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Buy Slacker Radio on the App Store

Slacker Radio Competes with Pandora

I used Slacker Radio for the first time today, and I was impressed. Slacker Radio is a free custom internet radio app developed by Slacker, Inc. that provides some extra perks that its main competitor, Pandora, does not.

Buy Tiny Violin on the App Store

Tiny Violin: Use Your iPhone for Sympathetic Strumming

Playing the world’s smallest violin using your thumb and forefinger is so old school now that the Tiny Violin iPhone app by Brian Gorby is available. Tiny Violin actually adds the sound to your snarky attempts of condolence or joy towards someone.

Buy iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe on the App Store

Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe: iDrum vs. Free App

Depeche Mode, an 80’s band that never went away, knows that in today’s world of digital music, album sales are only one part of a much bigger picture. In conjunction with their latest album, they released two apps: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe and iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe.

Buy iBlues on the App Store

iBlues for When Your Woman and Dog Leave You

I play iBlues because my woman done me wrong, my dog left me and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. iBlues, from developer Surich Technologies, is a virtual blues harmonica.

iHeartNewMusic is for Music Lovers

How much time do you have? iHeartNewMusic offers an endless list of new music you can stream from blogs on the web. There are people who search the web for music, and people who don’t. iHeartNewMusic from Scafell Software is for people who have an insatiable need for new music.

Buy Tuner Metronome on the App Store

Tuner Metronome Minimalist Interface Gets it Done

From the land of sushi and Godzilla comes Tuner Metronome, an app which as the name suggests offers various tuning and tempo tools for everyday musicians. It's developer MIZO claims it to be "the most high quality digital tuner metronome." I wouldn't go so far, but this is certainly a solid application.

Buy iHeartRadio – Free Streaming Music & Internet AM/FM Radio Stations on the App Store

I Heart iheartradio! Listen to Radio on the iPhone and iPad

iheart radio - Being a small town girl, I am not too familiar with Clear Channel Broadcasting. I remember the Howard Stern controversies – who doesn’t – but Clear Channel has otherwise not frequently touched my sheltered ears.

Buy Leaf Trombone: World Stage on the App Store

Leaf Trombone Will Blow You Away

Leaf Trombone: World Stage - There's something vaguely intimidating about being assigned to review an application and, upon doing a little research, finding out that it's an extremely hotly-anticipated app from a developer with a line of very successful, high-profile offerings.

Star Guitar Another Shining Music App from Amidio

Recently released by Amidio, the same developer who delivered the popular synth app Pro, Star Guitar is a full-function guitar app that lets you play, record, and export files of the music you create.

Buy Silly Songz on the App Store

Silly Songz Puts Audio File Greetings at Your Fingertip

Silly Songz is a new app for the iPhone that allows users to select and send an original pre-recorded song as an electronic greeting that can also be customized with a 15-second recorded message of your own.

Buy Radio Flare (Classic) on the App Store

Radio Flare Game is Like Defender With Super-Cool Music

Radio Flare is a fast-paced iPhone game from studio radiolaris that is reminiscent of Defender. You guide your spaceship to target and destroy enemy spaceships, with an added bonus: the ships explode rhythmically, adding personalized percussion to the groovy soundtrack.

Psyclops Dance Mixer Animates Characters to Custom Sound

Psyclops Dance Mixer is a creative music app that lets users drag and drop pre-recorded tracks into a music mixer to create customized songs and then pair their music with an animated dancer to create a simple video. While my musical abilities consist of reading sheet music and playing the piano, I have very little experience with music-making software and so Psyclops Dance Mixer was a bit of a unique test run for me.

Tune In Anywhere with Public Radio Tuner

Tune In Anywhere with Public Radio Tuner

Public Radio Tuner - I love public radio. When I drove all over New York State for one of my jobs, I got addicted. Hearing Nina Totenberg’s voice come over the airwaves made me feel like I was in the room with a good friend and not 200 miles from home.

Buy Air Guitar on the App Store

Air Guitar Rocks Out

The App Store has something for everyone including amateur rockers. Air Guitar by Inedlible Software will have you spinning and strumming away to your favorite hits. It’s a fun entertainment app that uses the accelerometer of the phone so you get the full effect.

SaxMan Falls Flat — App Fails to Deliver on Description

What can I say about SaxMan, from Yudo Games, except that it really blows. I have no idea what happened to SaxMan on the way from the drawing board to the App Store but it looks like it might have had a house with a three-car garage dropped on it.