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Do it better, do it faster, do it on-the-go! For a list of our favorite ways to get things done with our iOS devices, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of productivity applications from the App Store.

OMG WTF LOL is an Easy Emoji App to Help the Tech-Impaired Install Emoticons

For those not using emoticons because they lack the technical know-how, OMGWTFLOL Emoji offers easy set-up and lots of options.Everybody loves emoji, the popular Japanese picture characters that make messaging fun.

Craft Finder Can Help Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Craft projects are one way to help ward off summer boredom and Disney’s Family Fun Magazine has long been a source of ideas for all ages and skill levels. Conveniently enough, there’s now an app for that.

Buy Sundry Notes Pro on the App Store

Sync and Share Notes with Sundry Notes Pro

Sundry Notes Pro is a note-taking app that refuses to limit itself only to text. You can include audio, ink, images, even tables and math formulas. Sundry Notes Pro also integrates with an impressive number of other services.

Buy Notability on the App Store

Take and Sync Notes with Notability for iPad

Notability is an excellent note-taking tool for the iPad. Notability nails the balance between apps that favor creating typed notes or hand-written ones. While it is primarily designed for using the iPad's on-screen keyboard, there is a very-easy-to-use way with Notability to merge drawings, illustrations, or other graphics.

I'm Coming Tells 'em You're On Your Way

I'm Coming Tells 'em You're On Your Way

I’m Coming is handy little app with a single, clever function. Once you figure out what it is and what it does, you’ll begin to realize countless applications. So, what does I’m Coming do?

Buy Filamente - Office 365 and SharePoint Mobile Client on the App Store

Filamente Connects With Sharepoint to Access Files from the iPad

Filamente — The more popular the iPad becomes as a mobile device, the greater the desire for file management tools. The added functionality of viewing and reading documents, spreadsheets and other files gives a user yet another reason to ditch the laptop and just bring along an iPad.

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Notes Plus: Close Up Look Reveals Full-Featured Productivity on the iPad

Notes Plus is a full-featured note-taking application, complete with improvements on almost everything you can do with a pad of paper and a pen. I do have complaints, but they are utopian. Measured against the competition, Notes Plus seems ideal.

neu.Notes for iPad Organizes Your Thoughts With Searchable Tags

Now and then you happen across an app that gives you something mindbogglingly simple yet so functional that you soon wonder how you ever got along without it. Other times, you happen across an app that leaves out so many no-brainers that you find yourself shouting at your iPad screen like an overly-immersed audience member at a horror movie: "No!

Buy Powwownow on the App Store

Powwownow: Phone Conferencing The Way it Was Meant to Be

Okay people, I need your help on this one. Somebody please tell me how Powwownow makes money? The popular U.K. conferencing service  (also available in the U.S.) is now available through this free app.

iCademy - Discover Your iPhone

iCademy - Discover Your iPhone

If you’re new to iPhone or if you’re an iPhone user who hasn’t had time to discover everything your iPhone can do, then iCademy is an app worth perusal. A combination pictorial guide and hands-on user manual, iCademy highlights many of the iPhone’s useful features in an easy to navigate application.

Buy Nubi Do (To-Do List / Task Manager) on the App Store

No Newbies Here — Nubi Do is Top-Notch Task Manager

The people at Gennubi may indeed be newbies to the development of productivity apps, however with or without any previous App Store releases their debut task manager and to do list app, Nubi Do, is evidence to the contrary.

Busy Moms Rely on Intuition to Get Things Done

A productivity app with a claim of being “designed by moms, for moms,” Intuition makes it easy to organize the tasks every family manager (a.k.a. mom) needs to tackle. With an array of included categories as well as customizable options all organized into a list view, Intuition is more than just a to-do list and is quite a comprehensive personal assistant with the potential to simplify hoards of information, lists and notes.

Buy ContactsXL + Facebook Sync on the App Store

Take Control of Address Book with ContactsPlus XL

ContactsPlus XL dresses up the iPhone's contacts list to make it more appealing with additional features. Although many iPhone users can probably get along fine with the plain vanilla services of the iPhone's built-in contacts app, the additional features in ContactsPlus XL are nice and give more flexibility for streamlining one's address book.

How to Print from the iPad

How to Print from the iPad

Designed to fill the gap between smartphones and laptops, the iPad is marketed as a mini computer that's fun to use when it comes time to get some work done. And, if you're using their iWork suite of iPad apps, including Keynote, Pages, and Numbers this may be true.

Top 11 Productivity Apps for the iPad

Top 11 Productivity Apps for the iPad

At it's release many heralded the iPhone as the productivity gadget that would change the world for working professionals everywhere. And yet, it only hinted at what the iPad now offers. It's hard to over estimate the difference that a larger screen and faster processor can have on one's out-of-office productivity ability.