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Xewton Music Studio is a Beast — and We Mean it in the Best Possible Way

Lets start with the bad news, Xewton Music Studio is a $20 iphone application. That is a lot of money on a platform that offers an almost infinite amount of free and under $2 apps. That being said this thing is a beast and in a world that seems to be in a drunken race to the bottom, I will gladly stand on the top and give Xewton my hard earned 20 bucks.

Create Your Own Groove With Jamble Music Mashups

Some of us march to the beat of a different drummer. Others dance down the street to a mashed up mix of sound loops and international hit song samples. If you belong to the second camp then Jamble Music Mashups is a simple app that will satisfy your need to blend music styles on the go.

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Innovative Dub Siren Mixes Reggae and Sound Effects

Dub Siren is one of the most innovative music apps I've seen to make it into the App Store in a long time. And that's coming from someone who isn't even capable of using the app to its fullest!
With some 55,750 apps in stock, sifting through the inventory to find the gems is getting harder all the time.

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Music iQ Tests Your Music Recognition

I smartly downloaded Music iQ before embarking on a four-hour car ride.  Perfect timing!  I entertained myself, the car trip went more quickly, and I discovered I am terrible at remembering the names of songs, even when I recognize a tune.

Discover and Share Song Titles with Nabbit

We've all been there. A great song comes on the radio, but the DJ won't tell you anything about it. Nabbit tries to solve this by giving the artist and song on nearly 2,500 radio stations. While not as sleek as grabbing music over-the-air as the super popular Shazam, it offers some nice features to find out what is popular and currently playing on the radio.

Buy lilt line on the App Store

lilt line Will Open Your Ears and Eyes to the Future of Musical Games

lilt line - As the music genre continues to gain mainstream traction with the Guitar Heros and Rock Bands of the world, it’s inevitable that we’ll see efforts that aim to imitate instead of innovate.

Buy Melodica on the App Store

Melodica Light and Sound Combine for Simple Music Creation

Melodica presents a 16 by 10 surface where the length represents the 4 bars of a 4/4 beat and the height is a set of 10 notes that all harmonize well together. Anyone familiar with arppegiators or sequencers will find themselves at home using the software's interface.

Tongue Drum Brings Archaic Music to the Modern Era

The Tongue Drum, the world's oldest form of instrument, has been used for millenia by tribes throughout the world as both a story-telling instrument and war drum. Originally crafted from hollowed out tree bark, it has evolved into a modern instrument with multiple tunings, sizes and variations.

Buy Looptastic Producer on the App Store

Looptastic Producer Makes Mobile Mashups Mainstream

Looptastic Producer - As far as iPhone looping software goes,  it's either a hit or miss.  Some developers seem to over-complicate or oversimplify, while others can find the just the right balance.

Buy Slacker Radio on the App Store

Slacker Radio Competes with Pandora

I used Slacker Radio for the first time today, and I was impressed. Slacker Radio is a free custom internet radio app developed by Slacker, Inc. that provides some extra perks that its main competitor, Pandora, does not.

Buy Tiny Violin on the App Store

Tiny Violin: Use Your iPhone for Sympathetic Strumming

Playing the world’s smallest violin using your thumb and forefinger is so old school now that the Tiny Violin iPhone app by Brian Gorby is available. Tiny Violin actually adds the sound to your snarky attempts of condolence or joy towards someone.

Buy iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe on the App Store

Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe: iDrum vs. Free App

Depeche Mode, an 80’s band that never went away, knows that in today’s world of digital music, album sales are only one part of a much bigger picture. In conjunction with their latest album, they released two apps: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe and iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe.

Buy iBlues on the App Store

iBlues for When Your Woman and Dog Leave You

I play iBlues because my woman done me wrong, my dog left me and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.
iBlues, from developer Surich Technologies, is a virtual blues harmonica.

iHeartNewMusic is for Music Lovers

How much time do you have? iHeartNewMusic offers an endless list of new music you can stream from blogs on the web.
There are people who search the web for music, and people who don’t. iHeartNewMusic from Scafell Software is for people who have an insatiable need for new music.

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Tuner Metronome Minimalist Interface Gets it Done

From the land of sushi and Godzilla comes Tuner Metronome, an app which as the name suggests offers various tuning and tempo tools for everyday musicians. It's developer MIZO claims it to be "the most high quality digital tuner metronome." I wouldn't go so far, but this is certainly a solid application.