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Buy PhotoFrame on the App Store

PhotoFrame Turns iPhone into Digital Picture Frame

PhotoFrame offers a simple way to showcase personal photos using your iPhone as a digital photo frame. PhotoFrame, released last week, adds a functionality so simple that it's amazing it hasn't been done before.

Buy Big Keyboard Email on the App Store

Big Keyboard Email: Improve Your Typing Skills with a Wide Keyboard

An oft-ranted complaint about the iPhone is that users can't access the horizontal keyboard when typing emails. Several developers have tackled the issue including Big Keyboard Email.

Buy Relax on the App Store

Relax offers HD-Quality Peace... for a Price

Have you ever watched a burning log video? For budget-conscious iPhone users, the infinite burning log might be more effective at soothing frazzled nerves than Relax. Relax whisks users away to one of five nature scenes for five minutes with a music loop.

Buy Multi Quiz on the App Store

MultiQuiz allows you to Create your Own Quizzes

MultiQuiz, an app from french iPhone developer Eric Degrage is a trivia app with the unique ability to have users create their own Quizzes. To do so, you first login to the developer website, and then create your quiz by entering each question along with three possible answers.

Buy Summizer - Realtime Search for Twitter on the App Store

Summizer Realtime Twitter Search from the iPhone

Summizer Realtime Twitter Search is a simple utility that allows you to search all Twitter feeds for a specific subject — say "Sarah Palin." Summizer works, and is priced at $0.99 —reasonable, if you are a hard core Twitter fanatic and you like to consult the "Twittersphere" for your favorite keywords.

Buy Pano on the App Store

Create Panoramic iPhone Collages with Pano

Pano from Debacle Software is an app for creating Panoramic pictures from your iPhone camera that is worth the price. Pano works by letting you take up to 5 consecutive shots (from left to right), and superimposing the ghosted previous shot so that you can line up the next one.

Buy FreshWater Aquarium on the App Store

Freshwater Aquarium. Feed the Fish in your iPhone

Freshwater Aquarium is a cute app that replicates an aquarium with fish on your iPhone. Like Koi Pond, its not likely that you will use Freshwater Aquarium a lot, but at $0.99 its cute enough to marginally justify the cost of entry.

Buy Crazy Pumpkin on the App Store

Crazy Pumpkin Offers Mix and Match Halloween

The folks at ezone, makers of iPhone apps such as Crazy Lighter and Crazy Disco, are constantly adding to their line-up of "crazy" apps. The newest is Crazy Pumpkpin — a mix and match jack-o-lantern game just in time for Halloween.

Buy Heart Monitor on the App Store

Heart Monitor Keeps Track of Your Beats

New Zealand-based developer Bluespark has come up with a very simple and great idea - a heart rate monitor for the iPhone. The app works with the built-in microphone on the iPhone 3G (older versions have to use the headphone cable mic) to listen and detect heart beats.

Buy Alien Attack on the App Store

Alien Attack: Arcade Classic with an iPhone Twist

Defend Earth from attack by bitmapp Martians. Are you up to the task? If you remember Taito Corporation's classic Space Invaders then you're on your way. Alien Attack is another piece of 80's nostalgia ported to the new millennium.

Buy Bible+ Maps on the App Store

Amplified Bible for BibleReader - Good but a Bit Expensive!

The Amplified Bible for BibleReader from Oliver Tree Bible Software builds on the company's BibleReader iPhone application ($0.99) to deliver the Amplified version of the Bible for the iPhone.

Buy Converter - The Unit Converter on the App Store

Converter Brings A Wide Array of Units

Converter, by developer Unitconvertr, is a simple and easy-to-use conversion tool that supports 172 units across 15 categories and turns out to be a more colorful and elaborate version of the free conversion app Units.

Buy PowerKeys on the App Store

Power Keys Allows Full Remote Control of Your Mac

One of the most useful, and universally loved apps in the App Store is the Apple remote, which allows you to remotely control iTunes from your iPhone. But what about controlling Pandora, PowerPoint or any other Desktop or Web App?

Buy Where To? - Discover your next destination using GPS on the App Store

Where To Leads Straight to Google Maps for Quick, Easy Navigation

Where To is a nice front end intended to make your iPhone or iPod Touch act more like a portable GPS such as the TomTom or Magellan. It's basically a slick user interface for the Google Maps function already built into the iPhone. But underneath this simple explanation Where To is an awesome time-saving adventure starter.

Buy BlocksTouch 3D on the App Store

BreakTouch - Ingenious Twist on Classic Video Game

Since the 1976 release of Breakout for the Atari, there have been literally hundreds of adaptations made of this classic game, most notably Arkanoid in 1986. Most deviate from the original in minor ways (Arkanoid's addition of powerups, etc).