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Local, national or worldwide celebrity gossip — take control of information overload with your iOS device. For a list of our favorite ways to read the news, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of news applications from the iOS App Store.

Track Obama's Approval With Change

With Barack Obama now sworn in as president it is time for some serious opinion poll watching. If you are an Obama fan or a political junkie, this is a great app for keeping your finger on the pulse of what others feel about the 44th president.

Buy Lifehack on the App Store

Lifehack App is a Simplified Clone of Web site is a website dedicated providing articles detailing how to get things done quickly. As far as their app goes, it does quite the opposite. If you are a follower of (the Web site) then you will probably want to check out Lifehack (the app) by Stepcase Limited.

NewsRack Delivers Info to the Palm of Your Hand

For those who like their news in the palm of their hand Newsstand will deliver the goods. Newsstand is an RSS reader app that offers up the news from a chosen list of sites or feeds. It displays the information in both portrait and landscape view. It couldn’t be easier to set up. Just choose the sites that you visit frequently and save them to the app. Edit the names of the feeds you’d like to place in the app and create folders to keep everything organized.

NYT App Takes All the News that's Fit to Print Offline

You would be hard pressed to find a more esteemed newspaper anywhere in the world than The New York Times. Since 1918, the NYT has won 98 Pulitzer Prizes, far more than any other U.S. newspaper. When the venerable newspaper released its free, ad-supported NYTimes app, it quickly found a receptive audience.

Mobile News Network Feeds You AP News on the Run

There are so many ways to get your daily news fix on the iPhone, it's getting increasingly harder to decide how to get the facts. If you want AP news, and only AP news, the AP's Mobile News Network is hard to beat.

Buy Byline on the App Store

Byline - A Google Reader RSS Client for iPhone

One of the apps that we completely missed on launch was Byline, an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader (see video tour here). We thank Felix Sheng for this insightful review of Byline. You can find Felix's original blog entry here.

Buy Election 2016 Map on the App Store

Electoral Map a Toss-Up

Electoral Map is a pretty straightforward application that lets you track the US presidential election with up-to-date polls by state on a map. By clicking on the info button, you can see the underlying data and sort it by state, polling date, and size of lead for either candidate.

Obama '08 - The Campaign comes to the iPhone

Political grassroots campaigning has found a new meaning in the internet age and a new app by Obama for America includes the iPhone in the equation. With Apple's iPhone sales being higher than anyone expected and the app store being a success, this free app comes at a good time.

Shovel is Digg for the iPhone

Shovel is an app that lists the top stories from the Digg news service on your iPhone. It is run by a seperate company (not Digg itself), which makes it somewhat likely Digg will shut it down somewhere in the near future.

NetNewsWire is NewsGator for iPhone

NetNewsWire has an unfortunate name. It doesn't sound like an RSS reader, and there is no connection between its name and its parent, the well known (and liked) NewsGator RSS service. However, the product is solid, and currrently the best choice for an RSS reader on iPhone until Google Reader completes its iPhone port.