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From map apps to GPS trackers, with the right navigation apps you can get as lost as you want! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Navigations Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and recent reviews of iOS navigation applications.

Buy Travel Altimeter Lite - GPS Altitude & Map Elevation on the App Store

Orange Group Apps launches Altimeter app for Android, new iPhone version

Orange Group Apps, a developer of outdoor adventure apps, today is proud to announce the release of its outdoor navigation app Travel Altimeter Lite for Android and a completely redesigned version 3.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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33 BITS announce Placer - a free application for remembering locations

Placer, from 33 BITS, allows a user to save locations with the maximum for an iPhone accuracy of up to 5 meters and to find needed places using a map or compass. The application was created for people who want to save interesting locations and easily share them with their friends.

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CFI Tools General Aviation App Upgrades Everything

CFI Tools today announces the latest addition to the CFI Tools catalog, the General Aviation App, CFI Tools General Aviation 1.01. This release consolidates a number of well-known existing Apps and some upgraded new features.

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MapItAll makes everyday travel much easier and efficient

MapItAll is an amazing app that will make your everyday travel so much easier and efficient. It includes Google's street view a very friendly user interface. Developed by ABDolphin, MapItAll version MIV1.01032013 allows anyone to input multiple addresses and get a route that includes multiple locations.

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Street View: New App Brings Street View Back to Maps App!

In the old iOS 5.0, everything was in order. There was the Maps app with Google Street View built-in. Then came the updated, new version of Maps designed by Apple. It all seems great until you realize that street view is gone!

Buy DIY Map GPS (App for World Travelers) on the App Store

DIY Map GPS 1.01 released for iPhone and iPad

Builtsoft developer, Leo McDuff, releases DIY Map GPS app available for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. The application is designed with a full-featured GPS system. This app gives users their current location by map matching their current GPS location with the map.

Buy En Route!™ Share My ETA and Location with Friends on the App Store

En Route! 2.0 Brings Privacy to Location Sharing

Collaborating on the go. This is the nature of our modern life. Mobile application developers have produced numerous apps to help us collaborate when we are mobile. But, are these new service keeping customer data private?

Buy AtoB Distance Calculator Free - easy and fast air or car route measurement from A to B for travel and more on the App Store

The New AtoB Distance Calculator: Distances - The Simpler Way

Bernhard Obereder, an Austrian mobile development company, announced today the release of an updated version of its popular distance calculator app AtoB. AtoB Distance Calculator offers the simple concept of calculating air and car routes with just a few taps.

Buy EggMaps with Google Maps and Street View on the App Store

EggMaps HD Brings Google Maps Back to the iPad

iPad users need not wait for an official Google Maps(TM) app for iPad. Indie Developer Mike Cunneen today announced the release of EggMaps HD 1.02. EggMaps HD is an iPad-only app that provides an easy interface to Google Maps, at full resolution.

Go Exploring! These Apps Use the iPhone's Built-in GPS for Finding Adventure

Go Exploring! These Apps Use the iPhone's Built-in GPS for Finding Adventure

There are awesome apps using the iPhone's built-in GPS in innovative ways. Here's to finding a more interesting path!

Buy PartyPlanner Pro on the App Store

PartyPlanner Pro becomes the Event Planner Expert

Elviranett Solutions launch the PartyPlanner Pro to help users for the event planning. The apps is designed for professionals and regular users to plan guest-list, create to-do list, create, and send invites directly from the app, assign tasks to team members and find location.

Buy Theodolite HD on the App Store

Theodolite Augmented Reality Nav App Featured in iTunes

Hunter Research and Technology is pleased to announce that Theodolite has been selected for a promotional feature in the iPad Navigation category of the iTunes App Store. This novel multi-function augmented reality nav app works as a compass, GPS, map, zoom camera, rangefinder, tracker, and two-axis inclinometer.

Buy Theodolite HD on the App Store

Theodolite Augmented Reality Nav App Optimized for iPad Mini

Hunter Research and Technology is pleased to announce the availability of Theodolite 3.1.1 on the iTunes App Store. This novel multi-function augmented reality nav app works as a compass, GPS, map, zoom camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer.

Buy WhatsGoLa Camera - explore 2000+ POI on earth using Streetview and Panoramio on the App Store

iOS 6 Street View App - Take Photos from 1200 World Famous Landmarks

With the release of iOS 6, we lose the Street View function from the map app. Fortunately, Google Street View API is still operating, which we utilize to make "WGL Camera". This beautiful re-designed application uniquely combines Street View, Gyroscope-integrated virtual camera, points of interests, and map tool in one app.

Buy FastTrack Navigator on the App Store

The simplest navigation app you could ever want

A Distance meter and an arrow which points toward the destination. Often this is all you need to quickly get to a location. Developed by Agile Dimension Inc., FastTrack Navigator for iPhone helps people who don't want or need to use a map.