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Do it better, do it faster, do it on-the-go! For a list of our favorite ways to get things done with our iOS devices, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of productivity applications from the App Store.

Buy Put Things Off: The laid-back to-do list on the App Store

Put Things Off to Help Yourself Get Organized

Put Things Off, may seem like an odd name for the time-management tool that it is, but for people with simple needs and for professional procrastinators it does a terrific job. One of the problems that I’ve always had with time-keepers, time organizers and other time-related things is that it’s too much of a pain to enter information using the iPhone’s keypad.

Buy mShopping - Powerful Shopping List on the App Store

mShopping - Powerful Shopping List is Built for Power Shopping

If you’re looking for a shopping list app that is a bit more detailed and organized than just a simple list format, mShopping by iPhone Studio may be the perfect app for you. I have tried a few shopping lists myself, most of which escape my memory and are either lost in the menu pages of my device or deleted because I didn’t use them.

Buy SmartTime! on the App Store

SmartTime Gives You More Time to Get Your Life In Order

Left Coast’s SmartTime+ (Calendar, ToDos, GTD), a to-do, calendar and task manager, is one of the more complete and flexible apps of this kind in the App Store, at least you’ll think so if you’re just not into time, like me.

Use Routine Timer When Practicing to Be Perfect

Routine Timer — Whether it’s a perfect physique or a winning streak on Jeopardy you're after, getting to the top takes a daily routine. If you need help staying focused on your goals and sticking to your plans, take a look at Routine Timer.

Buy Countdown Calendar on the App Store

Countdown Calendar Helps You Keep Track of Special Days

Countdown Calendar, from developer Greg Maletic, helps you keep track of important events that are impending and helps you stay informed of just when the big day will arrives. For me, Countdown Calendar could also help me from falling into hot water with people because I forgot a special date or an appointment.

Buy TextMinder SMS text reminders on the App Store

TextMinder is Simple SMS Message Reminders for Text-Minded Individuals

If, like me, you are a text-minded individual and could use daily, weekly, or even single occurring reminders to do something, go somewhere, or pick someone or something up, then TextMinder sms text reminder by Adam Alexander might be just the app you’re looking for.

Buy Air Sharing on the App Store

Air Sharing Pro Back in the File Transfer App Battle

Air Sharing, from Avatron Software, used to be the top dog in file transfer apps. That was light years ago in App Store time. Since September, when Air Sharing hit stride, several developers have introduced file transferring apps—many of them were more useful and less expensive.

Buy Whiteboard on the App Store

Whiteboard is for People Who Prefer to Show Than Tell

Whiteboard developer, Sven Resch, took me on a virtual tour of his app the other day and I came away impressed with Whiteboard's features and its potential as a collaboration tool. Logicopolis Technology, Resch’s company, set Whiteboard 1.0.1 loose in the App Store at the end of April.

Buy DocScanner: Scan Multipage Documents to Beautiful PDFs on the App Store

DocScanner Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing New

DocScanner, from Nofello Oy, promises more than it delivers, methinks. “Scan any document to your iPhone…” the developer said in DocScanner's description. “Sounds good to me," I replied.

All Those in Favor of a Versatile Note-Taking App Say AyeNotes Pro

AyeNotes is an iPhone productivity app that was designed to address what the developers, Aye Team, must have seen as common issues with note-taking apps, such as speed, ease of use, and portability.

Buy Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes on the App Store

Shopper Takes Your Grocery List Digital

Shopper - While I generally love to shop, I have to say, I hate making lists. I just do. I like to feel spontaneous and unfettered, and lists of any kind are generally the antithesis of that.

Buy PandoraBox on the App Store

Pandorabox Fills You in on the App Store Deals of the Day

Don’t you just hate it when you buy an app and then see it on sale (or worse, free) the next day? Pandorabox, from AppZap, is designed to take the agony out of app shopping with an app that lets you know when apps are on sale.

iTranslate Plus is no Universal Translator, but it's Pretty Good

iTranslate Plus, from Outer Space Apps, enables you to translate text between 2 of 35 languages. It’s not as capable as the Universal Translator so often used on Star Trek (there’s no Romulan or Klingon, for example) but it works fine for humans, as far as I can tell.

beamME CV and Resume Sender

beamME CV and Resume Sender

Tapping your network of friends and professional associates is the best way to get a new job, and rmbrME's beamME CV and Resume Sender is designed to help you do that more efficiently. As you might suspect from its name, beamME CV and Resume Sender enables job hunters to send a cover letter, resume and vCard to a company's potential hiring manager.

Buy Satchel, the Backpack Client on the App Store

Satchel The Backpack Client is a Full-Featured Organizational Tool

Satchel The Backpack Client by Stand Alone, Inc is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to organize a business, club, family, or other type of group where everyone needs to be kept up to date about projects and tasks.