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From small screens to large, every iOS device has a camera now — and there’s no shortage of great photography apps!. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Photo & Video Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of photo & video applications from the App Store.

iScribble Gives Photos The Write Stuff

For those who just can't seem to keep a good grasp on where, when or with whom a photo was taken, iScribble swoops in to the rescue. The user can add a note or a scribble caption to saved photos via buttons in the upper left corner or a handy Post-It note style upturned page in the bottom right corner and save the captions for later review.

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iSynth: Stroll Through Virtual Worlds

iSynth, developed by Brown University student, Greg Pascale, puts Microsoft's stunning Photosynth 3-D photo viewer in your hands. Whether you're holding and iPhone or an iPod touch, you can stroll through three-dimensional views of scenes that have been photographed from several different angles, giving you a panoramic, "you-are-there" view of your virtual surroundings.

Lifecards Has Issues but is Throwing Users a Lifeline

In line with other apps that let you create cards with photos, Lifecards by Vivid Apps puts postcard-making software on your iPhone that allows you to insert up to four images, add text, and then save and email as a photo attachment.

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Light Painting: Good Times For A Select Crowd

The Light Painting iPhone app by Y Lau is not for everyone. But if you enjoy light painting, it’s a handy app to have on hand. Light painting, also known as light drawing is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.

BeautyCamera is an Ugly Duckling

If Masayuki Hisada's BeautyCamera could make someone in a portrait appear more beautiful, he would be on to something. The app really doesn't enhance "face, eye, lip," as Hisada says in his app description in the App Store.

Radar Puts Flickr Friends and Twitter Followers on Your iPhone

Radar Puts Flickr Friends and Twitter Followers on Your iPhone

The other day, we reported that Tiny Pictures updated Radar| for Flickr integration. Now, we've put the updated Radar| app to the test and came out smiling. If you're not familiar with, it's a popular service for real-time sharing of pictures and videos among friends.

Ready, Aim, Fire 25 Shots in a Row

If you're one of those people hungering to take video on your iPhone, Tomohiko Okita's ReplayCam 25shot! is about as close as you're going to get, at least not without jailbreaking your phone.

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Say Cheese! Camera Genius Expands iPhone Photo Capabilities

Camera Genius - If your iPhone were a camera first and phone second, it would probably have more sophisticated photo-taking features. But it’s an iPhone. Camera is nowhere in its name.

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ColorSplash: Add a Splash of Color to Black and White Photos

ColorSplash, from Hendrik Kueck, is both entertaining and frustrating to use, at least if your fingers are the size of premium hot dogs. It's an image-manipulation app that enables you to convert your color photos into black and white and then restore the color to objects you would like to highlight.

iFunCam is a Fun But Quirky Photo App

iFunCam is a Fun But Quirky Photo App

iFunCam is a photo editing program for the iPhone that allows you to add frames and silly items to your pictures. You know how you can get your picture taken at an amusement park standing behind a giant wooden wall with painted bodies (like mermaids or carnival characters) with a hole for just your head to peak out of?

PhotoTalk: Add Audio Clips to iPhone Photos

Since iPhone owners are still without a video-shooting mode, Metacreature Apps is trying to help ease the pain with PhotoTalk, an application which allows users to add up to 30 seconds of audio to their photos.

PhoneFramer Dresses Up Your Photos With Fun Borders

PhoneFramer Dresses Up Your Photos With Fun Borders

PhoneFramer allows you to add colorful frames to your iPhone photos. It is an effortless app to use, and adds creative decorations to photos, which is especially festive around holidays. Because PhoneFramer processes your photo frame on the web, the app requires EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi.

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Find out what Celebrity you Look Like with FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike Plus

If you have ever wondered what celebrity you or your friends may look like, FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike by FaceDouble Inc. lets you find out right from your iPhone or iPod touch. When you open FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike it prompts you to either take a photo or to choose one from your library.

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Tiffen Photo fx Has an Infinite Number of Options for Your Image

Photo fx is a set of digital optical filters (filters are Tiffen's main line of business) for the iPhone and iPod touch. You use these filters to simulate the results you get with a variety of filters and lab processes when taking photographs with film.

Send Multiple Pics in One Message with Multi-Photo Email

Multi-Photo Email: In the race to have the shiniest, most feature-heavy phone, iPhone users are pretty much at the front of the pack. I myself went through about three phones a year, always looking for something, well, cooler, until I got my iPhone.