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Virtual Conquest - Great Idea, Needs Refining

Virtual Conquest is a Risk knock-off for the iPhone, the first of its kind. The concept is good; the execution needs work. The basics of the game are similar to Risk. The game is played on a board representing the world, with the various continents divided into territories.

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Ambiance Update Adds More Sounds and Advanced Options

Matt Coneybear recently released an update to his already audio-filled app, Ambiance. This sound machine for iPhone and iPod Touch has a collection of soothing "environment enhancers" such as rain, waves, swamp and freeway.

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Paper Football Lite for iPhone

Paper Football Lite by Jirbo is a fun little app that lets you relive your glory days on the paper football gridiron, aka the school lunch table. You take turns pushing a little paper football across a table, attempting to land the football on the edge of the table closest to your opponent.

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Ambiance: Soothe the Savage Beast With Sound

I'm working from home today, but rather than the "peace, quiet and pajamas" I was expecting, there is a construction crew working upstairs. I really need to set the mood... what I need is a bit of Ambiance.

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Tangrams Invites You to be a Puzzle-Solving Rock Star

I've always been fascinated by tessellations -- the images created by grouping geometric figures into larger patterns. So, I was excited to for a chance to test out Tangrams which is a Chinese puzzle game based on the same idea.