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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

Bizzy is Perfect Mix of Yelp and Foursquare

Bizzy is Perfect Mix of Yelp and Foursquare

I'm a big fan of Foursquare and while I like leaving "tips" at the places I check-in at and earning badges such as "I'm on a boat", I've always wanted more integration of a rating system for the places I've explored kind of like Yelp offers.

Fakebook for iPhone: Pranksters Use Status Updates to Fool Unsuspecting Victims

Fakebook for iPhone: Pranksters Use Status Updates to Fool Unsuspecting Victims

YourFav  recently announced the launch of Fakebook, the ultimate Facebook pranking mobile app for iPhone or iPod touch.With Fakebook, users create a fake Facebook status update or photo submission prior to showing their victim, then fool them into thinking it was really posted to Facebook.

Tweets Get the Celebrity Treatment in Starvatar

Tweets Get the Celebrity Treatment in Starvatar

Starvatar allows the user to experience the top tweeting celebrities in a totally new way. See a professionally drawn caricature of each person within a common backdrop. User Reviewsnot yet rated Starvatar Developer: 3TAC, LLC Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store Listen and see each tweet along with viewing linked images.

Messages Aloud Lets Users Listen to Facebook from Anywhere

Messages Aloud Lets Users Listen to Facebook from Anywhere

iPhone owners can listen as their Facebook messages are read to them out loud automatically via the Messages Aloud application, created by VoiZapp, Inc. According to the developers, this is the first iOS app to bring optimized state of the art text-to-speech technology to Facebook messages on all iOS devices.

KissOnTheFly 1.7 and Kik Messenger together to delivery Virtual Kisses

Simiula has announced KissOnTheFly 1.7, your "messenger of love". The iPhone is known to be a versatile device and Apps demonstrate that everything is possible. This app fall in this category to use the device in an unthinkable way: The KissOnTheFly app send animated virtual kisses (postcards), but to actually send the message you have to blow over the iPhone!

Bro Lifelife App Partners With How I Met Your Mother Fan Page for Contest

Tech Company Releases Mobile App for Men, Teams Up with Popular Fan Pages for Promo Contest Want a wingman in your pocket? “There's an app for that.” Bro Lifeline is loaded with fake background sounds, pick-up lines, pep talks, and excuses that are all designed to help guys out.

Genesix Launches Jumvo - A Voice-Based Group Messaging Service for iOS

Genesix announces today the launch of Jumvo, a free voice-based group messaging service for iPhone and iPod touch. Revolutionizing the growing group-messaging trend, Jumvo brings the personality and nuance of voice to the convenience of texting with its unprecedented functionality and Facebook integration.

Publishers of iStoryTime Receives $2m Series A Investment

iStoryTime, the largest library of mobile children's book Apps, today is pleased to announce a $2 million Series A investment. The investment will allow the company to quickly expand their domestic and international library of more than 100 books in 80 countries.

BitFlix: Location-Aware iPhone App Allows Users to Share Video Over Social Networks

BitFlx, Inc., today announced its new location-aware, iPhone social video application that enables users to create and share real-time video connections with other users in their vicinity.

TrackRoom Updates Impromptu Party Planning

User Reviews TrackRoom lite Developer: Sysvision GmbH Price: free Download on the App Store SYSVISION today is pleased to introduce TrackRoom 1.0 and TrackRoom 1.0 Lite, which lets you temporarily track the position of selected smartphone users in your contacts, so you can always find your friends and family members in crowded locations or large groups.

Tweet Hunt Classic Lets Users Shoot Down Angry Blurbs for Free

Tweet Hunt Classic Lets Users Shoot Down Angry Blurbs for Free

Independent developer Jared Kroff is pleased to announce the availability of Tweet Hunt: Classic, a free "lite" version of the popular game Tweet Hunt. The developer also announced an update to the paid game during its prime placement on the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store.

BlogHer Attendees Get Text Ed Classes from LG Mobile

LG Text Ed was in session this weekend at BlogHer '11, the world's largest conference for women in social media, which was held on Aug. 46 in San Diego. At the LG Lounge, attendees learned about the LG Text Ed program, a comprehensive educational campaign that addresses teen mobile phone misuse and provides parents with valuable resources so they can teach responsible phone use to their children.  

Google+ iPhone App has Potential

Google+ iPhone App has Potential

The headlines over the last few weeks have been a buzz about Google's new social networking site. One of its most touted features is its circles option, which allows you to share information with certain groups of people, friends, colleagues, etc.

Buy Meporter - Local Area News & Events - The Beat on the Street on the App Store

Stop the Presses with Meporter

Meporter - Citizen journalism has been all the rage of late, with sites like Patch and CNN's iReport encouraging users to submit articles and multimedia. Local newspapers have especially taken the brunt of newspaper closures, often leaving a gap in coverage for many communities.

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Banjo Tames Social Networking on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.

Is social networking reaching a tipping point? With Facebook's recent slump in North American growth, one is lead to believe that we as a society might be overwhelmed with the amount of options within the space.