Perfect For Fancy People Who Put Booze in a Glass

I’m just going to do this review in full-on geezer mode. (For a female perspective on Cocktails HD, see our previous review of the iPhone version, Pocket Cocktails.)
Here’s how you make a martini.

Buy Teach Me Sushi Expert on the App Store

Teach Me Sushi Expert - The Sushi Expert Followup

A follow up to the first sushi instructional app, Teach Me Sushi Expert has the same informative, quality video instruction as the original Teach Me Sushi, but includes a few added features.

Oil Change for iPhone Won't Change Much

Oil Change for iPhone Won't Change Much

If you follow the every three months/3,000 miles rule and have trouble finding a convenient place to get your oil changed, then let your iPhone find one for you with the Oil Change app. Oil Change is a location-based app that pin points nearby oil change franchises on the map and is also designed to sort the facilities by distance or price so you can comparison shop the service.

Buy Teach Me Sushi on the App Store

Teach Me Sushi, For Those Who Dare to Learn

Being somewhat challenged in the art of culinary preparation, I tend to keep an eye out for cooking and recipe apps that I find helpful but not too challenging. I've been through a plethora of free and paid apps in all manners and styles of food, recipes and so on, but would never have dared to seek out help with sushi.

Get and Give Fashion Advice With Love It or Lose It

Get and Give Fashion Advice With Love It or Lose It

Love It or Lose It is a fashion iPhone app that uses social networking concepts to allow users to develop their own network of fashion critics. Users can share photos taken from the store rack, the dressing room, their own closet, or anywhere else and then upload them for feedback from their fashionista friends.

Phone Tracker is a Joke — a Bad Joke

Presselite's Phone Tracker is a joke — but don't take my word for it. Look it up in the App Store, and read Presselite's explanation. Phone Tracker's main purpose — check that, its only purpose — is to display your iPhone's GPS location and pass it off as somebody else's.

Buy Vopium - FREE CALL - Cheap International Calls! on the App Store

Vopium Offers Limited Phone Experience

Vopium is one of a group of apps that uses a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive phone calls and text messages. It is a good concept—the more one can avoid AT&T's spotty network, the better.

Buy 20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver on the App Store

20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver on Your iPhone

If you haven’t witnessed renown British chef Jamie Oliver in action, you’re missing out on an incredible personality with a passion for healthy food. If you love him in The Food Revolution, you’ll love him on your iPhone as he demonstrates some of his recipes designed to be made in 20 minutes or less.