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Do it better, do it faster, do it on-the-go! For a list of our favorite ways to get things done with our iOS devices, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of productivity applications from the App Store.

Briefcase Lite Has Too Many Holes

Briefcase Lite seeks to turn your iPhone into a briefcase for your docs (not that anyone keeps large files in briefcases all that much anymore, but that is for another day). But you will need to wait for an update or the full version if you want to give this app a try. 

Save Time With Typing Genius

Typing Genius - Having trouble typing on the iPhone and iPod touch is always the first complaint that I hear from someone using it for the first time. Learning to type fast on the iPhone is fairly difficult especially if you are used to clicking buttons on your phone.

Memory App reQall Aims to Joggle Your Memory

There is no lack of memory-based services out there for the iPhone. Developers have jumped on the opportunity to use the iPhone as a tool to keep you up to date on your appointments and grocery shopping lists. One app that does this very well is reQall.

Buy SmartTime! on the App Store

SmartTime Organizer Promises You the Time of Your Life

Think of Left Coast Logic’s SmartTime 1.3 as a more powerful and adaptable to-do organizer and scheduler than similar apps and that pretty much sums it up. Where SmartTime Organizer really differs from other pocket organizers is in its flexibility to easily organize items on your schedule, prioritize them, accommodate unexpected changes and integrate tasks by simply dragging them.

Buy Idea Generator on the App Store

Idea Generator - Shake out a few ideas

Say it's early Monday morning, and everyone at the ad agency where you work expects you to come in with some great concepts for the afternoon meeting with a client. The problem is you spent the weekend drinking beer and watching nine football games on TV and you're stuck for ideas for the client's new campaign.

Buy Remember The Milk on the App Store

Remember the Milk is Task Management You Can Count On

iPhone users have been crying out for a decent task/calendar utility application on sites around the 'net for months. The wait might be over. The popular web-based task management program Remember the Milk is now available to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Buy Instapaper on the App Store


It’s no surprise that New York based Marco Arment’s Instapaper is such a huge hit with commuters and travelers. Readers who ride the train, bus, or subways will likely find Instapaper an essential part of their daily commute or journey.

Buy Grocery iQ on the App Store

Grocery IQ - Manage and Share Your Grocery Shopping List

The best utility apps are those that have proven themselves to be extremely functional aka time saving. Grocery IQ falls into this category by simplifying the often tedious and cumbersome task of grocery shopping.

Buy TextGuru - Edit and Share Documents on the App Store

TextGuru is Still Growing as a Text Editor for iPhone

TextGuru is a serious text editor. And for those that need it, this program is on the cutting edge in productivity apps. It offers Text editing including cut, copy, paste, find and replace, and auto save.

Oblique Strategies Brought to iPhone With All 5 Editions

In-the-know musicians and creative types have been singing the praises of Oblique Strategies since the original deck came out in the 1975 when Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt first collaborated on the unique set of inspiring, philosophical quotes with an initial edition of just 500 sets of business card sized notes.

Buy Ambiance on the App Store

Ambiance Update Adds More Sounds and Advanced Options

Matt Coneybear recently released an update to his already audio-filled app, Ambiance. This sound machine for iPhone and iPod Touch has a collection of soothing "environment enhancers" such as rain, waves, swamp and freeway.

App Price Wars -- Air sharing gives away "Files" for free

For the next week, you can download a copy of "Air Sharing" -- yet another file storage on your iPhone app -- free. The Air Sharing app is very similar to the DataCase and Files apps we reviewed earlier -- but has a slightly more intuitive interface and a very in-depth embedded help facility, something that is critically missing in those 2 apps (or for that matter on almost all apps).

Shop with Grocery Gadget on your iPhone

Grocery Gadget is a $2.99 list app that allows you to create custom shopping lists on your iPhone and then check off the items as you load your cart. The app works as you would expect -- create a list by first selecting from a wide array of products (including, for example, rabbit food), and then check off the items one by one as you shop.

"Files" Provides Data Storage on the iPhone - Sort Of...

The iPhone comes with either 8Gb or 16Gb of memory; why shouldn't you be able to use this memory as a giant USB stick to store your personal files / videos / mp3? The answer is of course, that you should, but that Apple wants to control as much of this as possible.

Zenbe Lists is a Close to Perfect To-Do List

Zenbe Lists, from downtown New York-based Zenbe is a must have to-do list app. It is heads and shoulders above any other app in this category. Competitors should be very, very afraid. To do lists are important to mac users, because unlike Outlook's tasks, there is no "to-do" functionality built into the mac ical/macmail/mobileme suite.