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Buy Night Camera on the App Store

Night Camera Aspires to Let You See Clearly in Dim Light

I think the iPhone's built-in camera is pretty good, as far as cellphone cameras go. The one thing it, and probably every other cellphone camera, has a problem with, is taking pictures in low light.

Buy Starquake on the App Store

Watch Solar Flares and Sun Storms With Starquake

Even though it may be central to survival, it's not very often that we give the Sun a second thought. Now, from the safety of your iPhone or iPod Touch you can take a closer look at that big, familiar ball in the sky. Developed by Todd Hopkinson of The Todkin Company, Starquake is a series of ten videos each depicting different astrological phenomenon that have occurred on the surface of the Sun.

EasyWriter Pro Gives You Most of What You Can Expect For Now

EasyWriter Pro - I was surprised that Apple did not add a landscape keyboard mode in its latest OS update. It's such an obvious omission I wonder just what they were thinking. I waited for the recent OS, hoping beyond hope for landscape typing, even though I had already heard rumors of the features the update would include.

Buy iTimeZone - World Clocks Calculator on the App Store

iTimeZone Keeps Your Head Straight

iTimeZone - You are scheduling a teleconference for 10:00am with your colleagues in New York, London and Tokyo.  But what time will it be at their offices?  Will anyone be in? To solve this dilemma usually takes figuring out the time difference for each of these cities separately.

Buy Custom Sounds of Nature (SALE) on the App Store

Custom Sounds of Nature: Choose How to Relax

Creating that perfect sound you desire for deep relaxation has never been easier. Custom Sounds of Nature by IPZN DEVELOPMENT (Zachary Carter) lets you choose and edit numerous relaxing audio landscapes.

Buy Autumn on the App Store

Autumn: Bask in the Beauty of Falling Leaves and Interact with Nature from Your Touchscreen

Autumn, a new app for iPhone and iPod touch from nodeflexion, is bringing the changing seasons to a mobile device near you. Much like Koi Pond, Autumn is an interactive app that uses the touch screen to affect the environment. Flick and swipe to swirl the leaves as they fall down the screen.

Buy loanPad on the App Store

LoanPad Offers Great Way to Compare Different Loans

LoanPad is a useful assistant to anyone thinking about a loan or paying a loan. The first iPhone app by developer centerThread, loanPad offers the possibility of analyzing different loan scenarios and it lets the user save numerous loans to compare or manage.

Buy AlibiSMS on the App Store

AlibiSMS Sends a Text When You Really Need One

German developer Jens Beuckenhauer  adds to the category of fake call/SMS apps by releasing AlibiSMS in the app store. The company that started 4 months ago when the app store was opened and which focuses solely on the development of iPhone apps, gets into competitive terrain here, but AlibiSMS does what it promises and will work for anyone who wants to use text messaging as a way of escape.

Camera Suite Self-Timer Snaps Pics — Hands-Free!

What’s more fun than a self portrait? Being able to snap it yourself of course! NaughtyNuts brings their camera timer application to the App Store chalk full of features. Camera Suite (formerly NaughtyNuts Camera Self-Timer) allows you to use your iPhone to capture self portraits, group shots and more.

Buy FileSync - Sync, View, and Play Files Anytime, Anywhere! on the App Store

FileSync Your Docs With iPhone App

FileSync offers a solution to the dilemma of not being able to view your docs when you are away from your computer. You have to set up an FTP connection in order to send files back and forth to your iPhone - a bit of technical knowledge you should make sure you can master before you decide to part with your $4.99.

Buy SmartTime! on the App Store

SmartTime Organizer Promises You the Time of Your Life

Think of Left Coast Logic’s SmartTime 1.3 as a more powerful and adaptable to-do organizer and scheduler than similar apps and that pretty much sums it up. Where SmartTime Organizer really differs from other pocket organizers is in its flexibility to easily organize items on your schedule, prioritize them, accommodate unexpected changes and integrate tasks by simply dragging them.

Buy Holidays+ (was sdHolidays) on the App Store

Holidays+ Displays Countdown to Special Holidays

Gone are the days when you have to highlight the holidays on a desk calendar in your office or a wall calendar in your kitchen just to remember them. Holidays+ is a utility application that comes to the App Store courtesy of Schroeder Development.

Buy Idea Generator on the App Store

Idea Generator - Shake out a few ideas

Say it's early Monday morning, and everyone at the ad agency where you work expects you to come in with some great concepts for the afternoon meeting with a client. The problem is you spent the weekend drinking beer and watching nine football games on TV and you're stuck for ideas for the client's new campaign.

Buy VegasMate - Las Vegas Travel Guide on the App Store

Vegas Mate is a Helpful Travel Guide to Sin City

Vegas Mate, the recently released city guide app by the Vegas Media Group, provides very useful information for anyone going to Sin City. Vegas Mate provides lists of hotels, restaurants, shows and activities are the main focus of the app.

Buy iJuggles Nanimals on the App Store

Day Go by Entertainment Tosses iJuggles Nanimals to Gamers

The sky isn’t falling but the animals are. iJuggles Nanimals is a playfully addictive game that involves plenty of hand and eye coordination. iJuggles Nanimals is actually two games rolled into one, Juggle and Balloon Bounce.