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Local, national or worldwide celebrity gossip — take control of information overload with your iOS device. For a list of our favorite ways to read the news, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of news applications from the iOS App Store.

Get the Dish with Big Brother Hamster Soup Season 13

Get the Dish with Big Brother Hamster Soup Season 13

With CBS’s Big Brother 13 in full swing, fans of the summer reality series are soaking up this season’s twists and plots like the summer sun. Who among the remaining house guests will stay and who will go next?

Buy Meporter - Local Area News & Events - The Beat on the Street on the App Store

Stop the Presses with Meporter

Meporter - Citizen journalism has been all the rage of late, with sites like Patch and CNN's iReport encouraging users to submit articles and multimedia. Local newspapers have especially taken the brunt of newspaper closures, often leaving a gap in coverage for many communities.

Showdown! Comparing the Verizon iPhone vs. the AT&T iPhone

The promise of an iPhone that no longer drops calls may be tempting many AT&T customers to switch over to Verizon. But is the grass really greener? It depends. There are many indications the Verizon iPhone offers superior connectivity and far less dropped calls than its AT&T counterpart.

Buy SkyGrid on the App Store

Browse Trending News with SkyGrid

SkyGrid joins a growing field of news aggregators that compile articles from across the web. SkyGrid seeks to separate itself from the pack by compiling news into relevant topics. For example, the “What’s Hot” section lists trending news and articles from multiple sources.

Conquer Your RSS Feeds with my6sense

News stream and social media app my6sense wants to make the deluge of information available on the web a bit more manageable for you — by reading your mind. Yes, this is another app that studies your tendencies, but my6sense is actually a pretty good tool at sorting through your RSS feeds and pulling up content that aligns with your interests.

News Addict? Get Your Fix

If you’re a news junkie, or really if you just rely on multiple sources to get the day’s headlines in sports, entertainment, and other news, then News Addict could be the news app you’ve been looking for.

Follow Elected Officials with politicoTracker

Political news junkies will enjoy politicoTracker for its ability to quickly aggregate news on their favorite (or least favorite) elected officials. PoliticoTracker includes an impressive list of every elected state and federal representative.

Buy Ohpan on the App Store

Ohpan Weeds Through Your News Feeds

Ohpan is an iPhone app in the making. It’s a newsreader from AType Studios that adapts to delivering news bits that are most relevant to your. “Ohpan,” is pronounced “Open,” which is only a guess because I never did get around to asking anyone to be certain.

Buy Yahoo on the App Store

Yahoo! on iPhone and iPod touch Beats Blackberry

Do you Yahoo? If so, you can now download Yahoo! onto your iPhone or Touch for free. Yahoo has combined news, weather, social networking, and other features into an all-in-one application with a few new features, like a “press and speak” voice input for searching and the ability to customize your own interests for quick viewing.

Tap News vs. News Fuse: Both Apps Consolidate Name-Brand News

Tap News vs. News Fuse: Both Apps Consolidate Name-Brand News

Tap News and News Fuse are so similar in so many ways, I figured that I should compare them side-by-side. Tap News, from Sudobility, and News Fuse USA,  from icoderz, pull together articles from nine popular news outlets so you can access them all from one place.

The Wall Street Journal News Reader a Top News App

WSJ - The Wall Street Journal mobile reader, the new iPhone app from the venerable financial news source, is another solid news reader for the iPhone/iPod touch. It is fluid and makes reading, watching, and listening to content from The Wall Street Journal content easy.

TechCrunch Offline Reader Covers the Whole News Suite, but is Buggy

TechCrunch Offline Reader - In the 21st century it’s all about instant gratification. So much in fact, that we can’t live without our news, books, game stats, and product reviews at the touch of a button.

SourceForge Network News is a Snooze

If you're a regular denizen of, and other SourceForge Network sites, you can now get your geek on with SourceForge Network News for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Buy Variety on the App Store

Variety App Doesn't Offer as Much Variety as the Real Thing

Variety one of the leading entertainment industry publications has gone a step beyond mobile. They’ve created an iPhone app. The publication that reports on who’s who and what’s going on in the world of film, television and music according to Hollywood has an iPhone application that supposed to do it all.

MeeHive Customizes News Cravings

There is an incredible amount of news and information that can be accessed from your iPhone. With RSS readers and mobile sites galore it can be a bit overwhelming at times. MeeHive seeks to be a way that sorts through the clutter to deliver the content you are most interested in. It is a product of Kosmix, which is getting a lot of buzz for its effort to give users more customized search results on the Internet.