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Buy ActiveNotes on the App Store

ActiveNotes Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing Special

There are almost as many note-taking apps in the App Store as there are fart apps. So, when a new note taker comes along, it has to be really special to stand out, and I don't mean in a stinky way.

Buy Loan Plan - Mortgage Calculator with Amortization Schedule for any business or personal loan (student, home, boat, vehicle) on the App Store

Loan Plan - Amortization Calculator Helps You Get Things in Order

Recently, a plethora of apps that help people manage their personal finances have found their way to the App Store. Loan Plan is an app that helps you manage your budget efficiently. If you're excited about buying a car and don't have Suzie Orman around as the voice of reason. This app will give it to you instantly.

Buy CompareMe Shopping Utility on the App Store

CompareMe is a Good Calculator for Hard Economic Times

I'm a born and bred haggler. I'm already planning to haggle my way into Heaven (I've led a wicked life). When I go, I might take codedifferent's CompareMe with me just to be safe. CompareMe compares the price of products that come in different weights, volumes, lengths, surface area — British/American or metric — and contrasts them so you can determine what the best deal is.

Buy Bytes (Memory) Available for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store

Free Memory 1.3 Could Stop iPhone Apps from Crashing

What would it be worth to you to squeeze out every bit of runtime memory (not drive storage) out of your iPhone or iPod touch? That's what Recession Apps' Free Memory 1.3 is designed to do.

Buy 3-D FIGHTER PILOT : Guns of War on the App Store

3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War Brings Dogfighter Game Back from the Past

Fighter pilot games are almost always fun and I've wasted a zillion hours playing a bunch of them over the years. DumbGames.net's 3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War doesn't add anything to the genre, but it plays okay.

Buy Darkroom Pro on the App Store

Ready SteadyCam, Shoot! Get Better Low-light Photos With Darkroom Pro

StepCase's SteadyCam Premium (now called Darkroom Pro) is similar to other apps we've reviewed such as Sudobility's Night Camera. What these apps do is to rely on the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to gauge when you're holding the iPhone steady so you can take sharper pictures in low light.

Buy Perfect Rhyme on the App Store

When It's Time for the Perfect Rhyme, Keep this App Nearby

Are you a dietician but aspire to be a musican? When you rap do people tell you it's crap? Then it's time for Perfect Rhyme. AliMusic's Perfect Rhyme is a dictionary for musicans, poets and people like Muhammed Ali, who need to rhyme from time to time without making it a crime.

Buy Crazy Snowboard on the App Store

Crazy Snowboard Now Updated for iPhone and iPad

Crazy Snowboard 2.0 is an app with multiple personalities. On the one hand it is one of the better designed games around for the iPhone, iPod touch and now the iPad, too. Its weakness is the sometimes quirky gameplay that keeps it from being a truly great offering.

Buy BiiPlane - Flying Game on the App Store

Biiplane Offers Good Flight; Little Else

Biiplane is a flying app that will test your ability to maneuver your iPhone or iPod Touch through a simplistic obstacle course. It works well as a flight simulator through its use of the accelerometer.

Buy I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game on the App Store

I See Ewe Wraps Classic Matching Game in Fun Animal Theme for Preschoolers

I See Ewe, a kid's app by Claireware, continues in the matching game tradition and expands its appealwith a second game: Learn Words.

Buy Fire Art Garden on the App Store

Fire Art Garden Not That Explosive

Fire Art Garden is a puzzle offering that puts you in a race against time to launch fireworks. To do so, you must rearrange a rope maze to let a spark makes its way to the launchers. While Fire Art Garden is novel in concept, some unresponsiveness from the touch screen keeps it from being a truly great app.

Buy Wunder Radio on the App Store

Wunder Radio Connects to Radio Waves from Around the World

Joseph Campbell once said you can tell a lot about a city by its tallest building. I'd like to think you can deduce a few things about a place by its local radio stations as well — which is why I'm utterly fascinated with Wunder Radio, the latest release from the folks at Weather Underground.

Buy Medical Abbreviations on the App Store

Refference any Medical Abbreviation with Medical Abbreviations by QD Ideas

Designed for working medical professionals, the Medical Abbreviations iphone app by QD Ideas is a quick and easy way to access over 1600 different medical abbreviations right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy Gratitude Journal ~ the original! on the App Store

Gratitude Journal Gives Back

Most people are generally too busy to stop and smell the roses. Well why make time when you have that help you smell them so to speak? Gratitude Journal is a convenient way to remind ourselves about what we should be thankful for each day. Users merely tap several things they are thankful for directly into the application, listing each thought as a different entry.

Buy Stolen Wallet on the App Store

Stolen Wallet App is a Back Up for Your Real Wallet

I'm a nut about security, which is the reason I don't store sensitive information such as my debit and credit card numbers on my iPhone. I'm already worried someone will steal my wallet. I don't also want to worry if someone is going steal my iPhone containing sensitive data.