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From small screens to large, every iOS device has a camera now — and there’s no shortage of great photography apps!. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Photo & Video Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of photo & video applications from the App Store.

Buy Protected Photo Sharing: Sneak A Peek on the App Store

Sneak a Peek Protects Shared Photos, no Saving or Forwarding

My days of playing tag and capture the flag were a complete blast, but nothing peeked my curiosity more than a good game of treasure hunt for a school project or at a family reunion. However, there are only so many ways to obscurely reveal hints to the final destination.

Buy VideoHunters on the App Store

Videohunters for iPad Adds YouTube Customization

Videohunters for iPad offers a good solution for those who want a more intuitive interface for browsing YouTube videos.
It offers a customizable platform with many flexible options for curating content from one's YouTube account.

Buy Videolicious on the App Store

Videolicious Quickly Creates Great Looking Videos

As a society, we're enthralled with video. In fact, YouTube exceeded 2 billion video views per day in May 2010 and there are 24 hours of video uploaded every minute. However, every video is not a must see epic blockbuster.

Buy Snapbucket on the App Store

Snapbucket Offers Customizable Photo Filters

With more than 100 million users, the photo sharing behemoth Snapbucket, its newest venture that is much more than just a photo filter app.
Snapbucket, in my opinion, is the next-generation of photo sharing apps.

Buy fotobookr on the App Store

fotobookr Turns Facebook into Photo Album

As a professional photographer, I’m drawn to photo-inspired apps. In the case of fotobookr, even if I didn’t have a bag full of lenses, I would still want this app for its simple and intuitive interface.

RoomRuler! Gives a Little Room Re-Do Assistance

RoomRuler! is an app with a nifty concept that could come in handy when decorating a room. Basically, the app is designed to let users take photos and then it applies a built-in algorithm to calculate the approximate dimensions of a room.

Buy ProCamera on the App Store

Shoot Pictures Like a Pro with ProCamera

It’s always great to see developers who are interested in improving their product and prove it by listening to users and cranking out upgrades that actually work. Feature-rich ProCamera, the photography app that helps users shoot higher-quality iPhone pictures, launched with several useful features.

Buy Simply Postcards on the App Store

Create and Send Real Postcards with Simply Postcards

If you travel frequently or are an avid iPhone photographer, Simply Postcards is an app worth checking out. The idea is simple – using photos you take with your iPhone camera or stored in your photo library, use Simply Postcards to create a real, tangible, custom postcard that can be mailed to anyone, anywhere.

Buy Pro HDR on the App Store

With Pro HDR Camera App, iPhone Photos Rival the Real Deal

For the uninitiated, HDR photography is all the rage, supplanting tilt-shift photography as the trendiest way to manipulate your photos and earn your Flickr feed a little extra attention. Previously the domain of only high-end digital SLR cameras and pricey photo manipulation software, it has now come to the Apple iPhone, in the form of a handful of competing apps.

Buy CosmicPainter on the App Store

CosmicPainter: Create Moving Art With Multi-Touch (Video Demo)

It's hard to categorize CosmicPainter, unless you're familiar with the world of VJing. That's a special place where it's deemed important to be able to create patterned artwork in motion, because sometimes you just need peoples' eyeballs glued to a screen displaying no representative visual content.

Buy Picture Perfect Animals on the App Store

Give in to Your Animal Instinct with Picture Perfect Animals

Just for fun, put a little fur (or fin) in your photos with Picture Perfect Animals, a photo app that lets you frame your subject alongside a variety of selected animals. This iPhone app by MilkDrinkingCow, is a different, but whimsical kind of photography app that allows you to create photos with animals.

Buy PhotoCaddy HD on the App Store

Improve Photography Skills with Photo Caddy HD

Budding photographers who are looking for some readily accessible tips would do well to download Photo Caddy HD for iPad.
It functions like a social strategy guide, with a collection of advice and strategies for improving photography in multiple locations. 

Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam

Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam

JumiCam is an application that allows you to view webcam footage streaming from your home PC to your iPhone. It works with the Jumi Controller, which you have to install on your PC (not available for Mac yet).

Buy Fotomecha - multi lens simulated camera on the App Store

Enjoy Continuous Shooting Fun with Fotomecha

Fotomecha — Photography apps for iPhone are abundant and range from kid-friendly to technologically endowed.
Though the iPhone gets its share of rebuke for poor camera quality (at least pre-4G), I've seen quite a bit of high-quality creativity come out of some users.

Super Snaps! 7 Unique Photo Apps That Add Image Effects to Your Pics

Super Snaps! 7 Unique Photo Apps That Add Image Effects to Your Pics

Most iPad owners own iPhones. So, it stands to reason that they also have photos that need work—and 10.7 inches of screen on which to do it. But why get elbows deep in photo editing to develop a cool effect?