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When people say the iPhone puts the world in your pocket, they’re talking about Reference apps. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Reference for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of reference applications from the App Store.

Worlds of Words with WordDigest English Dictionary Thesaurus and Spell Checker

Worlds of Words with WordDigest English Dictionary Thesaurus and Spell Checker

You may not use words like penurious or avaricious on a daily basis but you might read them casually in a story like this. If context clues aren’t enough WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus and Spell Checker could be the fastest way to find the definition.

Buy Yellow Pages on the App Store

Yellow Pages: Fingers, Walking. You Know the Drill

With the web-browsing abilities of the iPhone, it's generally pretty easy to find a phone number; a little Googling will usually get you what you need. That being said, Yellow Pages by Avantar conveniently makes it even easier to find whatever it is you're looking for.

Wundrbar Seeks to Unify Web Apps

Wundrbar seeks to simplify your web browsing experience by offering some of the top web sites and information all inside one app. It has promise as a way to deliver more iPhone-friendly content gathered across the web for easy access. With more customization features, Wundrbar could be an app to contend with and simplify the vast amount of information available on the iPhone.

Buy Yahoo Search on the App Store

Yahoo Search App is a Speedy Way to Comb the Web

Yahoo! Search for iPhone is a speedy mobile search app that enables you to get where you're going to on the Web —pronto. Enter a term into the search bar and Yahoo! Search will start suggesting sites as you type.

Buy Knot Time on the App Store

Knot Time Features Show-and-Tell Demonstrations

Knot Time, from Dustin Thomas, is a simple app consisting of video demonstrations of how to tie commonly used knots. The knots are organized into four categories (general, boating, mountaineering and fishing) comprising 28 knots.

Buy Dog Tricks &  Bark Machine on the App Store

Teach any Dog with Dog Tricks and Bark Machine

If Fido eats your shoes instead of fetches them, Dog Tricks & Bark Machine could be useful for teaching him a few new tricks. It's an app from Robert Mann and Deidra Jones, which features training tutorials in one part and a sound machine in the second part.

Buy Stanza on the App Store

Stanza eReader Opens New Chapter for Reading on iPhone

Put a sign that says "Free" on anything from a broken Beta VCR to a basket of kittens, and I'll probably take it home. When I came across Lexcycle's e-Reader Stanza in the App Store, I grabbed it, even though I seldom read lengthy docs on my iPhone.

Buy Spell Check on the App Store

Spell Check is a Dictionary in Reverse

How's your spelling? That bad, huh? Download Achoom's Spell Check and you'll be okay. There are several dictionaries in the App Store and those virtual dictionaries are exactly like the physical dictionaries, give or take a few extras that exploit the iPhone and iPod touch's unique capabilities.

Buy Esperanto on the App Store

Votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto Aplikajo

Sofweb's Esperanto is a votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto. (Softweb's Esperanto is a dictionary to translate English into Esperanto.) You already knew that, I'll bet. That's what Esperanto is all about: It's a universal second language that is supposed to be easy to learn and understood by everyone.

Buy Moneypedia on the App Store

Moneypedia: an Encyclopedia of Foreign Currencies

Moneypedia is a new world currency encyclopedia created by Bokan Technologies that features in-depth information on a variety of currencies from five continents. Now you can discover the historical significance of what is pictured on a whole host of different foreign currencies right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy Perfect Rhyme on the App Store

When It's Time for the Perfect Rhyme, Keep this App Nearby

Are you a dietician but aspire to be a musican? When you rap do people tell you it's crap? Then it's time for Perfect Rhyme. AliMusic's Perfect Rhyme is a dictionary for musicans, poets and people like Muhammed Ali, who need to rhyme from time to time without making it a crime.

Buy Medical Abbreviations on the App Store

Refference any Medical Abbreviation with Medical Abbreviations by QD Ideas

Designed for working medical professionals, the Medical Abbreviations iphone app by QD Ideas is a quick and easy way to access over 1600 different medical abbreviations right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy U.S. Historical Documents on the App Store

All the Important U.S. Historical Documents in Your Pocket

You don't have to be a history buff or scholar to appreciate the wealth of information contained in U.S. Historical Documents, from Standard Works. U.S. Historical Documents contains more than 100 of the most influential documents in U.S.

Buy WordBook - English Dictionary and Thesaurus on the App Store

WordBook Gets Right to the Point of Dictionaries

Wordbook English Dictionary & Thesaurus- As someone who writes for a living, I'm totally biased about dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym finders and the like. These are the reference tools of my trade and I'm as picky about which one to use as a soon-to-be bride in a bridal shop.

Buy World Wiki + Factbook on the App Store

World Wiki Has All the Facts and Anthems Too

All geography students, fact lovers, travelers, or state department employees will love World Wiki Plus, the fact app that provides detailed demographic information on almost 250 countries around the world. Like the recently reviewed World Countries, World Wiki Plus's source for information is the CIA's world factbook as well as Wikipedia and a very clean and well-arranged interface make this app a pleasure to use.