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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

Express Yourself With MEmoticon's Personalized Emoticons

Express Yourself With MEmoticon's Personalized Emoticons

For the truly creative (or narcissistic), having a personalized emoticon made from your very own face (or faces of friends, family, or celebrities) is a novel concept and the new MEmoticon app makes it possible.

Blurtt Gives Photophiles the Ability to Add Captions to an Image

Blurtt Gives Photophiles the Ability to Add Captions to an Image

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. And then there are some pictures that with a caption would be worth a million and now there's an app for that. Blurtt is an app that helps you marry images and text for the perfect duo of visual and written expression.

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Flipboard Cover Stories Arrive on the iPad for More Interesting News Discovery

Cover Stories, a beloved feature first introduced on Flipboard for iPhone and iPod Touch in December, is now available on Flipboard for iPad. Cover Stories gives readers one place to quickly catch up on some of the most interesting stories, posts and photos from everything they have connected to their Flipboard. Attracts Half a Million Users Sharing Emotion-Themed Photo Sets, a photo-sharing app incorporated with emotion-tagging features, gained over 500,000 users within a week after its release, growing faster than Instagram when it was first released. 

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PhotoBox! Helps Users Manage Their Facebook Photos to Take Control of Timeline

Facebook fanatics now have a quick and easy way to manage their photos on Facebook. With the free iPhone app, PhotoBox!, users can quickly find, fix and flaunt Facebook photos.
"With Timeline coming to everyone's profiles, pictures are becoming even more important to Facebook users.

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Browse, Share or Save Photos from Tumblr with PowerTumblr for iOS

adaptIO LLC today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of PowerTumblr 1.0, its new HD photo app for iOS devices. Users will be impressed with how quickly they can scroll through their dashboard and enjoy all of the dazzling images on Tumblr. 

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WeNowBuddy's Games Help Users Find New Friends for Valentines day

WeNowBuddy for iOS and Android is using fun and interesting question games to help users connect to people around the world. Whether you are looking for friendship or love, or whether you wish to simulate the experience of going on multiple blind dates (up to four, at once), WeNowBuddy answers the call.

Catch Up on Superbowl Gossip Through the Footballers Who Make It

Head First, iOS developer and creator of the popular Super Twario, is pleased to release ReSporter: Football, an iPhone app with real time access to the social media accounts of the top athletes in American Football — without having to sign up for or search through social media sites.

Get The Latest Version of Facebook App for Social Networking on the Go

Get The Latest Version of Facebook App for Social Networking on the Go

Hard as it might be to imagine anyone NOT using Facebook, if you’re still not sold on Facebook, let 2012 be the year you jump on board the social networking bandwagon. If you're on Facebook, but haven’t been using it because the only computer you’re ever chained to is the one at work, then by all means it’s time to check out the mobile version for iPhone.

Tiny Review Features Short, and Often Clever, Location-Based Reviews

Tiny Review Features Short, and Often Clever, Location-Based Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to source that could potentially provide reviews of places and things at a glance? Who wouldn’t want a quick, efficient and to-the-point review of a place, its service, food or current occupancy?

Pop Music Fans Turn High Notes Into High Scores With StarMaker for iPhone

StarMaker Interactive, the leading creator of singing and karaoke game apps has unveiled a significant update to their flagship app. Following the integration of Auto-Tune earlier this year, StarMaker is introducing a new proprietary technology to score users, giving singers real-time feedback on their performances while they create personalized versions of Top 40 radio hits.

Get Mobile Faxing and Real-Time SMS Language Translation in VoxOx

Even for those who don't fax regularly, there's always that one time when you need it and have to jump through hoops to find a solution. We felt that enabling consumers to take care of these needs with a simple, free app would go a long way," said Hertz.

Gather Round the Olde iPhone and Sing Ye Some Justin Bieber Holiday Cheer with the New Carolizer App

Gather Round the Olde iPhone and Sing Ye Some Justin Bieber Holiday Cheer with the New Carolizer App

The makers of StarMaker Karaoke with Auto-Tune are unveiling their latest recordable, shareable singing app available for all iOS devices: Carolizer-- an application that allows you to create personalized eGreetings with your favorite Christmas songs, old and new.

AppTones Launches Upgrade of iPhone Messaging App for a Simplified User Experience

AppTones, The Sound of Messages has launched version 1.0.5 of their social networking iPhone app, an upgrade based on user feedback that features enhanced chat functionality and a more intuitive user experience.

Zombiegram: Zombie Postcards Will Alert Friends of a Pending Apocalypse

Mobile application development firm Purple Forge ( is well known for its work in politics, events and municipal government applications - but today is announcing that it is branching out into the world of the undead with Zombiegram.