Social Networking Apps

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

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Twittelator Pro Nearly Perfect For Serious Messaging

Twittelator Pro offers an incredible amount of features all in one Twitter app. If you are looking for one application to handle all your twittering needs it would be hard to go wrong with this app. Yet a few glitches keep it from being the "perfect 10" that it is capable of.

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hiCard Sends Greetings for All Seasons, All Reasons

It's always fun to get mail. Whether it's regular old snail mail or a digital notecard, it's nice to know that someone is "Thinking of You." HiCard Suite is the best app I've seen to send electronic greetings.

Pinger Phone Wraps It all Up in One Integrated Package

Pinger Phone is designed to integrate instant messaging and social networking into the iPhone experience, says Joe Sipher, a co-founder of Pinger. IM offers presence (the ability to know who is actively online), is faster and can be cheaper than text messaging, Sipher argues.

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MySpace Mobile Makes Moves

MySpace junkies knew it was only a matter of time before the folks over at MySpace HQ brought the infamous social networking site to iPhone. Download MySpace Mobile and log in and the first thing you’ll notice is its lightning fast. Anything you touch in the app loads pretty darn quickly. Tap on any picture and you’ll see that the picture quality is stunning.

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IM+ Chat Program Falls Flat

There seems to be a new chat program popping up every other month and old screen names we can’t get rid of. In today’s chat market it’s hard to find a good utility or an app that offers total integration between all of the old programs that have emerged over the years and the new ones. IM+ offers users the opportunity to combine their AOL, YAHOO, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ and MySpace instant message screen names and buddies all in one place.

Flutter's Multimedia Messaging Service Isn't What it Appears to be

iPhone users have wanted a multimedia messaging service — the ability to send images, audio and other media — over cell phone networks from day one. Flutter, from Juice Wireless, at first glance seemed like it might do the trick.

FriendSync Connects Contacts Online and Off

FriendSync is a Facebook app for iphone that does one thing really well. It accesses your Facebook friends list and syncs the information it finds with your iPhone contacts list. Pretty nifty.

Storyz - An Innovative Social Network For Sharing Topical Ideas

Storyz is a new social networking service that allows the user to create new or add to existing topics. Storyz is somewhat of a combination of twitter and an online forum. The iPhone and iPod touch app allows you to make updates on the fly, similar to apps like Twitterific and Tumble.

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Nimbuzz Gives Off a Good Vibe, When It Works

That humming sound you hear is not tinnitus. It’s the noise being generated by Nimbuzz, one of the newest apps on the App Store shelf. Nimbuzz, from the company of the same name, enables you to call, chat and message family and friends on all the major instant messaging communities and social networks including Skype, Yahoo!

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TwitterFon is a Free, Clean Twitter Cient with Search

TwitterFon, by Japanese developer Kazuho Okui is, in the author's own words "a simple and fast Twitter client for your iPhone". Unlike other apps such as Twinkle, it has a plain, simple background, and really tries to stick to the basics - no geo social networking, no ability to "broadcast your location" - just a clean, simple Twitter interface.

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Summizer Realtime Twitter Search from the iPhone

Summizer Realtime Twitter Search is a simple utility that allows you to search all Twitter feeds for a specific subject — say "Sarah Palin." Summizer works, and is priced at $0.99 —reasonable, if you are a hard core Twitter fanatic and you like to consult the "Twittersphere" for your favorite keywords.

Fliq is a Free Tool for Swapping Photos Over WIFI

Fliq is a free utility that allows two people over a Wifi connection to "fliq" photos (and contact information) to each other. It's a reasonably good idea, but the implementation is far from perfect.

WhosHere gets 60,000 Users in a Week: MySpace 2.0?

WhosHere is a recently launched social networking app that reminds us a lot of the original MySpace. - bad design. check. like MySpace, WhosHere does not let design (or features) get in the way.

Graffitio -- Write on a Virtual Wall Near You!

Every now and then a concept comes along that is so simple and clever that you know it has a high chance of working - and you wish you thought of it yourself. "Graffitio" is an example of such a concept.

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Fring Could be the Ultimate Killer App.

Fring, the integrated IM client, launched today for the iPhone. Before getting into Fring specifics, pay attention to what happens at 46seconds on the above video. What is mentioned (an I have confirmed) is that if you hold down the sleep (top) button of Fring for a second and then release, the phone will power off, but you still will receive alert messages when pinged by a Fring IM client (such as AIM or Skype).