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Do it better, do it faster, do it on-the-go! For a list of our favorite ways to get things done with our iOS devices, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of productivity applications from the App Store.

Buy DocScanner: Scan Multipage Documents to Beautiful PDFs on the App Store

DocScanner Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing New

DocScanner, from Nofello Oy, promises more than it delivers, methinks. “Scan any document to your iPhone…” the developer said in DocScanner's description. “Sounds good to me," I replied.

All Those in Favor of a Versatile Note-Taking App Say AyeNotes Pro

AyeNotes is an iPhone productivity app that was designed to address what the developers, Aye Team, must have seen as common issues with note-taking apps, such as speed, ease of use, and portability.

Buy Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes on the App Store

Shopper Takes Your Grocery List Digital

Shopper - While I generally love to shop, I have to say, I hate making lists. I just do. I like to feel spontaneous and unfettered, and lists of any kind are generally the antithesis of that.

Buy PandoraBox on the App Store

Pandorabox Fills You in on the App Store Deals of the Day

Don’t you just hate it when you buy an app and then see it on sale (or worse, free) the next day? Pandorabox, from AppZap, is designed to take the agony out of app shopping with an app that lets you know when apps are on sale.

iTranslate Plus is no Universal Translator, but it's Pretty Good

iTranslate Plus, from Outer Space Apps, enables you to translate text between 2 of 35 languages. It’s not as capable as the Universal Translator so often used on Star Trek (there’s no Romulan or Klingon, for example) but it works fine for humans, as far as I can tell.

beamME CV and Resume Sender

beamME CV and Resume Sender

Tapping your network of friends and professional associates is the best way to get a new job, and rmbrME's beamME CV and Resume Sender is designed to help you do that more efficiently. As you might suspect from its name, beamME CV and Resume Sender enables job hunters to send a cover letter, resume and vCard to a company's potential hiring manager.

Buy Satchel, the Backpack Client on the App Store

Satchel The Backpack Client is a Full-Featured Organizational Tool

Satchel The Backpack Client by Stand Alone, Inc is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to organize a business, club, family, or other type of group where everyone needs to be kept up to date about projects and tasks.

For Price and Value, NotePrinter is Worth a Look

NotePrinter - Productivity apps are a large part of what makes the iPhone such a useful mobile device. When it comes to writing notes, the best scenario is to be able to create, store and access them from anywhere.

Buy Note And Sketch on the App Store

Note and Sketch is a Stretch for Both Functions

Note and Sketch, from developer Hung Duong, is a combo note-taking and doodling app. To say that you can use it to sketch anything worthwhile is a bit of a stretch, for reasons I'll explain later.

BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

When I want to know which apps are worth buying, I typically rely on word of mouth, in addition to AppCraver. BargainBin from Proximi is like a friend who keeps track of discounted apps for me.

Buy Mariner Calc Spreadsheet for iPhone on the App Store

Mariner Calc Goes Head to head with MobileFiles Pro for Excel files

Mariner Software's Mariner Calc is the second app that I've looked at on the App Store's productivity shelf capable of viewing and editing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) files. The first was Quickoffice's MobileFile's Pro, which I liked very much.

Buy File Sharing on the App Store

File Sharing and Viewing Easy with Memory Stick

Available in the App Store from Softalk Ltd., Memory Stick turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable drive for file sharing between computers. Functioning entirely on WiFi connectivity, Memory Stick is only going to work on WiFi networks — an aspect that could be misleading based upon Memory Stick’s icon and name.

Wundrbar Seeks to Unify Web Apps

Wundrbar seeks to simplify your web browsing experience by offering some of the top web sites and information all inside one app. It has promise as a way to deliver more iPhone-friendly content gathered across the web for easy access. With more customization features, Wundrbar could be an app to contend with and simplify the vast amount of information available on the iPhone.

WifiTrak Works Like a Geiger Counter for Wi-Fi Networks

WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi), from Bitrino, is the equivalent of a Geiger Counter for people who are looking for nearby Wi-Fi networks and devices. WifiTrak is a simple tool that searches for Wi-Fi nets and tests each for accessibility, whether the Wi-Fi network is open or secure, type of security it employs, whether it's visible or hidden, signal strength and channel.

Buy EventHorizon on the App Store

EventHorizon Offers Customizable Organization

EventHorizon - When it comes to organizing my life, I am a fan of Things and iCal. I use Things for my to-do list, and iCal for all of my appointments, birthdays and scheduled events. When I downloaded EventHorizon, I wanted to know what this productivity app offers that I do not already have.