Weather Apps

No doubt about it, weather apps are hot sellers year ’round. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for breaking news and reviews of weather applications from the App Store.

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Forecast for WeatherX is Cloudy with Low Visibility

With 10-12 inches of snow in the forecast this week, and another 10-12 inches in the forecast for next week in New England, WeatherLive's WeatherX would seem like the ideal app to have. Unfortunately, this app couldn't tell you where it was snowing unless you put your iPhone outside and let the white stuff cover it.

Snow Reports Brings the Mountain to You

Snow Reports - I have been an avid snowboarder since I was a little boy. Through out the entire time that I was developing into the snowboarder that I am today, I discovered that snow reports are a snowboarder or skier's best friend.

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The Weather Channel: Tons of Info for Weather Junkies

If you’ve heard it never rains in Southern California you may get your proof once you download The Weather Channel App. By default this geo-location weather app gives you information based on your current locale. If you want info on a place you’re traveling to simply type in city, state, or zip code.

Surf Report - Surfline and Oakley Team Up

Surf Report has dazzled our editors here at AppCraver and instantly entered the Editor's Picks with a perfect 10 — it's an honor we rarely bestow and we think Surf Report deserves the high score.

Aero Weather is a Must for Pilots

If you are a pilot, the Aero Weather App is pretty awesome. I usually fly from Novato California to Tahoe, Las Vegas or Santa Monica. Aero weather gives me a quick glimpse of the weather situation at these airports.

Who is Hot?

"Who is Hot?” takes awkward silences to a new level. The app basically takes your contact list and tells you where the source of the phone number originated and then grabs the current weather situation and puts that next to the contact name, phone number and city.