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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

Buy ICEcare on the App Store

ICEcare: Comprehensive Emergency Contact and Preparedness Information

ICEcare - By now we've all received the email about ICE — In Case of Emergency. The chain email has been circling the globe for years encouraging cell phone users to create an entry called ICE so that paramedics or hospital staff will know who to contact in case of emergency.

Smart Alarm

Smart Alarm

Smart Alarm — Despite it's name, Smart Alarm, from Mobile App Center, is more than a simple alarm clock app — it's also a weather detector and a news and stock ticker. The idea is that this app will pleasantly wake you up in the morning with a dash of weather, a squib of news and a line or two about whether your stocks are flying or frying.

Buy Knot Guide (100+ knots) on the App Store

Knot Guide Serves Well in a Hitch or Pinch

Knots are a lot like people: Some are stable; others are tight when everyone else is loose; and some always can be relied on in a hitch or a pinch. Some can even be handsome, although only a knot connoisseur probably thinks so.

Buy JumiCam Webcam streamer on the App Store

JumiCam Adds to the Line-up of Apps for At-Home Streaming Video

JumiCam, from Jumi, is one of several utilities in the App Store capable of streaming video from a Web cam to the iPhone (via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE) and to iPod touch (via Wi-Fi only). Home-oriented Web cam apps like JumiCam require your installing a video server (invariably free) on your PC.

Emergency Radio Vs. Police Scanner: Cops Unedited

Emergency Radio Vs. Police Scanner: Cops Unedited

1 Adam 12 see the woman at 1242 Hauser St. prowler complaint. Handle this call code 2; And so began my fascination with police shows and police radio jargon. Shortly thereafter I was listening intently to my father’s police scanner of the happenings all over southern California.

Lose Your Phone, Get it Back, Maybe

Lose Your Phone, Get it Back, Maybe

I’m too paranoid to store anything vaguely sensitive on my iPhone. Where I draw the line is, “If I can’t afford to lose it, it does not live on my device.” It’s a bit irrational I know, when you consider that I could just as easily lose my wallet. Let’s just say, I have my quirks and you have yours.

i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video)

Apps such as i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) from Barry Egerter appeal to the voyeurs in all of us. This nifty little app enables anyone to view streaming video over Web cams —yours or someone else's — over any Wi-Fi and Internet connection.

RedLaser Scans Barcodes but Still Needs to be Steadier to be Readier

RedLaser, a barcode scanner for your iPhone, seems like a great idea in principle, but it practice, its uses are far and few. What Occipital, the developer of RedLaser, intends is for you to be able to take a snapshot of a barcode, upload the image to a database where the captured barcode is deciphered and returned to you as a list of item descriptions and prices.

Buy Mover+ on the App Store

Mover+ Makes it Simple to Share Photos Over Wi-Fi for Free

Someone infinitely more wise and insightful than myself once said that “the best things in life are free.” That maxim didn’t resonate with me until I became an adult as I realized I found the most pleasure in simple joys and pleasures.

Buy VoiceCalc on the App Store

VoiceCalc Says What it Means

Talking calculators, like what you get with  VoiceCalc, aren’t new—I remember owning one in the mid-80s—but this is the first voice calculator app that I’ve looked at for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Mortgage Calculators to Help You Buy Low and Sell High

Mortgage Calculators to Help You Buy Low and Sell High

Mortgage and loan calculators – A real estate agent told me recently that she’s seen a small uptick in house sales in my little town. Along with most Americans who own, or plan to buy, homes, my wife and I are always worrying how the current economy will affect us.

Buy Wifi Directory  (Wireless Hotspots Finder) on the App Store

WiFi Directory is a Cool Way to Find Hotspots

WiFi Directory — You can never have too much Wi-Fi, which is what makes WiFi Directory (Wireless Hotspots Finder) as appealing to me as a medium-rare steak is to my dog Henry, who will eat anything other than dog food.

Control Your Computer with Mouse / Trackpad apps for iPhone or iPod touch

Control Your Computer with Mouse / Trackpad apps for iPhone or iPod touch

Remote Mice and Trackpads – The last time I went to my local coffee shop to slurp a large Sumatra, with a splash of free Wi-Fi, I realized I had forgotten my wireless mouse. I’m not fond of using trackpads, especially the one on my Dell, so I broke out my iPhone and went to work with that instead.

Fast Web Free Gets Rid of the Frills and Speeds Browsing Action

Think of Fast Web Free as a no-frills Web browser that gets the essential info you want in a way that’s optimized for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy SoftLayer Mobile on the App Store

CloudLayer Storage Needs a Shinier Silver Lining

CloudLayer Storage, an app from SoftLayer Technologies, is free and includes 1GB of free storage. Everyone could use a little extra free online space, so, you figure there might be a catch.