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Day-Timer iOS Productivity App Syncs with Facebook, iCal and Outlook

Day-Timer iOS Productivity App Syncs with Facebook, iCal and Outlook

Smartphones have allowed many workers to transition themselves into on-the-go productivity machines. And while the iPhone's built-in Calendar and Reminders apps work wonders, they've left plenty of room for improvement for third-party developers such as Plan2Go and their Day-Timer scheduling productivity app.

Slidevana's Keynote Themes Work With Mac or iOS Devices

Most presenters spend more than half their time creating slides, instead of honing their message. Slidevana enables presenters to focus on the message, not the medium. announced today it has launched its Keynote theme and presentation template for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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Ghostwriter Notes 4.0 Supports iPen Stylus for Better Digital Notes

Majorspot, Inc., an emerging mobile applications developer focused on productivity solutions, today announced the launch of Ghostwriter Notes version 4.0 for the iPad and iPad 2.

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Remarks for iPad Lets Users Write, Draw or Comment on PDFs

Today Readdle releases Remarks, its brand new application for handwriting, note taking and PDF annotating on the iPad. It lets people replace paper for writing notes, making sketches and drafting ideas.

Soonr Debuts Scribble App for Cloud-Based Document Sharing and Annotations

Soonr Scribble, the integrated annotation and cloud services app by Soonr, Inc., will make its iOS debut at Macworld this week. Scribble boosts team productivity by making it possible to do freehand annotation on any document type and collaborate seamlessly through the cloud.

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NoteLedge Enriches the Note-Taking Experience on iPad with Major Update

Last week Kdan Mobile released a major update to its top-rated iPad note-taking app with a goal to further enrich its users' note-taking experience. With the newly provided features, users can now use the patented Navigator gadget to magnify the selected area up to 5x for detailed, closed-up editing.

iLegislate Expands Government's Ability to Go Paperless Using the iPad

iLegislate is designed exclusively for government as a productive and eco-friendly alternative to bulky paper agenda packets. Today, Granicus completed its production release of iLegislate, an iPad app that allows government officials to connect meeting agendas to the iPad to run paperless and more cost-efficient public meetings.

Billing for Your Time? Timing Offers Automated Time Tracking for Mac Users

Billing for Your Time? Timing Offers Automated Time Tracking for Mac Users

EUROCOMP today proudly announces an update to Timing, the unique new time tracking application for OS X. In contrast to classic time tracking applications, Timing doesn't require users to manually operate timers.

Track Your Goals with TraxItAll for iPhone

Track Your Goals with TraxItAll for iPhone

If your latest New Year resolution(s) are already out of sight and out of mind, then maybe it’s time for an iPhone app that helps with goal setting and accountability. TraxItAll is designed to be just such an app and features a way to record and track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.

IconCal Adds Google Sync Functionality in New Update

GoodWicket L.L.C. announced today it has released a significant and exciting update to its innovative icon-based calendar app, IconCal. IconCal is an innovative icon based calendar that makes organizing and scheduling easy and fun.

NoteLedge Celebrates Christmas with E-cards and Enhanced Social Features

Kdan Mobile has released a significant update for its note-taking app, NoteLedge for iPad, which combines handwriting, typing, audio and video recording all in one package. To celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays, NoteLedge 1.1 provides four E-card templates and a wide collection of Christmas-themed stamps that allow users to design and decorate one of a kind Christmas cards for their loved ones.

Draw Pad Pro is Much More than Note-Taking App

Draw Pad Pro is Much More than Note-Taking App

I know... another note-taking app right? Wrong. Draw Pad Pro is much more than the run of the mill note-taking apps that have seemed to overrun the App Store. One extremely useful feature is the ability to upload and trace a photo directly within the app.

PurchaseList Brings Social Sharing to Grocery Shopping

PurchaseList Brings Social Sharing to Grocery Shopping

I'm not a big fan of grocery shopping as the inevitable always happens to me. I write down a few things I need and because I'm not used to bringing paper with me I get to the store and  realize I've forgotten the shopping list and then I usually come home with half of what I needed.

NoteLedge Lets Users Take Notes, Create a Travel Diary or Record Daily Events

Kdan Mobile has released NoteLedge, a mobile note-taking application for iPad that combines handwriting, typing, drawing and audio and video recording all in one package. Built around the theme of a classic leather bound journal, NoteLedge gives its users a multitude of ways to take notes, create a travel diary, or just write up day-to-day events.

Pushpins Adds Smart Lists, Digital Coupons, and Full Nutrition Facts in All-In-One Grocery Shopping App for iPhone and iPod touch

Pushpins all-in-one grocery shopping app combines lists, coupons, and nutrition. Pushpins, Inc., a next-generation mobile coupon company, today announced a major update to its flagship grocery shopping app for iPhone and iPod touch that adds key new features such as Smart Lists, Instant Digital Coupons, Full Nutrition Facts, Shopping History and Aisle Sorting.