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LazyTown JukeBox: Music Video App Gets Kids Dancing and Singing

The combination of the LazyTown characters, music, and the healthy living theme, and our creative game development teams offers engaging games and activities for kids. Panarea Digital, a premier interactive content developer and production house, and LazyTown, a popular children's entertainment brand, launched its first joint app, “LazyTown Jukebox”, for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, which is now available on the App Store.

Soundala Play Reinvents Digital Music Display on the iPad

Los Angeles-based Soundala, developer of the Soundala Play music visualizer for iPad, has received approval from Apple, Inc. for inclusion in the App Store. The collaboration brings music lovers the exhilarating new digital music display alternative to transform a listening experience into a visual feast for the eyes.

Radballs: New Arcade Puzzler Interacts With Players Music Library

Radballs: New Arcade Puzzler Interacts With Players Music Library

Glow Play and (Alinear Studio are launching an arcade puzzler that will interact with a players' own music on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Radballs the Game takes classic puzzle action to a new level with over-the-top visual style and a deep connection to music where the game not only moves to the beat but also transforms, scratches, stutters and filters the soundtrack based on play.

RCRD LBL Drops Music Discovery App With Curated Songs for iPhone

RCRD LBL Drops Music Discovery App With Curated Songs for iPhone

By overwhelming demand, RCRD LBL, the premier source for free music downloads across all genres, is now available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the first free, editorially curated music download app in the iTunes store.

Find Your Favorite Music For Free With What's On Air

Find Your Favorite Music For Free With What's On Air

Palmologix is proud to announce What's On Air is now free for a very limited time. It is designed especially for all music fans who adore listen to radio stations but who can't wait for their favorite song or bands to appear on air.

iClassics: New iPad App Encourages Music Discovery for Classical Fans

iClassics: New iPad App Encourages Music Discovery for Classical Fans

Classics is a new classical music discovery application developed exclusively for Apple's iPad. Created by Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Classics U.S. in partnership with L4 Mobile, the app allows consumers to explore the recordings from these labels' vast and prestigious catalogues in a new and interactive way.

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djay Takes Mixing a Party Playlist to New Level

An outstanding party playlist is irrevocably the most important part of the evening. It sets the tone for the night and can turn your shindig into a chest pounding, musical masterpiece or consequently, it can also turn the party into a "Hey, can we get that to go..." mass exodus.

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Compare Music Collections with Venntunes

Venntunes makes comparing music from one iOS device to another as easy as bumping phones. When using Venntunes, users can learn which artists are on a friend's device as well as those that get the most play.

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Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs with Capo

Capo is a clever app that gets to the heart of why budding musicians bother to practice in the first place: to learn to play the songs they love. Toward this end, Capo will slow down whatever music you have saved on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, so that you can play along at a speed that matches your skill level.

Planet Waves Guitar Tools is a Wealth of Guitar Utilities

Planet Waves Guitar Tools is a Wealth of Guitar Utilities

Planet Waves Guitar Tools for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad aims to be the only portable guitar utility kit you’ll ever need. The app has a staggering number of features, including a chord finder, scales, metronome, tuner, and guitar store locator.

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Learn to Shred with JamPlay Guitar Pack

Just as the best chefs and hunters know to use every part of the animal, so too must the best developers use every part of the iPhone—the microphone, accelerometer, touch screen, you name it.

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TuneIn Radio for iPhone Makes the A-List

With so many radio apps to choose from, how can you pick just one? Well in short you probably can’t, but depending on how and what you want to listen to TuneIn Radio may be ideal. Similar to SparkRadio and comparatively priced, TuneIn Radio features many (not all) stations from around the world.

Buy Silent Island Relaxation (SALE) on the App Store

Get Your Chill on with Silent Island Relaxation

Not exactly silent, but soothing nonetheless, Silent Island Relaxation is a compilation of relaxing music combined with sounds of nature. Before you groan and beg not to be stranded on another island of apps with repeating loops and poor quality sound, give a listen to the sample tracks in the App Store.

Spark Radio Price Drop Should Spark Interest

Leveraging the world-wide reach of, Spark Radio by Handcast Media Labs puts thousands of radio stations at your iPhone fingertip and streams them over Wi-Fi or 3G. Spark Radio has been available for several months and has undergone a bit of a price drop in that time.

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Ringtone Designer Pro: Create Unlimited Ringtones for Your iPhone

Ringtone Designer Pro — The ringtone on your iPhone says a lot about you. Choose the wrong ringtone and your otherwise hip iPhone will become a loud label announcing your inner geek. Unfortunately, sometimes, the only way to get the perfect snippet of sound is to create your own ringtone.