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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Instagram. The list is never ending! For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of social media and networking applications in the App Store.

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PartyPlanner Pro becomes the Event Planner Expert

Elviranett Solutions launch the PartyPlanner Pro to help users for the event planning. The apps is designed for professionals and regular users to plan guest-list, create to-do list, create, and send invites directly from the app, assign tasks to team members and find location.

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Riva - A Revolutionary New Entertainment Experience for the Apple iPad

Introducing Riva - a revolutionary new experience on the Apple iPad that beautifully showcases Videos, Photos, Web Articles and TV Shows selected specifically for you. Riva is a free app, available on the App Store, that plugs into your social networks to gain an insight into your interests.

Party Crashers Makes Parties Searchable and Crashable

Party Crashers Makes Parties Searchable and Crashable

The social interwebs are ripe with parties. However, sifting through thousands of status updates to find nearby parties just isn't the way to go. Check out Party Crashers, the app that gives you the ability to locate, share and create parties all from your smartphone.

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Jift - Jump and shift between Google+ and Facebook

Digital Chef LLC. is pleased to announce the launch of Jift, a brand new unified client for two social networks: Google+ and Facebook. The application utilizes a combined stream for both social networks, option to cross-share content between both networks, write posts, manage photos, comment, share, like, +1, check-in, browse Friends, Pages, Circles, and more.

Explore the World's Social Feed in Multi-POV with

Explore the World's Social Feed in Multi-POV with

Being social is getting harder these days. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I find myself in a never-ending vicious cycle of checking on friends' activities. One app that is making it easier to check in on all of that online activity in one place is

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Checkm8 1.1 for iOS - Friend Discovery App with a Twist

Checkm8 Labs today is pleased to introduce Checkm8 1.1 for iOS, their friend discovery application that connects users with people around them. The key to Checkm8 is mutual interest between users without the fear of rejection.

Cinemagram is Fun, Easy Way to Create Animated GIFs With Your iPhone

Cinemagram is Fun, Easy Way to Create Animated GIFs With Your iPhone

Cinemagramis an innovative new photo app that allows users to create hybrid images using pictures and video. The app may just be the new ‘big thing’ in social media, so if you are looking to stay ahead of the pop culture curb, this is the app for you.

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Pariahware, Inc. officially launches the Storemarks iPhone app v1.0

Pariahware, Inc., today is proud to announce the official launch of its Storemarks iOS mobile application with the removal of the beta tag. The beta test, launched July 10, 2012, allowed Storemarks members to test the application and provide feedback to Pariahware to ensure the product would be capable of offering a powerful mobile experience.

Buy InsTrack for Instagram - The Most Powerful InstaFollow Tool for Tracking Instgram Followers, Unfollowers, Best Friends, Ghost Users Plus More on the App Store

Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram with InsTrack - App Gone Free

INNOVATTY is pleased to announce that InsTrack, a 5-star app for tracking followers and unfollowers on Instagram, will be free for the next 24 hours only (Was $1.99). The app allows users to find out out who is not following back on Instagram and who unfollowed them, track new followers, find mutual friends, view fans and more.

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Share Your Opinions and Get Responses Instantly with Thumb on iOS

Thumb, Inc.,a leading innovative mobile applications developer, has announced the recent update of their famous Thumb for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Thumb is a wild social sharing utility that allows users to spontaneously share their opinions, ask questions and receive instant responses from Thumb community across the globe.

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Twittelator Neue Gets Major Update For iPhone 5 With Lots of New Features

Just in time for the iPhone 5 release, Stone Design today released the latest Twittelator Neue to run on the new iOS 6 and new taller iPhone 5's.
Stone Design's CEO, Andrew Stone said "Amidst the perfect storm of a brand new iPhone and Twitter requiring Twitter clients to behave consistently to a new set of requirements, we have delivered a uniquely media rich Twitter client solution, unparalleled on the iPhone.

Buy ShareCal - Easy Calendar Event Sharing via Email, iMessage and AirDrop on the App Store

ShareCal 3.0 Released - Calendar Event Sharing App Rebuilt

Daniel Amitay today is proud to announce ShareCal 3.0, a major update to his calendar event sharing app for the iPhone and iPod touch. ShareCal makes sharing your calendar events with others as simple as bumping your phones together or sending an email.

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Instatag for iOS - More Likes, More Follows

Instatag was developed by Annex Products as a solution to the time-consuming task of tagging photos on Instagram. Instatag users can quickly find the most relevant and popular tags that will help them receive more likes and more follows on their Instagram account as more people see their photos.

WaveDeck Voice Messenger Lets You Speak Instead of Type

WaveDeck Voice Messenger Lets You Speak Instead of Type

With the addition of Siri, I've learned to rely more on voice and less on text. The only problem I've had with Siri is that sometimes I have to tweak the speech-to-text results for whatever reason — noise, bad connection, who  knows.

Buy Followers on Instagram - Who Unfollow and Follow for My UnFollowers to Get and Gain Ghost Unfollower Tracker on the App Store

InstaFollow App answers the question - Who Unfollowed me on Instagram?

Sepia Apps today is pleased to introduce InstaFollow, its new social networking app for iOS devices. This Universal app allows Instagram users to track and manage all of their followers. InstaFollow users can track things like, who unfollowed them, and who are their new followers.