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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

Buy iHandy Carpenter on the App Store

iHandy is Half Bob Vila and Half Pancho Villa

iHandySoft's iHandy Carpenter is like a Swiss Army knife: It has doo-dads you'll probably never use but it nice to know you have them if you ever have to kill a grizzly bear or yank a fish hook out of your finger.

iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One Could be Useful, Clever or Neither

To be honest, I’m sitting on the fence where iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is concerned. Brought to you by Headlight Software Inc., the makers of wifi disk and other utility/productivity tools, iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is exactly as the name implies — 16 different apps in one with the + presumably indicating more to come. Basically, it’s a compilation of some of the more popular free utility and miscellaneous apps as well as a few others randomly thrown in for fun.

Pinpoint Colors With iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant

Pinpoint Colors With iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant

iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant by Wishbone Apps offers up some very useful features for the color blind as well as those who are not. The app is straight forward and a breeze to use. Upon running iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant the user is given the option to choose an existing photo from their library or to take a new one with the iPhone or iPod touch camera.

Buy Links in a Blink on the App Store

Links In a Blink: Easily Import Firefox and Google Bookmarks

Links In a Blink, from Sync In a Blink, solves one of the problems that frustrates me most about the iPhone. Sure, this app has a few quirks, but it does what I want it to do, which is to easily import my bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox on my Windows PC and Ubuntu desktops.

Buy AtHome Camera Pro - Remote video surveillance for home security on the App Store

AtHome Camera Keeps an Eye on Your Castle Over Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge

Ever worry barbarians will storm the gates when you're away from your castle? Me too, which is why I downloaded Sunray Networks's AtHome Camera app. Before you can use AtHome Camera the first thing you need to do is download and install AvsServer from the company's Web Site.

Buy Memory and System Info on the App Store

Memory and System Info Comes in Handy When iPhone Apps are Crashing

It's not hard to figure out what Memory and System Info does, from the name alone. IntelligentMobiles' app gives you a peek at your iPhone or iPod touch's inner workings. Having this info handy may enable you to figure out why an app is misbehaving or crashing.

Search and Browse the Web without Leaving a Trail of Crumbs

Search and Browse the Web without Leaving a Trail of Crumbs

Personal iPhone/iPhod touch privacy is top of mind for everyone these days, which probably explains the sudden influx of apps — such as PrivateWeb, Privateer and Anonymous Web Browser — into the App Store that promise to wipe the trail of crumbs you leave behind when you're on a surfing safari. These apps are useful if you share your iPhone/iPod touch with a nosy relative or neighbor. They might also come in handy if you happen to leave your handheld on your desk at the office and the guy in the cube next to you decides to mess with it when you're in your manager's office explaining why you spend all your time surfing instead of working.

Phonescream is Loud and Startling

If iPhone theft worries you, then PhoneSCREAM may be the app to calm your fears. PhoneSCREAM lets out a series of eardrum-destroying noises in the event the phone is lifted off of a surface. If the standard sounds are not quite annoying enough for you, there is an option to record a voice message of your choice.

QuickPic: Instantly Transfer Your Photos by Uploading Them Online

QuickPic by Zach Waugh is a very nifty little app that lets you instantly upload photos to the Internet, making them available at a specific URL within seconds. QuickPic is simple, straightforward, and by far the fastest way to get photos from your iPhone or iPod touch onto the Web.

Buy CompareMe Shopping Utility on the App Store

CompareMe is a Good Calculator for Hard Economic Times

I'm a born and bred haggler. I'm already planning to haggle my way into Heaven (I've led a wicked life). When I go, I might take codedifferent's CompareMe with me just to be safe. CompareMe compares the price of products that come in different weights, volumes, lengths, surface area — British/American or metric — and contrasts them so you can determine what the best deal is.

Buy Bytes (Memory) Available for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store

Free Memory 1.3 Could Stop iPhone Apps from Crashing

What would it be worth to you to squeeze out every bit of runtime memory (not drive storage) out of your iPhone or iPod touch? That's what Recession Apps' Free Memory 1.3 is designed to do.

Buy Dynolicious Classic on the App Store

Dynolicious Measures Auto Performance Astoundingly Well

Many of the apps available on the App Store today are aimed at replacing expensive hardware or software on the cheap. With Dynolicious, Bunsen Tech achieves that goal. Simply stated, Dynolicious is just as good as it sounds.

Remind Me Again Why I Need this App

RemindMe, from Smudge Apps, is a one-trick pony and you'll probably think the trick is either pretty neat or just goofy. RemindMe enables you to create a Post-it-Note with a reminder such as "Pick up the milk," or perhaps an inspiring message such "Every day I get better in every way." Whatever you want.

Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call Works out Well

Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call Works out Well

iPhone users can rest a little easier tonight. You no longer have to wake up the blaring sounds of random digital noise from your alarm clock. The very English ex professional footballer Vinnie Jones has released the Vinnie Jones Wake up Call. If you’ve incorporated lines from popular Hollywood movies like Snatch, or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels into your vocabulary you’re in for a real treat.

Buy Delivery Status touch, a package tracker on the App Store

Delivery Status touch Helps You Track Your Packages In the Cloud

If you shop online frequently and are nutty about keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of your packages,  Junecloud's Delivery Status touch could be useful. The rest of us will probably find it a bit of a yawn.