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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

laCarte for iPad Helps Eateries Create Digital Menus Quickly

laCarte for iPad Helps Eateries Create Digital Menus Quickly

Tapps presents laCarte, the new iPad application that brings all the benefits of a digital menu to the tablet. The application can be downloaded directly from the App Store and, once installed, is ready to use.

Passtouch: Password-less Web Browsing on the iPad

Passtouch: Password-less Web Browsing on the iPad

Passtouch, a Surf City, North Carolina start-up has just launched their first iPad app, a multi-user web browser featuring their patent pending visual sign-in system. User Reviews Passtouch Web Browser Developer: Passtouch, LLC Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store "Web browsers are like windows to your entire world, much of which is personal and private," explains Jason Boger, Founder and CEO of Passtouch..

Socket Mobile Releases Apple(R) iOS Certified Barcode Scanner

Socket Mobile, Inc. ( NASDAQ :SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, today announced the availability of its latest Socket Bluetooth® Cordless Hand Scanner™ (CHS) Series 7, which has been certified by Apple as a "Made for iPad, iPhone, iPod" accessory.

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Intermedia Launches Mobile App to Securely Manage Cloud Services

Intermedia recently launched mobile HostPilot, a mobile app for securely provisioning and managing cloud services, including hosted Exchange, online backup and mobility. The company's award-winning HostPilot® Control Panel is now available as a mobile app on Android 2.1+ and iOS version 3.0+ devices -- including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Rule over your iPhone with an iron fist with System Status 3.0

Jiri Techet., an innovative independent mobile application developer, has today announced the recent release of an updated version of System Status for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Add Flair to Your Device With Pimp Your Screen

Add Flair to Your Device With Pimp Your Screen

If you want fun and even outrageous images and backgrounds readily available to liven up your mobile iOS device, then Pimp Your Screen pretty much has it all. A rather nifty utility for sprucing up backgrounds, creating app shelves, and making home and lock screens with flair, Pimp Your Screen provides an easy way to customize your iPhone or iPad with various images and themes.

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KipCall Connects to Your Facebook Contacts By Phone or Email

iPhone apps already access Facebook to sync profile pics and manage contact information. But KipCall offers more - the ability to make free calls to FB friends.

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Speed Dial Images Helps Find Your Contacts Faster

One of the beautiful things about the iPhone is the endless utility apps that allow you to customize how you use your phone and improve ease of use. One such option specifically designed for people who actually use their phone to call people is Speed Dial Images.

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Group Messaging with Top Utility SMS

If you’re convinced text messaging is the best way to communicate with friends, family, and even co-workers, then having a utility app that manages your messages may be useful. SMS management is the purpose behind Top Utility SMS for iPhone, a messaging app that incorporates groups, favorites, and GPS location into the iPhone’s messaging capabilities.

Access Your Computer Anywhere With Remote Desktop Apps for iPhone and iPad

Access Your Computer Anywhere With Remote Desktop Apps for iPhone and iPad

This article has been updated for 2011 with even more of the best apps for turning your iOS device into a remote desktop client. Originally written with the idea of using the iPhone for remote access, most of the features in these applications apply equally to iPod touch and iPad devices.

RoomRuler! Gives a Little Room Re-Do Assistance

RoomRuler! is an app with a nifty concept that could come in handy when decorating a room. Basically, the app is designed to let users take photos and then it applies a built-in algorithm to calculate the approximate dimensions of a room.

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Measure Faraway Objects with SpectaRuler

SpectaRuler is a very clever utility that allows the user to measure the distance, height, and elevation of objects. How is this possible without actually walking up to the object with a massive tape measure?

Get Basic Device Info with System Manager

Get Basic Device Info with System Manager

System Manager for iPhone is an inexpensive app that provides information about your device’s use that you can’t get in any native application—specific information about memory use, disk space, battery life, and device identification.

Buy Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver on the App Store

Battery Boost Magic App is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility

Do you need Battery Boost Magic? Stop reading this review if: you don't care how much time you have left to talk on your iPhone, play videos or audios, or surf the Web; you really don't mind if your iPhone or iPad battery doesn't get fully charged; a smudgy screen doesn't bother you much; and you don't think there's a point to preserving your battery life.

Buy Ringtone Designer Pro - Create Unlimited Ringtones, Text Tones, Email Alerts, and More! on the App Store

Ringtone Designer Pro: Create Unlimited Ringtones for Your iPhone

Ringtone Designer Pro — The ringtone on your iPhone says a lot about you. Choose the wrong ringtone and your otherwise hip iPhone will become a loud label announcing your inner geek. Unfortunately, sometimes, the only way to get the perfect snippet of sound is to create your own ringtone.