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Do it better, do it faster, do it on-the-go! For a list of our favorite ways to get things done with our iOS devices, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of productivity applications from the App Store.

BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

When I want to know which apps are worth buying, I typically rely on word of mouth, in addition to AppCraver. BargainBin from Proximi is like a friend who keeps track of discounted apps for me.

Buy Mariner Calc Spreadsheet for iPhone on the App Store

Mariner Calc Goes Head to head with MobileFiles Pro for Excel files

Mariner Software's Mariner Calc is the second app that I've looked at on the App Store's productivity shelf capable of viewing and editing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) files. The first was Quickoffice's MobileFile's Pro, which I liked very much.

Buy File Sharing on the App Store

File Sharing and Viewing Easy with Memory Stick

Available in the App Store from Softalk Ltd., Memory Stick turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable drive for file sharing between computers. Functioning entirely on WiFi connectivity, Memory Stick is only going to work on WiFi networks — an aspect that could be misleading based upon Memory Stick’s icon and name.

Wundrbar Seeks to Unify Web Apps

Wundrbar seeks to simplify your web browsing experience by offering some of the top web sites and information all inside one app. It has promise as a way to deliver more iPhone-friendly content gathered across the web for easy access. With more customization features, Wundrbar could be an app to contend with and simplify the vast amount of information available on the iPhone.

WifiTrak Works Like a Geiger Counter for Wi-Fi Networks

WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi), from Bitrino, is the equivalent of a Geiger Counter for people who are looking for nearby Wi-Fi networks and devices. WifiTrak is a simple tool that searches for Wi-Fi nets and tests each for accessibility, whether the Wi-Fi network is open or secure, type of security it employs, whether it's visible or hidden, signal strength and channel.

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EventHorizon Offers Customizable Organization

EventHorizon - When it comes to organizing my life, I am a fan of Things and iCal. I use Things for my to-do list, and iCal for all of my appointments, birthdays and scheduled events. When I downloaded EventHorizon, I wanted to know what this productivity app offers that I do not already have.

Buy Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts on the App Store

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts is a Smart Way to Manage Your Contacts

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management makes sorting your contacts into groups as easy as a poking a finger into a warm apple pie. This app, from Guided Ways Technologies, does exactly what its name implies.

FCTasks by Franklin Covey Good, Not Great

FCTasks by Franklin Covey FCmobilelife is another in a long list of task management apps that is likely to get attention by brand recognition alone. Using the popular ABC-123 method of prioritization, FCTasks allows users to employ various methods of tracking and organizing their to-do lists and includes the ability to track due dates, edit and sort tasks, and change task views, as well as assign customized categories and notes.

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Instaviz Makes Thinking in Pictures Easy

Instaviz, from Pixelglow, is designed to take your mind places it may have never been before. This app belongs to a group of applications called mind mapping, or what most people think of as flow charts.

Typing Genius Update Puts Emojis on Your iPhone or iPod touch

Typing Genius-Get Emoji is aimed at people who want to get smart about text entry on their iPhone or iPod touch. No doubt about it: Entering text into Apple's versatile and ubiquitous handheld is its biggest shortcoming.

Presentor Has More Nifty Uses Than Seen at First Glance

Zap Bang Done's Presentor is a simple, yet clever app, where you can  compile all your Web sites and blog URLs on one page. There are at least two ways I can see someone using Presentor: If you often find yourself showing prospects or clients your iPhone/iPod touch's screen — say to show them samples of your Web designs — you might not want them to be distracted by your other apps, especially ones like Pull My Finger and iJiggles Your Mom, no matter innocuous they may really be.

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OmniFocus Has a Steep Learning Curve, but Mac Users Would Probably Like It

Omni Group's OmniFocus is intended to bring order to chaos; tranquility to a harried life; and organization to the items on your to-do lists. OmniFocus is a task manager designed to aid you in taking charge of your everyday chores in your work and home lives.

ReaddleDocs Has Extra Goodies for File Transferring

These days, file transfer apps are doing much more than just transferring files. Readdle's, new intro ReaddleDocs, file transfer app, does everything it's supposed to do and then some.

Buy Toodledo - To Do List on the App Store

Toodledo: Quirky Name, Easy Way to Manage To-Dos

When I first heard of Tooledo, I hadn’t heard of the Web site and while I assumed it was some sort of organization application, I still admittedly thought the name was kind of “sing-song,” like a greeting Mrs.

Buy Pinboard on the App Store

Pinboard Keeps Track of Notes Using a Familiar Interface

Every application won’t wow you. Some of them have one function and arguably do that one thing well. Pinboard is that application. Pinboard is a productivity app that lets you make notes on a virtual pinboard and drag them around the screen and arrange anyway you choose. Using it is not mentally taxing and learning to maneuver around in the app isn’t terribly difficult either.