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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

Instantly Take and Share Photos with PlaceSnap

For iPhone users who snap up PlaceSnap while it’s free, a new social networking experience awaits. PlaceSnap basically centers around GPS location and the iPhone camera. To use PlaceSnap, users must first create a free account with an email address, username and password.

Here Say Desperately Needs Some Early Adopters

The basic premise behind Here Say is this – you are at a place, say a concert, and you take a picture of the stage through the Here Say iPhone app. You post the picture to the community and attach a comment to it.

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Friend Mapper is a Cool Concept for the Right Audience

Friend Mapper — Combine the iPhone's built-in GPS with our natural tendency to be nosy and you get a plethora of location-based apps that allow users to find, follow and map their friends.

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Sooshi - Social Sushi Still Too Raw

A number of apps are trying to get in on the social networking experience made popular by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Sooshi - Social Sushi tries to supplement your other online identities by creating a real-time network with users you can interact with in real-time through your iPhone.

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Beejive IM 3.0 Shows Promise

Beejive IM 3.0 With Push has the potential to expand the iPhone's instant messaging capabilities. Despite a few bugs, it has some great features that IM power users should consider. Beejive contains all major instant messaging applications: AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, etc.

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Send Voice Tweets with TweetMic

TweetMic - If the same old method of typing your tweets through your favorite desktop or iPhone app is becoming mundane, then TweetMic may be the way to liven things up. TweetMic lets you record a voice message for all of your Twitter followers to hear.

Will App Store's Postman Ring Twice? Let's Hope So

As one of the first app assignments I ran across that required the new iPhone software version 3.0, Postman by Freeverse, Inc. is an inexpensive and simple postcard creation app. Much simpler than the actual updating of my iPhone, Postman features a simplistic user interface that allows you to create quality image postcards using your iPhone’s camera, pictures from your camera roll, or templates supplied by the app.

Need a Buddy? Give 'Buddy' a Try

If broadcasting your daily activities through Twitter and Facebook are not enough social networking for you, then Buddy comes to the rescue. The purpose of Buddy is to connect people based on shared interests.

FriendFreak is not a Good Friend or Quiz Game

When I first picked up the iPhone to play FriendFreak, I wondered if I would be stumped. How well do I know my friends? One thing is certain, I know them better than FriendFreak does. To play FriendFreak from TopDownApps, you are first prompted to sign into your Facebook account.

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TwitterFon Pro a Worthy Upgrade

With TwitterFon Pro, developer Kazuho Okui takes an already excellent Twitter client and makes it even better. This release is a stepped up version of the original TwitterFon, which is still free but now sports ads.

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Tubulous Is An Intriguing Idea...That I'm Not Sold On

Tubulous Global Social Podcasting - I’m usually up on all the latest trends pertaining to the nebulous “Web 2.0” movement, but the team over at Interlacia has got my attention with their debut application for the iPhone.

Lounge a Solid iPhone Twitter Option

Lounge is the latest in the stream of Twitter apps designed to keep you up to date with the Twitterverse on your iPhone. Goose Apps bring some nifty features that make it worth a try — even though it is not as polished as some of the more established apps, like Twittelator Pro or Twitterfon.

Tubey Knocks Your Socks Off

Tubey Knocks Your Socks Off

Tubey is one of those apps that is laser-sharp focused on doing one thing very well, which, in this case, is allowing you to create slideshows using images taken from your iPhone. You can also add narration, background music and titles synchronized to each slide.

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Buzzbuka Makes Communication Unique and Fun!

Buzzbuka (Covert Messaging) - With the App Store surpassing 30,000 applications available for download, it’s both a great and scary piece of news. On one hand, the raw numbers point to both the promise and success of Apple’s digital marketplace.

Matchmaker Make Me A Match with Match.Com

Matchmaker Make Me A Match with Match.Com

If you don’t have time to date and you’re already hip to sites like it’s now on available on your handset. tries to bring everything that you love from the site to their new iPhone app.