Sports Apps

No matter which sport you play, there are plenty of ways to score on the iPhone. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Sports Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of sports applications from the App Store.

Buy 2013 U.S. Open Golf Championship on the App Store

Golf Fans Will Love U.S. Open App

More annual sporting events are getting in on the iPhone app parade, and golf is no exception. U.S. Open Golf Championship tracks this weekend's golf happenings from Bethpage Black by providing live video, leaderboard updates, and player profiles.

Skateropolis Is For Boarders to Skitch and Sk8

Skateropolis is a reference guide to 2,400 skate parks in the US and connects fans of the sport so they can comment on the venues they visit and view and post videos.
Tap the Featured, Near Me or Search icon on the bottom menu bar to pop up a list of sk8parks.

Buy At Bat on the App Store At Bat Drives In The Winning Run At Bat iPhone app by is the perfect app for any baseball fan. If you need an up to the minute score, want to listen to a game, or see the highlights, you can do so right from your iPhone.

Buy Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 on the App Store

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Makes Par in its First Release

Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports is the first sports game I’ve played that is as close to the desktop version as an iPhone and iPod touch can get. Okay, I’m sticking my neck a bit on that one, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a heck of a game in nearly every way.

NBA Game Time Ready for Playoffs

As the NBA playoffs begin a new iPhone app makes it easier to get quick updates on the scores and standings. NBA Game Time, first released near the end of the regular season, was recently tweaked with an update to focus on the playoffs.

Buy TouchSports™ Tennis on the App Store

TouchSports Tennis '09: Game, Set, Match

If you’d like a to get in a quick set of tennis and wish to do it without all the sweating and running around the court, then the TouchSports Tennis '09 iPhone app by Handheld Games Corp may be the just lack of exercise you crave.

Watch 'March Madness' on your iPhone

ometimes it is just not possible to secure sofa time for every NCAA Tournament game. Fortunately those with an iPhone/iPod Touch and a solid Wi-Fi connection can still catch the action. The CBS Sports March Madness On Demand app puts every game live on your iPhone — provided you are connected to a wireless network. The live television quality will depend on the strength of your wireless signal.

Pro Basketball Scores—Great, After The Buzzer Has Sounded

The appropriately named Pro Basketball Scores app by Plusmo Inc is an app for true basketball junkies. Allowing you to track all of the NBA teams, obtain scores, standings, schedules, rosters and news.

GoLearn Skateboarding: A Pro For Your Pocket

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained - Let's get this out of the way: my knowledge of skateboarding is limited to knowing that Tony Hawk is some kind of bigshot (enough to rate his own video game, at any rate) and the occasional viewing of The X Games on TV when there's nothing else on.

Buy Knot Time on the App Store

Knot Time Features Show-and-Tell Demonstrations

Knot Time, from Dustin Thomas, is a simple app consisting of video demonstrations of how to tie commonly used knots. The knots are organized into four categories (general, boating, mountaineering and fishing) comprising 28 knots.

Buy Chuck the Ball on the App Store

Chuck The Ball: Soccer-themed Puzzle Game Hits A Wall

MakeShift Games presents Chuck the Ball. It’s a puzzle game where the main character is a soccer ball. His mission is to collect all of the stars in the level. Chuck must make it through all kinds of perilous mazes and traps. Be careful to avoid hazards like holes and walls. Chuck the Ball is a game that lets your finger do all the work.

Buy Foosball World Tour on the App Store

Foosball World Cup Wows Players

Foosball World Cup has blasted its way into the App Store. If you're a fan of arcade games and bar games then you'll love Foosball World Cup. Now you'll have the opportunity compete as one of the world's 12 most elite soccer teams in a bid to win the virtual world championship.

Buy Where To Golf - Course Finder on the App Store

Where to Golf Leads You to the Fairway for 19,000 Course Locations

Where to Golf by Carpe Diem Ventures quickly provides golfers with an abundance of information. With listings of 19,000 courses available golfers are able to search for courses by name, city, zip code or current location. Once a specific course is selected, information such as course address, par, ratings, slope, and yardage readily appear. Additional information located on the Details page includes prices, course type, restrictions, amenities, designer, year built, grass type and much more.

Buy Yahoo Sports with Tourney Pickem Bracket Challenge on the App Store

Sportacular Knocks It Out Of The Park With News, Stats and Scores

Sportacular by Citizen Sports is the perfect app for the sports fan. Whether your need is the final score of one game or all the games, you’ll have that answer right in the palm of your hand.

Ski Lodge is More Than Just Snow Reports

Ski Lodge is not the first snow reports app that I have reviewed, but it is just as good as the rest of them. It also offers much more than the rest of the snow report apps.
The opening page of Ski Lodge shows all of the favorite resorts you have saved.