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From alarm clocks to flashlights, utilities are some of the most useful apps in the App Store. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Utilities for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of utility applications from the App Store.

Buy AlibiSMS on the App Store

AlibiSMS Sends a Text When You Really Need One

German developer Jens Beuckenhauer  adds to the category of fake call/SMS apps by releasing AlibiSMS in the app store. The company that started 4 months ago when the app store was opened and which focuses solely on the development of iPhone apps, gets into competitive terrain here, but AlibiSMS does what it promises and will work for anyone who wants to use text messaging as a way of escape.

GottaDash Lets You Customize Fake Calls

GottaDash is a premium fake caller app that offers simple and easy-to-use functions. Unlike some other fake-call apps like Wingman or Exit Strategy, GottaDash lets you customize your calls with several selections.

Yay or Nay - Wingman has Your Back

Yay or Nay - Wingman has Your Back

Another addition to the fake phone call apps, Wingman offers more than just an excuse to bail. Released by first-time iPhone app developer Mind, Matter, and Meaning, Wingman provides the option to receive a fake phone call at the touch of a button but it also provides help should you decide to stick it out on a date or at a meeting.

"Say Who" You Talk it Dials

Say Who - Dialer is the voice recognition dialing app by developer Excuse Me Services, Inc. Available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Say Who lets you speak a contact name into the iPhone's microphone and then automatically dials the correlating number in your contacts.

Tranquil Alarm Deserves a Resounding Yes!

Tranquil Alarm Deserves a Resounding Yes!

For those of us not cursed with the morning-people-gene, waking up is an "alarming" ritual. It's a rough transition from snoring to swearing to snoozing to finally getting out of bed.

Buy Holidays+ (was sdHolidays) on the App Store

Holidays+ Displays Countdown to Special Holidays

Gone are the days when you have to highlight the holidays on a desk calendar in your office or a wall calendar in your kitchen just to remember them. Holidays+ is a utility application that comes to the App Store courtesy of Schroeder Development.

iPhone Pwns BlackBerry in Business Customer Satisfaction Bake-Off

Apple’s iPhone sits on the top perch in overall customer satisfaction among business wireless smartphone users, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates. The 2008 Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study, released Friday, measures business customer satisfaction with smartphones — defined as mobiles with advanced features and personal computer-like functionality.

Buy Classics on the App Store

Classics Browse Cherished Literature With a Digital Touch

It isn’t exactly the holidays yet but we can already think of a couple of applications that might be gift worthy. Classics by Andrew Kaz and Phillip Ryu is just that kind of application. Classics is an eReader application that includes full versions of literary favorites from the public domain.

Buy Big Keyboard Email on the App Store

Big Keyboard Email: Improve Your Typing Skills with a Wide Keyboard

An oft-ranted complaint about the iPhone is that users can't access the horizontal keyboard when typing emails. Several developers have tackled the issue including Big Keyboard Email.

Buy Box for iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Forget AirSharing. Box.net Offers Free Cloud Storage on iPhone

One of the most popular (and discussed) application uses for the iPhone has been document storage. First there was DataCase and Readdle Docs — two paid apps that allowed you to store files on your iPhone using a very cryptic (and often flawed) synchronization method.

Buy Measures - Unit and Currency Converter on the App Store

Measures Unit and Currency Converter Uses the Convenience of a Scroll Wheel

Measures Unit and Currency Converter is an iPhone conversion app by German developer Neuwert Media, which includes all of the standard conversion categories but differs from other apps mainly in its interface and usability.

Buy myConvert - unit converter on the App Store

MyConvert Offers More Conversions Than Many Apps, Including Some Unusual Ones

With so many conversion apps available at the app store it's hard to choose. MyConvert by developer Lu A Oo is based on the earlier iConvert and it includes several user-requested units, which make it slightly different than some other conversion apps out there.

TouchCopy: A Great Way to Move Songs between iPhones

When I upgrade from an iPod Touch to an iPhone I needed to move my iTunes library from one device to the other.  I searched near and wide for an program that would allow me to do this and ended up purchasing at least 3 programs that just didn't work with either the iPhone or the iPod Touch!

Buy a2z Pro (Unit Converter) on the App Store

a2zpro - Making the Most of User Integration

a2zpro is the successor to a2z from UK iPhone app developer Westernits and it is a truly innovative tool as far as conversion apps are concerned. Upon every opening of a2zpro the exchange rates are updated for the currency converter, which provides 154 categories with live data from Yahoo!. The currencies work slightly different than in other apps since the user selects the currency and amount and the other 153 conversions are shown underneath (no from-and-to selections are needed and the page is not limited to only a few units).

Buy Converter - The Unit Converter on the App Store

Converter Brings A Wide Array of Units

Converter, by developer Unitconvertr, is a simple and easy-to-use conversion tool that supports 172 units across 15 categories and turns out to be a more colorful and elaborate version of the free conversion app Units.