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From map apps to GPS trackers, with the right navigation apps you can get as lost as you want! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Navigations Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and recent reviews of iOS navigation applications.

MeetWays Locates the Midpoint Between A and B

MeetWays—There’s a lake in central Massachusetts, not too far from where I live, called Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, which is said to be one of the world’s longest place names.

TopVideo Sounds Good, but Misses The Point

TopVideo by Akinwale Ariwodola is a an application that aims to provide the user with the most popular videos from sites like YouTube and more. However, TopVideo doesn't truly provide videos, plural.

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IPark Gets You Back to Where You Started

Do ever wish there was an iPhone app to help you remember something you always forget? IPark is a parking utility app that helps you keep track of your vehicle. It will get you there from any location as long as you’ve marked your car. Just follow the IPark compass back to your car.

Buy California Traffic Report on the App Store

California Traffic Report Helps Out Commuters

Since the weather is more predictable than the traffic here in California, you’re bound to check the traffic report before you start your day or travel home from work each night. There is no way to avoid it there’s going to be traffic on your commute. California Traffic Report will provide you with up to date information on your route from The California Department of Transportation.

Alpine Ski Trail Maps Show the Lay of The Land for Skiers

Alpine Ski Trail Maps promises to relieve you of having to tuck away those foldable ski maps into your coat. Instead, it offers hundreds of maps that can instead be all tucked away onto your iPhone/iPod touch.

Unidentified Bogies Appear on Earthcomber's Personal Radar

Earthcomber, the developer of Earthcomber the app, aims to provide iPhone users with a "personal radar," which they can use to find their favorite things nearby — people and places, mainly.

Google Maps Update Makes a Traveler's Delight

Google Maps was already one of the strongest built-in apps on the iPhone. But with the 2.2 software update the addition of Street View and the ability to get public transit information make this almost a necessity for traveling or getting around a major city.

CoffeeBreak Finds Caffeine for Less Than the Cost of a Cuppa Joe

CoffeeBreak Finds Caffeine for Less Than the Cost of a Cuppa Joe

If you’ve ever considered running out into the street screaming because you can’t find a decent cuppa joe, you may be in for a treat. CoffeeBreak is a lifestyle application that helps you stay completely caffeinated by using the GPS or WiFi of your phone to locate your favorite java joint and tell you which ones are nearby.

Rocket Taxi Simple to Use, But Not Exactly Rocket Speed

Rocket Taxi Simple to Use, But Not Exactly Rocket Speed

Edovia, Inc. has just re-released their Rocket Taxi to the App Store. Rocket Taxi is a navigation app that uses GPS or WIFI to pin point your location and provide you with a list of taxi services in your area.

Zhiing Your Location to Anyone, Anytime

Zhiing combines the power of GPS and text messaging in an effort to bring you the ultimate location application. Zhiing allows users to send a text message or “Zhiing” from their handset or desktop computers with their exact location to someone else.

Brightkite Enters the iPhone Geo-Location Market

Brightkite Enters the iPhone Geo-Location Market

Gone are the days when you need to enter a local chat room to meet new friends or have to send a text message to find your current crew. Geo-location applications like Moximity, Loopt, and Twinkle are sprouting up at a feverish pitch.

Buy Google Earth on the App Store

Google Earth: A Free Trip Around the World on iPhone, iPod Touch

As of last night the ultimate interactive map and the ultimate interactive phone are now linked. Google Earth is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch. Having Google Earth at your fingertips anytime, anywhere is cool enough.

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AroundMe Shows Results With Minimum Fuss

AroundMe is another app designed to make use of iPhone's GPS to locate nearby services, similar to Where To or I Want. What's nice about AroundMe is that it does so without the fuss of other programs. Unlike other apps that offer up a bunch of subcategories so users can drill down to the "most accurate" results, AroundMe's minimalist display is like finding Location Nirvana.

Buy Trapster - Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving app on the App Store

Trapster is a Good Idea, Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

Trapster is a useful iPhone application that warns you when you're getting close to police speed traps, red light cameras, and other traffic-related traps.

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Take Me To My Car: Great Concept, Bad Execution

The idea of "Take Me to My Car" is great: record your GPS location, go somewhere, and get a map back to where you started. In practice, however, the Free App by independent developer Eldar Sadikov falls short of this promise.