Reference Apps

When people say the iPhone puts the world in your pocket, they’re talking about Reference apps. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Reference for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of reference applications from the App Store.

Trulia Real Estate Search - Launching Early and Often!

Are you looking to buy or rent a house? Perhaps instead of searching online, you would rather whip out your trusty iPhone and simply click "Find Homes Nearby"? That's the basic idea behind Trulia Real Estate Search.

Buy Wikipanion on the App Store

Wikipanion is the Top App on iTunes

The top app on the iPhone is a search app, and it's not Google. Wikipanion is a simple, clean version of Wikipedia for the iPhone; and its also very popular - more so than any free game, and more so than the king of search, Google.

PocketPedia is a cool little app for saving collections of books

PocketPedia is an app that allows you to search for books (or cds) on Amazon, and then store the results in folders. So, for example, you can create list of "cook books" and then include all your favorite cookbooks.