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Life is beautiful — when you know which iphone apps to use. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of apps from the Lifestyle section of the iOS App Store.

Buy MyChristmas on the App Store

MyChristmas Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer — and a Buffet of Mini Games

MyChristmas is an all in one holiday app by Talee Talee and it has everything that you need to make your holiday bright. This app is jam packed with whatever you are going to need to take you through Christmas right into the New Year.

Buy Dog Whistle on the App Store

You Can't Teach Any Dog New Tricks with Wawa's Dog Whistle

Here I am, putting Wawa Mobile's Dog Whistle app to the test. I was tapped for the job because the boss knows I have three dogs. According to Wawa, I can use Dog Whistle to train my dogs to do as I command and even condition them Pavlovian-like not to bark when someone comes to my front door.

Buy Amazon App on the App Store

Amazon Mobile Remembers So You Don't Have To is one of the first places I check whenever I'm intent on buying something (forget about the part that I often buy stuff I don't need). I go to Amazon to research products, read personalized recommendations and the always-interesting customer reviews.

Zagat To Go '09 Is No Go for Gourments and Gourmands

Zagat is one of the top reviewers of places "to eat, drink, stay and play," as the rating service likes to say. To get a high rating from Zagat is like getting the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Buy OpenTable on the App Store

Step This Way, Your OpenTable is Ready

OpenTable claims to be the world's most popular instant restaurant reservation system, and with 8,500 participating restaurants and growing, it would be difficult to prove otherwise. The company's Web site, which is free to register and use, enables diners to locate restaurants, find out whether the restaurant has seating available, book a table and manage their upcoming reservations.

Buy Christmas List on the App Store

Christmas List: Manage Your Holiday Shopping List With Ease

Even with its joyful holiday feelings and cheer, Christmas can also be a pretty stressful time of year. For those of us for which this is true Christmas List by Better Day Wireless may be just the thing to help calm the holiday shopping storm this season.

Buy Menorah - Chanukah - חנוכה on the App Store

Menorah Makes the iPhone Miraculous

Menorah - In the second century BCE (Before the Common Era), the Maccabees, a band of Jewish rebels in Judea rescued the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Greeks. The rebels wanted to rededicate the Temple by lighting the eternal lamp but found they had only enough oil to last for one night.

Buy Pocket Cocktails on the App Store

Pocket Cocktails is a Class-Act Drinking Companion

I love Cocktail Hour with its fully stocked bar and polite conversation. Happy Hour — Cocktail Hour’s trashy little sister — can be a lot of fun too. Any tradition that encourages Sex on the Beach and offers a choice between Death by Chocolate or Killer Kool-Aid has too be good times, right?

Say Cheers With weDrink, Your Personalized Drink Guide

Unless you have worked as a bartender you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to mixing a variety of drinks, but thanks to weDrink by Indivigital those days are long gone. weDrink is an all-in-one drink guide with tons of recipes, games, and even a ride home for the end of the night.

GiftCards Makes Buying Gift Cards Easy but Could Be Risky

GiftCards - It's hard enough to decide what gifts to buy for family and friends without also having to worry about  getting trampled to death or gunfights erupting in toy stores. It's just nuts the way some people behave.

Buy Easy Recipes - Food, Drinks & Cooking Tips! on the App Store

Easy Recipes Adds Spice To Your Life

Easy Recipes is a free application that gives you 50 new recipes right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created by Robert Maran and Deidra Jones, Easy Recipes is incredibly user friendly and full of great ideas to make your next dinner party a huge success.

BlackFriday Steals Gives You the Best Things in Life

The best things in life are not free. Nope, the best things in life save you money. Therein lies the appeal of Mobile Simplicity's BlackFriday Steals discount shopping app. It's a straightforward app: No fussing needed.

Thanksgiving Cards Adds a Personal Touch

Thanksgiving Cards by GP Apps makes it easy to draw and send individualized Thanksgiving well wishes to friends and family from where ever you may be this holiday season. Perfect for young and old alike, the app is simple and easy to use.

Consumer Reports' New App Is a Mixed Shopping Bag

When a much-respected organization like Consumer Reports introduces a free app for the iPhone, you can't help but want to check it out in a hurry. The app is a reference guide to cars, electronics, finances and several other products and services.

SnapTell Explorer: You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover After All

La, la, la, you stroll into your favorite bookstore and you see a book that you'd like to buy. "Hmmm," you say to yourself, "Self, I wonder if this book is any good and better yet, can I find it cheaper somewhere else?" So, you pull out your trusty iPhone and launch SnapTell Explorer, the free app you downloaded just the other day.