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Life is beautiful — when you know which iphone apps to use. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of apps from the Lifestyle section of the iOS App Store.

GiftCards Makes Buying Gift Cards Easy but Could Be Risky

GiftCards - It's hard enough to decide what gifts to buy for family and friends without also having to worry about  getting trampled to death or gunfights erupting in toy stores. It's just nuts the way some people behave.

Buy Easy Recipes - Food, Drinks & Cooking Tips! on the App Store

Easy Recipes Adds Spice To Your Life

Easy Recipes is a free application that gives you 50 new recipes right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created by Robert Maran and Deidra Jones, Easy Recipes is incredibly user friendly and full of great ideas to make your next dinner party a huge success.

BlackFriday Steals Gives You the Best Things in Life

The best things in life are not free. Nope, the best things in life save you money. Therein lies the appeal of Mobile Simplicity's BlackFriday Steals discount shopping app.
It's a straightforward app: No fussing needed.

Thanksgiving Cards Adds a Personal Touch

Thanksgiving Cards by GP Apps makes it easy to draw and send individualized Thanksgiving well wishes to friends and family from where ever you may be this holiday season.
Perfect for young and old alike, the app is simple and easy to use.

Consumer Reports' New App Is a Mixed Shopping Bag

When a much-respected organization like Consumer Reports introduces a free app for the iPhone, you can't help but want to check it out in a hurry. The app is a reference guide to cars, electronics, finances and several other products and services.

SnapTell Explorer: You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover After All

La, la, la, you stroll into your favorite bookstore and you see a book that you'd like to buy. "Hmmm," you say to yourself, "Self, I wonder if this book is any good and better yet, can I find it cheaper somewhere else?"
So, you pull out your trusty iPhone and launch SnapTell Explorer, the free app you downloaded just the other day.

Buy HottrixPhone PRO on the App Store

HottrixPhone Lets You Receive One, Two, Three... Fake Calls

Hottrix, makers of iBeer, iMilk and iMunchies, offer HottrixPhone Pro as their contribution to the fake call trend among iPhone users.  Unlike other apps of this category, HottrixPhone Pro provides some options that make the fake calls more believable and the announced update should further the app's features.

Buy Holidays+ (was sdHolidays) on the App Store

Holidays+ Displays Countdown to Special Holidays

Gone are the days when you have to highlight the holidays on a desk calendar in your office or a wall calendar in your kitchen just to remember them. Holidays+ is a utility application that comes to the App Store courtesy of Schroeder Development.

Buy GoodGuide on the App Store

GoodGuide Fills Consumer Information Gap

GoodGuide is a new addition to the app store that marries truly useful information with its perfect match, the mobile platform. This is one of those apps that provides a solution many consumers have been waiting for — a comprehensive guide to the health, environmental and social impacts of everyday products like shampoo, cleaning products, sun screen, or medicine.

Buy Goodrec on the App Store

GoodRec Focuses Recommendations by Highlighting Friends

Geo-location applications are cool when then they are simple, easy to use and don’t feel overdone. Goodrec is one of those apps. Goodrec offers recommendations on books, movies, wine, bars and restaurants.

Buy BigOven 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List on the App Store

Big Oven delivers 250,000 Recipes in Free App

If you like to cook, you might want to check out the free app from "Big Oven" an interactive Recipe site which boasts over 250,000 recipes. The Big Oven iPhone App, which allows you to create and upload your own recipes as well as tap into the recipe database stands out mainly by the sheer amount of content, and not necessarily the quality.

Buy Slifter - Local Shopping on the App Store

Slifter - The Bargain Hunter

Slifter is the first iPhone shopping app that provides local retail product searches. Developer GPShopper came out with this user-friendly tool, listing over 350 million products in more than 200.000 stores across the US.

Buy on the App Store is the Real Deal for Fashionistas

The designers are top notch, the photos are drool-worthy, the news is juicy. What more can a devoted follower in the Cult of Style want? The app is extremely intuitive to use. Choose a section — new shows, all shows or couture — choose a designer, then swipe to view the collection.

Threads is Great for Viewing T-shirt Art from Threadless

Do you love Mondays because you know it's the day that Threadless releases new t-shirt designs? Then you need to check out Threads, the free app from Ian Marsh for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Threads is a mini-gallery to showcase the weekly t-shirt designs at our favorite cotton and silkscreen retailer.

Buy colorSutra on the App Store

ColorSutra: Color Matching 101

ColorSutra claims to take the guesswork out of "matching colors" so the idea of using my iPhone (with its built-in camera) as an color matcher was a compelling one!  After downloading the application ($1.99), I decided to reach out to ColorSutra's developer, Alex Rybkin, to find out what the application really did and how it worked.