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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

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Fring Could be the Ultimate Killer App.

Fring, the integrated IM client, launched today for the iPhone. Before getting into Fring specifics, pay attention to what happens at 46seconds on the above video. What is mentioned (an I have confirmed) is that if you hold down the sleep (top) button of Fring for a second and then release, the phone will power off, but you still will receive alert messages when pinged by a Fring IM client (such as AIM or Skype).

PhotoSwap Shows Weird Social Networking Potential of iPhone

PhotoSwap is about a month old, and was written up recently in Wired. The idea is unique — you take a picture with your iPhone, submit it, and you receive a random picture back. Generally, the pictures aren't particularly interesting (computer screens, offices, apartments, etc..), but some are quite innovative.

Yahoo One Connect proves Yahoo doesn't get Social Networking

Yahoo One Connect is an ambitious, and very good looking app. Unfortunately it is close to useless for most people. The idea of the app is to bring all of your contacts in one place: and by "all" they mean the following social networks and services: Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Twitter, YouTube, LastFM and Flickr.

NrMe is a Ghost Town

I like the idea of "NrMe" -- a place where users on the iPhone can chat based on location. Specifically, NrMe shows posts within a certain 9 block geo location. The idea, in theory at least, is that you can get information about clubs, bars etc...

Who is Hot?

"Who is Hot?” takes awkward silences to a new level. The app basically takes your contact list and tells you where the source of the phone number originated and then grabs the current weather situation and puts that next to the contact name, phone number and city.

Loopt Could be Good Some Day -- Not Today

Mike Arrington of TechCrunch is correct in saying that GPS could be one of the killer apps of social networking, and that the heavyweights such as MySpace and Facebook ignore it at their own peril.

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LinkedIn Releases App for iPhone

LinkedIn, the leader in business social networking (at least in the US), has launched an iPhone version of its popular web service. Much like Facebook, the main function of this app is to provide a quick way to contact people that you have connected with online, but you don't have an up-to-date email address for.

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AOL Instant Messenger -- needs the Next Gen Firmware

AOL Instant Messenger for iPhone is a fine product, and works just the way you would expect it to -- with one major flaw: unless the application is open (and currently you can have exactly one application open at a time), you don't get alerted when you receive a message.

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Facebook for iPhone - Who Needs The Web Version?

If, like me you are a heavy Facebook user, the Facebook app for the iPhone is a must have. Of course, it's completely free. And it's so good, you may never go back to the Facebook website again.

Twinkle: Currently the best Twitter App

We reported earlier that Twitterific, from Ikon Labs was a solid choice for a Twitter client. (if you don't know what Twitter is, please see the Twitterific post). However, Twinkle from Tapulous easily outdoes it from both a UI and features perspective.

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WordPress for iphone

I am writing this post on the wordpress app for iPhone. The app is free, and extremely self explanatory. It's very easy to write a new post, edit a post, or even take and attach a picture to a post.

Twitterific is an excellent Twitter client for iPhone

Twitterific is an excellent Twitter client for iPhone

Twitter is one of those new applications that either you "get" or you don't. Twitterers love the product for its ability to blast updates about your day to day life ("I'm at Starbucks, right now, getting a latte") to your friends, and basically anybody who cares to "track you".