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From small screens to large, every iOS device has a camera now — and there’s no shortage of great photography apps!. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Photo & Video Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of photo & video applications from the App Store.

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Spice up your iPhone with Backgrounds

iPhone users love to customize their phone. If you’re looking to change the wallpaper on your phone Backgrounds has you covered. Backgrounds may have you on sensory overload. There are more than 1000 different background images to choose from. All of which are beautiful high resolution images.

Camera Suite Self-Timer Snaps Pics — Hands-Free!

What’s more fun than a self portrait? Being able to snap it yourself of course! NaughtyNuts brings their camera timer application to the App Store chalk full of features. Camera Suite (formerly NaughtyNuts Camera Self-Timer) allows you to use your iPhone to capture self portraits, group shots and more.

Moblyng Slide Shows - A Fun and Easy Way to Share Pictures

Moblyng Slide Shows - A Fun and Easy Way to Share Pictures

Moblyng Slide Show by developer Moblying (formerly FlipTrack) is an easy-to-use app for sharing fun slide shows with your friends or with profiles such as MySpace, Facebook or Friendster. The app allows the user to select pictures from the photo album or snap new shots with the camera.

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PhotoFrame Turns iPhone into Digital Picture Frame

PhotoFrame offers a simple way to showcase personal photos using your iPhone as a digital photo frame. PhotoFrame, released last week, adds a functionality so simple that it's amazing it hasn't been done before.

Buy Bow Cam "Resubmitted" on the App Store

Bow Cam is an App for Photographing Dogs — No Joke.

Bow Cam is a Japanese App whose sole function is to assist in taking pictures of your dog. As the app notes point out, whenever you try to take a picture of a dog, the hardest part is to attract his attention.

PanoLab is a Must Have Photo Collage Utility

Unlike the paid Pano and Panorama apps, PanoLab is free, and allows for both vertical and horizontal panorama creations. Unlike Pano, PanoLab does not feature any blending or ghosting as a means of lining up pictures -- instead you take the pictures one at a time and then move them around to create a collage.

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Create Panoramic iPhone Collages with Pano

Pano from Debacle Software is an app for creating Panoramic pictures from your iPhone camera that is worth the price. Pano works by letting you take up to 5 consecutive shots (from left to right), and superimposing the ghosted previous shot so that you can line up the next one.

Buy CameraBag on the App Store

Camerabag: Turn Your iPhone into a Vintage Camera

There's something special about the artsy quality of a vintage photo. Toy cameras such as Holga, Lomo and Diana are my favorite, but I'm a sucker for just about any cheap camera with a "temperamental" streak. Get from a vintage look for your photos without having to carry around an extra camera. CameraBag from Nevecenter takes iPhone's built in camera back in time with 5 retro photo styles: "Helga," "1974," "Lolo," "Cinema," and "1962."

Buy Air Cam Live Video on the App Store

AirCam Turns your iPhone into a Home Surveillance System

AirCam from Senstic Systems was released 2 weeks ago and has no reviews yet on the App Store. Yet AirCam, which sells for $7.99 is one of the most startling apps we have ever downloaded. The idea behind AirCam is to connect your iPhone with the built in webcam of your macbook, or any other compatible external webcam so you can view live feed from remote locations.

Buy Photoboard on the App Store

Non-Jailbroken PhotoBoard Released Today. Get it.

PhotoBoard, an app previously only available for Jail Broken phones, was released today on the App Store for $0.99. Its one of those apps, like Shazam or Pandora that just seem made for iPhone.

AirMe is a Two-Click Flickr Uploader That Just Works

Flickr, owned by Yahoo for the last 4 years, is simply the best photo sharing web service out there. Flickr defined web 2.0 with its simple, uncluttered interface, its use of tags and groups, its privacy controls and many other cool and innovative features.

EveryTrail - Share Your Travel Experiences via iPhone

The idea behind EveryTrail is simple - use your iPhone, with its built-in GPS and camera, to map ("geotag") photos as you travel locally or around the world. EveryTrail then takes this "geotagged user generated travel content" and creates a unique mashup you can share online with your friend or the EveryTrail community.

Buy Picoli - easy photo and image editor on the App Store

Picoli Creates Simple Photographic Effects With Minimal Work

The iPhone's built in camera is adequate, but I tend not to use it because the photos are a little too soft and a little too muddy. It's fine for a quick pic to use for a contact list, but they're not the kind of photo I want to keep around. Until now. Enter Picoli — a simple, quick photo editing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iToony Makes Your Pictures Talk

iToony Makes Your Pictures Talk

iToony lets you decorate your photos with speech bubbles, captions and drawings, providing a fun tool for anyone who has time to spare and wants to amuse their friends. The $2.99 app from developer Standard Widget Corporation lets you decorate photos from your photo library or from photo sharing sites Flickr and Picasa.

Buy Face Melter on the App Store

Face Melter: Pliable Fun for Photos

Contact list beware... I'm going to pinch your faces! Face Melter is so much fun, I just can't stop. I've already moved on from faces to dogs and inanimate objects. The premise is this — if you can shoot it, you can melt it.