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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

Undercover Discovers Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

iPhone gone missing? Time to go Undercover from Orbicule BVBA to locate it.
Here’s how Undercover works: Using either cell tower triangulation or GPS, you can figure out where your device is in the event that it’s lost of stolen.

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Wi-Fi File Sharing Works, but Its Face is Glum

Count Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 from Impact Financials, among the now dozen or so apps to reside on the App Store’s shelves. Like many of those apps., Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0, transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless hard drive, which can then be accessed over the same Wi-Fi network using a Web browser so that you can transfer files between your PC or Mac.

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Air Mouse Pro Pops, Locks and Loads

I haven’t been as enthused about an app as I am with Air Mouse Pro, from R.P.A. Tech, in a long time. Air Mouse Pro transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless air mouse, trackpad and remote control for iTunes and other apps.

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Rowmote Will Make You Hug Your Macs

Rowmote - Most advertising and marketing messages I encounter registers as background noise somewhat akin to what you’d hear in a crowded mall around the holiday season. You see messages everywhere on your television, favorite websites, mobile phone, billboards, airline tray-backs, and even urinals.

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Talk Mail Pro Talks, and You Listen, to Your Emails.

Whenever I think I've seen it all for the iPhone or iPod touch, along comes an app such as Talk Mail Pro from Apps that Rocks.
Talk Mail Pro reads emails received via Google, MobileMe, AOL Mail — any IMAP-enabled email account — out loud.

HardDrive is Simple, but Doesn't Measure Up to Other File Transfer Apps

HardDrive, from developer Mitchell Cohen, is the latest app to join a growing list of file transfer apps. HardDrive is a rudimentary app for grabbing files from your desktop and storing them on your iPhone or iPod touch so you can transport them to another desktop or device.

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A Special Phone to Shake and Dial

A Special Phone was developed for people who are visually impaired or are unable to look at their phones, like when they are driving. A Special Phone, developed by Muhieddine EL Kaissi, uses a combination of audio, visual and tactile feedback to simplify dialing your iPhone.

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Mobicip Safe Browser Makes Mobile Browsing Safe for Kids

Mobicip Safe Browser - Access to the Internet proves useful in so many different situations, especially mobile access. For kids, mobile Internet access can prove both a learning and entertainment tool, but unfortunately, unrestricted access to the Internet is a dangerous prospect for kids.

talkFree: No Faves, No Armies, Just Free Cell Phone Calls

talkFree - With so many cellular phone companies and monthly service plans, people often have a difficult time maintaining manageable costs. The best way to manage costs is through the use of the calls your service provider allows you to make free of charge.

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Snatch: Control Your Computer with an iPhone Trackpad

Snatch, from Hoofien, turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless track pad for your Mac or PC. It's an intriguing idea and I'm a fool for any app that enables me to connect my iPhone to my desktop or other computers and do "insanely great things."
The first step is to download the free Snatch Server software and install it.

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innodial Aims to Make International Calls Cheaper Via the iPhone

innodial is preparing to release this month a free iPhone app, innodial, that's designed to make it less expensive to dial international telephone calls. The soon-to-be-released innodial is a portable version of innodial's low-fee Web service.

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Convert: Answers In The Palm Of Your Hand

Convert (Unit Converter by PBF) - One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are several categories of possessions. The two that come to mind today are the possessions of others that I would love to own and those that I own but seldom use — but when I do use them nothing else will do.

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IPark Gets You Back to Where You Started

Do ever wish there was an iPhone app to help you remember something you always forget? IPark is a parking utility app that helps you keep track of your vehicle. It will get you there from any location as long as you’ve marked your car. Just follow the IPark compass back to your car.

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Speedtest.net: Need for Speed is Relative When Network Testing

When it comes to bandwidth network speed testing apps like Ookla's Speedtest.net everything is relative. The results you get depend on your distance from the server you're running the test against, the number of people within proximity who are accessing the same network, your service provider and other variables. Two people, standing within feet of each other, running the same app, may not even come up with comparable results.

iHomePage: You Can Go Home Again

iHomePage: You Can Go Home Again

In its own way, Timefold's iHomePage, is sort of a Web page design app. The difference between this app and a real Web page designer is that iHomePage is used to replicate a home page — yours, or someone else's — and access elements of that page all from one screen.