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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

Flower Picker is a Bad Pick

Flower Picker is a Bad Pick

Sometimes you just don't know what type of flowers you should buy for a special occasion. Flower Picker is an iPhone app from Gentav that wants to help you out. Unfortunately, you are probably better off deciding on your own.

Buy Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts on the App Store

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts is a Smart Way to Manage Your Contacts

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management makes sorting your contacts into groups as easy as a poking a finger into a warm apple pie. This app, from Guided Ways Technologies, does exactly what its name implies.

Buy Most Wanted on the App Store

Most Wanted: "Just The Facts" You Need

Ever since 1988, if I’m home on a Saturday night I’m tracking criminals with America’s Most Wanted. Watching reenactments of crimes, paying close attention to the age enhanced photos and listening to John Walsh describe the details of deviant behavior. For those that hate crime and the people that commit them, what could be better than a show providing information of wanted fugitives and missing children?

Supersize Me - ZumoDrive Sends Your Files into the Cloud

Zecter's Supersize Me - ZumoDrive joins a growing list of file-sharing apps such as Box.net's Box.net and  Sharpcast's SugarSync that enable you to store your content in the cloud and download it to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy ACTPrinter - Virtual Printer on the App Store

ACTPrinter Virtual Paper: A Must-Have For Every iPhone With a Mac

Have you ever had a document on your computer that you wanted to take with you but didn’t want to waste paper or printer ink on? What did you do? If you had the ACTPrinter Virtual Paper app for your iPhone or iPod touch, you sent the document from your Mac to your phone and you were on your way.

Buy dB on the App Store

dB Provides Measured Innovation

dB - For those of you that love things that help you chronicle all facets of your life, Faber Acoustical has developed a uniquely original application that deserves your attention. In the age of Web 2.0 and countless social network platforms out there, dB provides an interesting approach to enable us to tell the stories of our lives.

iSurvive Loses Itself in a Wilderness of Words

I wanted to like iSurvive Wilderness but in the end, it lost me. North New Orleans Blade Works' app aims to be a pocket survival guide for anyone who might lose their way in the wilds and need to find food, start a fire, navigate, perform first aid and do all the other things they teach you to do in Boy Scouts.

Buy AccuWeather.com® WeatherCyclopedia™  - The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun on the App Store

WeatherCyclopedia Is a Nearly Perfect Storm of Information

If you're a weather dweeb like I am, WeatherCyclopedia will send you sky high. Telemet, the developer, bills this app as "The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under the Sun," and I believe it.

Get Your Emoji Working While You Can

If you want to enable emoji or emoticons system wide on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to act fast. Apple has informed developers that as of today, the company will remove from the App Store all apps capable of enabling the emoji everywhere preference feature hidden in devices updated to 2.2 firmware.

Buy Currency Converter - Money Exchange Rates for more than 220 currencies! on the App Store

Currency Converter: Find Your Money's Worth in 200 currencies

Currency Converter, from dev Paolo Grifantini, is one of several similar apps in the App Store designed to convert dollars into dinars, drachmae, dirhams or some other denomination. It's the kind of thing you need in your pocket when you're trying to figure out whether you're better off buying that bottle of perfume in the duty-free shop or on the local economy.

Buy Keeper® Password Manager & Digital Vault - Secure and encrypted data storage for your passwords, files, photos and notes. on the App Store

Keeper: Encrypt the Data on Your iPhone

Common sense should tell you that it's risky storing highly sensitive data such as login IDs and credit card numbers on your iPhone or iPod touch, but if you insist, the best option I've found thus far is Callpod's Keeper.

iGuardDog: Get Your Paws Off My iPhone!

iGuardDog - Cell phones have always been a pretty personal thing, and the more features and abilities those phones have, the more personal they become. It's no longer just a matter of the numbers in a phone book, but of family photos, clandestine text messages — some people have almost their whole lives on their iPhones!

iStat is Like an X-Ray Machine for Your Mac's Inner Workings

Need to know what your Mac (Macs) is up to while you're away from your desk? Bjango's iStat — System Monitoring will keep you posted and it will do that very well. This powerful little utility enables iPhoners to remotely monitor their Macs as well as their iPhone's inner workings.

It's a Multimedia Mess, not Multimedia Messaging

Despite its claims, Multimedia Messages, from Hook Mobile, is not a multimedia messaging service for the iPhone. Here's what Hook says Multimedia Messages does: Sends picture messages from your iPhone to the telephone numbers of your friends and delivers messages as MMS, "which means no links to click" (their words).

Site Check: Browse the Web Safely on iPhone

"Stay alert," my father always told me; a reminder to his little girl that it pays to be careful, that safety is not just a matter of luck, but something to actively seek. Site Check, developed by Kevin O'Regan, aims to be a protective parent for the iPhone, allowing users to check websites and web pages for malware and potential phishing attacks.