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From small screens to large, every iOS device has a camera now — and there’s no shortage of great photography apps!. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Photo & Video Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of photo & video applications from the App Store.

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Tiffen Photo fx Has an Infinite Number of Options for Your Image

Photo fx is a set of digital optical filters (filters are Tiffen's main line of business) for the iPhone and iPod touch. You use these filters to simulate the results you get with a variety of filters and lab processes when taking photographs with film.

Send Multiple Pics in One Message with Multi-Photo Email

Multi-Photo Email: In the race to have the shiniest, most feature-heavy phone, iPhone users are pretty much at the front of the pack. I myself went through about three phones a year, always looking for something, well, cooler, until I got my iPhone.

Greeting iCard Has eCards With 'Best Wish for You!'

Greeting iCard, from Wondershare, is a clever concept for an app that is likely to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, like some teenagers, this app needs an major makeover.

Pictacular Photo Effects App Is Far From Spectacular

When I first read MobileCorridor's description of Pictacular, its new photo effects app, it seemed like a nifty idea, so I downloaded it. Pictacular, enables you to attach audio bits to pictures you take with the app or select them from your Camera Roll.

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Blend Photos and Artistic Genes and You Get Photogene

The App Store's shelves are well stocked with photography and image-editing apps but few are as capable as Omer Shoor's Photogene. You won't confuse this app for the iPhone and iPod touch with Adobe Photoshop, but it's a lot more fun.

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Quad Camera — Toy Photography For The Kid In You

For the photographer that enjoys the toy camera genre the Quad Camera — Multi Shot Cam by Takayuki Fukatsu is a fun iPhone photography app. This is the 4th release in their series of toy camera apps, based on such toy cameras as the Lomo and Holga.

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Ready SteadyCam, Shoot! Get Better Low-light Photos With Darkroom Pro

StepCase's SteadyCam Premium (now called Darkroom Pro) is similar to other apps we've reviewed such as Sudobility's Night Camera. What these apps do is to rely on the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to gauge when you're holding the iPhone steady so you can take sharper pictures in low light.

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Wanted: Customize Your Photos For Old-Timey Fun

The folks that created cartoonizeme for adding comic faces, props and frames to photos have another entertaining app called Wanted that turns your iPhone pics into sepia-toned wanted posters. You can customize the name, reward amount, and add western-style props to any photo in your library. Nothing good in your library? You can also choose to take a new photo and start with that instead.

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Use Animoto to Create MTV-Style Videos

Animoto, from RightSprite, is a nifty little app that will turn the pictures stored in your iPhone and iPhone touch into mini-MTV-style music videos.
Select photos from your camera roll, select a genre of music (pop, hip hop, Latin, jazz, you name it) and then select a song.

Photonasis 2.0 May be a Bit to Basic for Most

Photonasis 2.0 by Mohamed Moshrif is a very basic iPhone or iPod touch photo “editing” app. I wouldn’t exactly call what its functions do truly editing a photo.
The structure of Photonasis 2.0 is quite basic.

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Roll Swap Gives you Added Camera Rolls and More Privacy

(Editor's Note, although this review refers to the "free version," Roll Swap has been updated and the new price is $1.99)
If you are someone who takes a lot of pictures with your iPhone or iPod touch, then Roll Swap by Ernest Otto Software could really help you organize and protect your photos.

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DoubleExp FREE Proves Two Photos are Better Than One

Once considered a fluke that could very well ruin two groups of photos, double exposures have become just another creative tool in your camera bag of tricks. And now with DoubleExp FREE by Tandem Systems you can apply this same technique to your on-the-go library right from your iPhone or iPod touch for free.

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Create Decorative Photo Collages With ImageTouch HD

If you are someone who likes a bit more from their photo presentation, ImageTouch 2 by Intellicore might be exactly what you are looking for. ImageTouch lets you arrange the photos you have on your iPhone or iPod touch into little collages that you can send to your friends and family from wherever you may be.

Memeo Photo is a Great way to Share Your iPhone Photos

Memeo Photo by Memeo Inc. is a free photo sharing app that is both high-tech and easy to use. Linked to the Memeo Share website, Memeo Photo is an app that lets you share the photos you take using your iPhone with friends and family from wherever you may be.

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Flickr Mobile Enhances Features for Show and Go

This year alone, consumers around the world will buy up about 1 billion cellphones equipped with cameras, according to market researchers. There's an awful lot of snapping going on and Flickr wants in on the action.