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Bebot Chirps Its Way Into Your Heart

The App Store is flooded with a number of inexpensive apps that serve a very specific purpose. A prime example is Bebot, a "Robot Voice Synthesizer." I have to say, I did not have very high expectations for Bebot, mostly because I didn't see the utility of the app.

iTurn is a Dead End

iTurn is a Dead End

There isn't much to say about iTurn. It does what it claims, sort of, but iTurn is just too simple an app without enough options or controls to keep it interesting.
After loading iTurn, you're presented with a turntable interface, with the only feature being a volume knob.

Pocket Tunes Radio is Number One with a Bullet

NormSoft's Pocket Tunes Radio is a slick app that puts hundreds of Internet radio stations on your iPhone and iPod touch. Pocket Tunes Radio comes with an extensive list of pre-loaded stations — organized by every music genre you can think of.

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Wunder Radio Connects to Radio Waves from Around the World

Joseph Campbell once said you can tell a lot about a city by its tallest building. I'd like to think you can deduce a few things about a place by its local radio stations as well — which is why I'm utterly fascinated with Wunder Radio, the latest release from the folks at Weather Underground.

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7 Chords is a Chord Book in Your Pocket

7 Chords is an iPhone app designed for both beginner and intermediate guitarists. Through a remarkable easy-to-use interface, the user can select what chord's information to display on the screen.

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Harmonica is as Close as you'll get to the Real Deal

Harmonica is a little app created by Benjamin McDowell, developed in the same vein as Ocarina. It's designed to be used like a real harmonica.
Just like the real thing, you place the iPhone in your mouth and slide from side to side to play notes.

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DigiDrummer Shines in Perfect 10 Performance

Until now, I hadn't been convinced that the iPhone stood a chance at being a legitimate replacement for any music production hardware or software. It seems I've been wrong all along. DigiDrummer from Magnick Software is quite simply the greatest drum machine for the iPhone to date.

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iDrum Ministry of Sound Runs out of Steam too Soon

iDrum: Ministry of Sound, from developer iZotope, is a neat little app that lets you recreate the feel of your favorite beats from different genres. The iDrum series in three different flavors, Club, Hip Hop and the version we're reviewing here featuring unique and original samples from Ministry of Sound.

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Drum Kit Rolls but It Doesn't Rock

If you're easily amused, you'll like the Drum Kit app from CrimsonJet. It's a six-piece drum kit that you can play using your thumbs.
Tap the snare, bass drum, cymbals to pound out a beat. Choose from among four flavors of sound: classic, rock, hip hop and techno.

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Tap Tap Revenge - Guitar Hero at Your Finger Tips

If you've played any of the Guitar Hero games, then you will be no stranger to the gameplay of Tap Tap Revenge by Tapulous. Even though it’s not as interactive as Guitar Hero it's very entertaining and the weekly downloadable songs keep the app fresh.

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FingerPiano takes you from hopeless fan to piano man.

Having recently toyed around with the MiniPiano app from JYProduct, I couldn't help but think that there was a little something missing from the formula. Don't get me wrong, sliding your fingers across piano keys is great fun, but I felt like there was no objective, no aim, no goal.

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MiniPiano app is just that

MiniPiano is the light-weight, free version of popular piano app Finger Piano, from developer JYProduct. Like its older, more mature brother, it's controlled by striking the keys on a virtual piano.

Top 100 Lets You Check Out the iTunes Charts

Top 100 Lets You Check Out the iTunes Charts

Top 100 is the another addition to the iTunes chart apps from developer nuTsie (maker of Rock Top 100, Hip Hop Top 100 and Top 100 by Year), which lets you listen to the top 100 songs on iTunes, streamed to your iPhone.

Apple Plays Key Role in Music Production for the Masses

In the past, creating professional quality tracks meant dropping some serious cash on high-end software and hardware. In more recent years however, there has been a push toward making it more affordable for musicians to record at home.

Synth Round-Up: Synthesizers Break Free from the Studio on the iPhone

Musicians of all calibres, from mom's basement amateurs to true prodigies, can now find the software they need to make music on the go on their iPhones, whenever and wherever they want. But with so many options, it's often hard for people to figure out which app suits them best.