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Life is beautiful — when you know which iphone apps to use. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of apps from the Lifestyle section of the iOS App Store.

Buy Wine Enthusiast Guide on the App Store

Wine Enthusiast Guide for Wine Neophytes

If you like to drink wine, which I bet you do, you will appreciate the Wine Enthusiast Guide app from MobileAge. With over 68,000 wine reviews and at least another 1000 added monthly, theoretically there is a good chance that you will find a description and rating for the wine you desire.

Buy Gumbo on the App Store

Gumbo: Dashboard-like App Needs More Preparation

I like Gumbo, Trimeego's new app, but not as much as I like the spicy Cajun stew. Gumbo (the app) cleverly puts bite-sized chunks of info, or snippets, into a buffet where you can pick and choose whatever feeds your head.

Buy VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance on the App Store

VeganXpress: No More Guessing

For a vegan or those that are trying to eat a vegan meal, dining out can often be confusing and difficult. The VeganXpress iPhone app by Brandon Berger seeks to alleviate some of those concerns.

Buy iAmHappy on the App Store

iAmHappy Has 500 Reasons to Feel Good About Yourself

If you believe in the power of positive thinking, your daily inspiration may now be more than just a small pocket book of quotes. iAmHappy is a new lifestyle app that aims to keep you in high spirits. iAmHappy has over 500 positive affirmations along with more than 100 relaxing images and backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy The Betty Crocker® Mobile Cookbook on the App Store

Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook Heats it up

Do you feel like chicken tonight? Are you at the grocery store and don’t have a recipe? Well, life just got a little bit easier. The folks over at General Mills introduced The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook to make finding recipes to make breakfast, lunch and dinner a little bit easier.

iCraig Simplifies Browsing Craigslist's Online Classifieds

Craiglist, the vast classified ads Web site, is part marketplace for buyers and sellers and part entertainment for window shoppers. SplashData, gives you both parts with iCraig, an app that lets you see what's  going on in the world of Craigslist ads in your area.

Buy iGossip on the App Store

iGossip Delivers the Dish on Celebrity News, but Needs an Extreme Makeover

Gossip junkies around the globe are getting their fill more often and much faster from some fun new apps. iGossip gives you the dish on all of your favorite celebrity happenings from the some of the most popular celebrity gossip websites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Gossip Girls, US Weekly, E!

Buy GoodFood by GoodRec on the App Store

Want to Know Where to Eat? GoodFood Might Help

GoodFood - Good food is something anyone can appreciate and knowing where to go to find it is always a help. If you’re not afraid to try some place new on the recommendation of total strangers or you have a reputation for knowing the best places to eat and are willing to share with others, then GoodFood by Goodrec is a handy little app you can download for free to find recommended restaurants near you.

Buy Tie Knots on the App Store

All Tied Up and Ready for Your Next Interview

Tie Knots, from egerev lab, is the right tool for the difficult economic climate we all find ourselves in. Finding a job — any job — is getting to be as challenging as leading a herd of elephants across the Alps in the middle of winter.

Buy GrubHub Food Delivery & Takeout on the App Store

For Days When There are Only Two Things to Eat: Pickup or Delivery.

Developers GrubHub and CityMint have introduced apps of the same names that make it possible for you to order meals from nearby restaurants and have your food ready for you to pick up or for delivery, when that service is available.

TrueFlirt: Sexy, Romantic, Playful — Interactive Texting for iPhone

My first TrueFlirt message read: This is how techies flirt. ^_^ With a wink, a smile and an interactive "love scene," my first flirt flew through the ether striking the recipient like cupid's bow.

Buy 7,800+ Beer Brands Free on the App Store

Beer Brands has a Vast Selection, but Fizzles Out

Beer Brands iPhone App by Webworks and Applications is loaded with information of more than 7,800 brands of beer. I suppose the app is designed to give you on the spot information for a beer, as you stand in the cooler isle of your local store amazed by the vast selection of brew. While confused and steadily becoming depressed as you struggle to make a decision, you whip out your ever so trusty iPhone and quickly start looking up the mysterious brands using the Beer Brands app.

Buy You-Me-It on the App Store

You-Me-It Compatibility Quiz Gets Lost in the Details

Games, puzzles and utility apps must now share space with horoscope, gossip and personality apps. You-Me-It is a full-featured lifestyle app that dubs itself the "relationship assistant."  You won’t have to call anyone or make a video of any sort but you will have to answer a few questions.

Craigsphone is Almost All You Need to Use Craigslist with iPhone

Craigsphone by Next Mobile Web is so close to being the best and most full-featured Craigslist app for the iPhone. I've previously reviewed two other Craigslist iPhone apps. Both CraigsMobileList and CraigSearch lacked certain much-needed features and neither had the ability to post sales.

2009 Presidential Inauguration App Guides You Through D.C.

Planning on having your iPhone with you at the inauguration? If so, a new app from PointAbout is a worthy companion for your journey. The app aims to live up to its name - 2009 Presidential Inauguration Guide. It is designed as an all-in-one resource on your iPhone that will do everything from providing mass transit information to finding the nearest Starbucks.